25% OFF!
Fantasies of a Young Submissive

Fantasies of a Young Submissive£2.99   £2.24

25% OFF!
Chains of Liberation

Chains of Liberation£2.99   £2.24

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Painful Consequences

Painful Consequences£2.99   £2.24

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The Girlbank Trap

The Girlbank Trap£2.99   £2.24

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The Wicked Stepmother

The Wicked Stepmother£2.99   £2.24

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Sophie and the Circle of Slavery

Sophie and the Circle of Slavery£2.99   £2.24

Chimera Adult, Erotic eBooks

Chimera (ki-mir'a, ki-) a creation of the imagination, a wild fantasy...

Chimera eBooks - bringing fantasies alive, specialising in publishing quality erotic fiction. Our extensive list of over 300 erotic eBooks encompasses delicious themes of lovely submissive females being seduced by dominant men and women. The range of erotic stories from Chimera eBooks covers a number of themes, including domination, damsels in distress, female submission, corporal punishment, spanking, BDSM, fetish themes, slaves and masters, bondage and submission, and many other genres of erotica.