Chimera  (Ki-mir'a, ki-) a creation of the imagination; a wild fantasy...

Chimera (or the Beast, as she's affectionately known around here) was born in 1995 to publish erotic fiction - back then as paperbacks for the highstreet shops, but more recently as ebooks for online bookstores.

In our 300+ erotic titles delicious damsels in distress find themselves pursued and seduced by dominant men and women, embroiled in sexy adventures of BDSM, domination and submission, corporal punishment, spanking, masters and slaves, pony girls and bondage.

Our adult stories come from the fertile imaginations of erotica authors who specialise in the genre, including (among many others) C. P. Mandara, Maggie Carpenter, Ray Gordon, Reese Gabriel, Tara Black and John Argus, each of whom are accomplished writers of erotic fiction.

In recent years we've also acquired some erotic fiction previously published elsewhere, like Nexus Books, Silver Moon Books, Ray Gordon Books, Palmprint Publications, Headline Delta and Liaison Books, the latter two of which tend to have themes different to our own niche, like femdom erotica and erotica for women.