Chloe's Contract

Wednesday, 11 December 2013  |  Admin

Chloe's Contract: an erotic exploration of the complex world of sexual reality, psychology, gender identity and fantasy, an extraordinary and explicit series of intimate and erotic encounters.
In his journey through the underground world of sexual mores and practices of submission and sadomasochism, 'Chloe' becomes enthralled with the beautiful, powerful dominatrix, Mistress Amanda, and a friend and confidant of her slave, Sophie, a beautiful and beguiling submissive siren whose demanding sexual appetites and athleticism fascinate him. The book explores his growing understanding and acceptance of his submissive, transvestite nature and his need for sadomasochistic domination. His contacts and intimacy with fellow submissives and their stories, along with his own sexual experiences of his domination provide an enthralling sexual ride.

To accompany the release of our femdom and shemale title, Mistress J's Playthings, we now have Chloe's Contract available again to download.