Debbie's Dilemma & Sins of the Sect

Thursday, 18 December 2014  |  Admin

Debbie and Kate in troubleIn Debbie's Dilemma we meet the young lady of the title, who seeks shelter at a distant hostel called Ramden Manor, a refuge owned and run by the innocently named Healed Hearts Foundation. But to her horror she soon learns that the supposed sanctuary is not at all what she thought it to be.

The story then continues in Sins of the Sect, when Debbie's sister, Kate, bravely but perhaps somewhat recklessly enters the fray to try and rescue her sibling.

These two ebooks are slightly unusual in that Debbie's Dilemma is a short introduction to the main book, and it's a collaboration between Jim Gunn, Taylor Fey and one of our most popular authors, B. A. Bradbury, who then takes the story on in Sins of the Sect - again with input from Jim and Taylor.

Needless to say you can order both books separately and be reading them in moments, but for a little while if you put the main Sins of the Sect story into your shopping basket first we'll throw Debbie's Dilemma in too - completely free of charge.

Simply click on the books' titles in the first two paragraphs above, or click here and you'll be taken to them both.