Mistress J's Playthings by Athena Morgan

Monday, 9 December 2013  |  Admin

Mistress J's Plaything: In a near-future world, they meet and flirt on an adult dating website, the wealthy computer geek and the tattooed play-mistress. To Mike's surprise, she invites him to her country property and dark playroom without the usual preliminary meetings. But is he truly prepared for the wicked, kinky, mysterious Mistress J?
On trial as one of her possible new submissives, not only must he perform for the demanding woman but he must also submit to her cuckold husband, her fiendish friend and lover Tish, and the stunning and insatiable shemale Persephone. And he must uphold each and every outlandish promise he made...
Do you like your erotic fiction to be a little bit different, surprising you along the way? Well Mistress J is different in many ways, dominating and seducing her submissive men. And her friend, the delicious Persephone, certainly brings a few surprises into the mix!