Order by Domine T

Wednesday, 26 November 2014  |  Admin

Order | Domine THaving recently spent a few months on changing Chimera to Steam eStuff, building a completely new website and overcoming all the many, many other issues, headaches and frustrations involved in making the transition, we've decided to shelve that idea altogether! Doh! Who was the numpty who came up with it in the first place...? Ahem...!

Anyway, hindsight and all that. Onward and upward. There are a number of reasons which led to this review of what we were doing, but in the main, once the change was made it just didn't feel right. Having been Chimera for so many years, having released so many books under the Beast's banner and identity, being Steam eStuff just didn't sit comfortably, at all.

So I hope you'll be pleased to know there'll be no more distractions; the Beast is back refreshed and fitter than ever, and publishing new and exciting erotic books is what we're again focused on. Things will be freshened up a bit - like our logo and the website - and the new ideas we were aiming to introduce under Steam eStuff will now hopefully come to fruition under Chimera instead. More about those as they develop.

Which pretty much brings us around full circle to the far more interesting matter of our latest release. ORDER is a debut  erotic ebook by Domine T, and you can go to its detail page by clicking here or on the cover image.