Newly Released: The Darkest Master by Rhea Silva

Wednesday, 30 January 2013  |  Admin

The Darkest Master

In this tale of supernatural erotica by Rhea Silva, fleeing a failed relationship Kirsty moves to Cornwall to get away from a failed relationship, but up in the hills behind the cottage she buys is a mysterious house where lives reclusive and enigmatic Dirk Stratten. And he has a friend, Lucian, who is equally as attractive as Stratten - but even more dangerous.

Somehow Kirsty becomes embroiled in their world and finds a reality far stranger than anything she ever imagined, and underlying their cruelty and depravity is a deal that must be agreed to save a life.

In The Darkest Master Rhea Silva weaves more of her magic and creates an erotic read that is atmospheric and bewitching from the first page.