Shop With Us and Earn Chimera Points!

As well as continual special offers and promotions on our erotic ebooks, we also offer all our valued customers the added bonus of Chimera Points - and this is how they work:

For every whole £1.00 you spend when you shop with us you earn 1 Chimera Point, which can be redeemed against future orders at the rate of 5 pence per 1 point. This equates to around an extra 5% discount that can be used against future orders.

For example, if you place an order worth £25.49 you will earn 25 Chimera Points, which are automatically held in your Customer Account once your order is processed successfully. Then when you return to place your next order you will be reminded how many points you have accumulated as you go through the checkout process, and prompted to enter the amount you wish to redeem. Your order will then be processed as normal with the points discount applied. Needless to say you don't have to redeem any points if you don't wish to, preferring instead to build a nice big nest-egg of points with which to treat yourself to something special at a later date!

All erotic ebooks available on our site attract Chimera Points for you, which may be used in conjunction with any other offers available at any given time - offering you yet more fantastic value with Chimera Books!

And There's Now Even More...

We'd be delighted if you'd post a review of the Chimera books you read. To do so simply go to the details page of the title you want to share your thoughts on and click on the Reviews tab. And as a little thank you we'll double the points your initial purchase of the book earned you.

Needless to say we hope your reviews will be positive, but don't worry if you have any negative points to make; what we'd like is genuine and constructive observations. It's all about opinions, after all, from which we can continue to learn more about what our readers like and want. And please be as expansive as possible with your thoughts, rather than just a few words or a brief one-liner.

Thanks in anticipation; we look forward to giving you some more Chimera Points soon!