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A Desirable Property

A Desirable Property£3.99   £0.99

Lovely Jane and Moira learn that their chief hope of survival lays in total submission to their captors.

A Wicked Conquest

A Wicked Conquest£3.99

Rowena is the innocent pawn in Sigurd's game. Can she flee the perversions heaped upon her?

Arena of Shame

Arena of Shame£3.99

Will Branna become just one more sexual sacrifice on the altar of Roman decadence?

Betty Serves the Master

Betty Serves the Master£3.99

If young Betty is to inherit a fortune, she must prove her virginity to the Church of Rome.



Captured and taken as the spoils of war, Lia needs all her courage to survive.

Bound for the Top

Bound for the Top£3.99

Jane is led into the clutches of a secret brotherhood devoted to corrective practices.

Bound Over

Bound Over£3.99   £1.99

Nothing can save Tiffany from a sentence of sexual submission in a privatised Correction House...



Passed from hand to hand, Alexandra embarks on a dark journey of self-discovery.

Damsels in Distress

Damsels in Distress£3.99

Damsels in distress - eleven tales inspired by the timeless theme of pain, peril and pleasure.

Dangerous Inheritance

Dangerous Inheritance£3.99

Innocent Leah learns she is to be married to a planter in Barbados - a man she hates!

Debbie's Dilemma

Debbie's Dilemma£1.00

Debbie discovers her supposed sanctuary is run by someone who loves tormenting sweet flesh...

Deceived and Enslaved

Deceived and Enslaved£3.99

Lillian's pride is stripped away, forcing her into submission. The trap is truly sprung!

Destroying Angel

Destroying Angel£3.99

Private Detective Susan MacQuillan is tough at work, but submissive in her private life...

Devil's Paradise

Devil's Paradise£3.99

Armand Tertius, scourge of the Caribbean, introduces Lady Romilly to pain and pleasure...

Dr Casswell's Collection

Dr Casswell's Collection£7.99

Originally published individually, now two damsel in distress stories in one erotic volume.

Dr Casswell's Plaything

Dr Casswell's Plaything£3.99

Naked and bound, Sarah understands how Casswell's passion and pain collide...

Dr Casswell's Student

Dr Casswell's Student£3.99   £1.99

Stripped and bound, Sarah discovers what it is like to be a student of desire...

Epiphany II - Dark Arts & New Worlds

Epiphany II - Dark Arts & New Worlds£3.99

At only nineteen Epiphany is Mistress of Balloch Hall, but her ascendancy is short-lived!

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Page 1 of 4:    61 Items