Dangerous Inheritance

Dangerous Inheritance
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ISBN:  9781907753329
Author:  Valerie Saxon
Word Count:  75,510
Format:  eBook



A Wicked ConquestA Wicked Conquest
Hannah's SinsHannah's Sins

While Leah was thus engaged she felt her hands being taken and forced behind her back, and before she could do anything at this intrusion she heard the clanking of metal. Her heart sank with dread upon sight of the manacles in the hands of the judge's manservant, but he had no qualms as he snapped them onto her wrists, and she wondered how often he had done the judge's dirty work, he seemed so adept at his job.
   'I see Jarvis is readying you for your discipline.'
   Leah turned as the judge entered the antechamber, her lips ready to plead with him, to beg him to spare her, her limbs trembling with fear...

In 17th Century London, innocent Leah Brown learns she is to be married to a planter in Barbados - a man she hates.

In her misery she roams the city alone and is abused by ruffians, but when saved by Captain Gideon Tempest she falls into the hands of his jealous mistress, and sent on a journey that leads her into a debauched world of pain and pleasure.

When Leah learns that Gideon is in Newgate Prison she devises a plan to save him, but is blackmailed into bondage. She finally obtains his freedom and he proposes, but she has to sail for the West Indies and life with a man who dabbles in the black arts; a man with cruel demands and threats of turning her into a zombie.

Once again Captain Tempest saves Leah, but when he sets sail on a mission a female freebooter, Spanish Bel, falls for her charms. Leah welcomes Bel's lust, but when Tempest returns who will she choose? And who will be man enough - or woman enough - to claim her?

It was almost dusk and lanes turned and twisted one into the other like a maze, but Leah walked on unseeing, thinking only of what lay ahead in that new land across the sea, of the intimacies she would be expected to share with a depraved stranger.
   Raised voices broke into her thoughts, the sound of children crying and the restless snorting of horses from the stables of a nearby inn. A lone horseman trotted by, rising in his saddle to view her dainty form better. She flushed crimson and darted down an alley, his hearty laughter echoing after her.
   The streets were even narrower now, houses with overhanging upper storeys making dark passageways. She could smell the river and realised she had wandered much further than intended. She hoped papa had not noticed her absence; she was not allowed to wander around the city on her own.
   A dark shape lurched from a doorway and she swerved to avoid it, hurrying on, unsure of her bearings. Her father's warnings of thieves and murderers, river pirates and procurers who robbed decent women off the street to use in their brothels, screamed in her head. She remembered Temperance Jones, the baker's son taken by a press gang and not heard of since, the way his mother mourned him as though he was already dead, and she shivered.
   Two bawds sniggered as she passed, grabbing jealously at her fine cloak. 'Who's this, then?' said one. 'Lady bleeding muck, I suppose. I hopes you ain't thinkin' of taking over our alley. We got good pickings, but there ain't enough for three.'
   'What man 'ud want a skinny rat like that when there's tits around like mine,' said the other, proudly weighing her breasts in her hands.
   'Aye,' her friend agreed slyly. 'And I bet she don't know how to suck a cock till it squirts fine spunk in yer mouth.'
   Leah managed to pull free and hurried away, her breath rasping in her throat, her heart fluttering in her breast like a caged bird.
   She could see the wharves now, ships anchored alongside. A dark mist caused by the sea coal used for fuelling the fires on this chilly summer evening mingled with the dusk, enveloped the paraphernalia on the wharf in a cloak of mystery, snaked down her throat and chest making her cough.
   A babble of voices, loud and raucous, assailed her from a nearby tavern, and she hid in a doorway as the inmates spewed forth and ambled by.
   She waited until they were out of sight before continuing her journey, glad they had not noticed her. But as she dared venture from the safety of the doorway the tavern door reopened and she was illuminated in the light of the lanterns. Two men emerged, and before she had time to draw back into the shadows they spotted her.
   'What have we 'ere, Ned?' said one, closing in on her, his breath warm and fetid. 'A pretty piece to be sure.'
   His companion, taller and of a broader build, towered over the diminutive Leah and grabbed at a silken curl that peeped from beneath her hood. 'Hair like spun gold, Jem.'
   Leah tried to pull away but his hold on her hair was far too firm, and she gasped as he tore off her hood to stare in wonder at her golden ringlets.
   'Just look at this, Ned,' the other fellow drawled, fingering the cloth of her red cloak. 'She be a fine lady.'
   'Unhand me at once!' Leah demanded, her voice sounding fragile even to her own ears.
   'Now that ain't very friendly.' Ned fondled her hair and she cringed from the mucky fingers.
   'Yer wanna' be nice to us, wench,' Jem wheedled, mentally adding the cost of the material she wore. 'Your family'd be only too pleased to give us a fortune for yer, I'll be bound.'
   'That's right,' agreed Ned. 'And you wouldn't want us to spoil yer pretty face first, would yer?' He dropped his hand from Leah's curls and attempted to unfasten her cloak, but stricken with terror she fought his every move until he was forced to pin her arms over her head with one hand while exploring with the other.
   Her resistance was negligible in comparison to their strength, and they taunted her unmercifully. She was reminded of Tibbs, and how he toyed with mice.
   'My father won't pay a farthing piece to either of you,' she snapped, trying to keep her voice steady. 'He's not a wealthy man.' How could she explain to these ruffians that she and Jane made her clothes from material obtained cheaply from a grateful merchant who owed his life to her father's skill?
   'So yer takes us for fools, eh, wench?' Jem growled. 'He'll pay all right. And before he does we'll each take some pleasure from yer. What say you, Ned?'
   'Aye, soon as we gets back to my place.' His hands were spanning her trim waist in wonder, snaking over her buttocks, his face red with excitement. 'How's about a little kiss first?'
   Leah squirmed her head away in disgust, and bringing up one daintily shod foot kicked hard at his shins. 'Leave me alone, you stinking oaf!' She took a deep breath and screamed at the top of her voice, but nothing happened, no one came. Everyone was keen to stay out of the rain and busy with their own business that night; they had no time for her. As if to prove the point the laughter and slurred voices in the tavern rose and someone broke into song, a bawdy ditty that brought much glee.
   Jem grimaced, rubbing his painful shin against his other leg, his fingers like a vice around her wrists. 'Fiery little wench, ain't yer? Scream as loud as yer like, they'll think you're a witless bawd taken too much gin.' He eyed her in admiration. 'Mayhap I'll take her in that doorway, Ned. My blood's up.'
   He began to fiddle with his breeches and Jem began to drag her towards the dark alcove that had once been her refuge. But the awful truth of her dilemma gave Leah added strength. She would not be attacked and raped by these two louts! So she bit down hard on the man's fingers and pushed him with all her might. He gave an anguished cry and tottered backwards into Ned.
   Caught completely unaware they fought to regain their balance, giving Leah precious time, and she shot off down the street as quickly as her long skirts would allow, twisting and turning as lanes and alleyways led off one another like rabbit warrens.
   Minutes later, her lungs bursting for air, she paused to take a breath, panting heavily. Her sides ached and her feet were sore; her dainty shoes were not made for such ill usage. She had forgotten her patens and they were full of the filth from the gutters. She gazed around. She was alone and she had thrown off her pursuers.
   Candles glowing in a nearby window illuminated the hem of her gown, torn on a projecting nail during her flight. She bit her lip in vexation, praying her father would not witness her return, for she proved to be a sorry sight. Leaning against a wall she silently gave thanks for her blessed release from danger. As soon as she regained her strength she would find a link boy to light her through the dark streets and return home with all haste.
   But unfortunately her feelings of security were proven to be false, and the sound of running feet interrupted her newfound calm. Then a voice she would remember until her dying day tore through the darkness.
   'There she is, Ned. Quick, grab 'er!'
   Leah's mouth opened in a silent scream, she turned to run but the one called Ned grabbed and held her fast.
   'Run from us, would yer? I'll show yer what happens to wenches who don't do what they're told.' He cuffed her on the jaw and shook her so roughly her teeth knocked together. Leah sank to her knees almost senseless from the shaking. He forced her upright, her head spun and her jaw throbbed.
   Jen grabbed the limp girl, angry at having his lust interrupted. 'I'll have yer yet, wench,' he promised, dragging her closer, forcing his foul mouth down on her soft lips.
   'It ain't safe,' Ned cautioned. 'Let's go back to mine.'
   'Like bloody hell we will!' Jem spat. 'I'll have her here and now.'
   Ned eyed him with disdain. 'Can't yer wait? You're nothing but an alley cat!'
   The two men turned on each other, bandying oaths, and Leah was almost pulled in two by the warring pair. 'Unhand me,' she begged raggedly.
   They pulled apart and Jem dragged her into the shadows, and as he bore down on her she let out a terrified scream, closing her eyes at the pure lust in his face.
   'You need a good beating first to quiet yer down,' he decreed angrily, upending her, pulling her skirts up and away from her curvy bottom.
   Leah stopped struggling; she was dizzy and weak now as he held her like a rag doll, his hands coming into contact with her soft, sweet smelling skin. He circled one cheek first, his breathing agitated, then the other, grunting his pleasure.
   Then he slapped hard, catching both cheeks at once, admiring the way they bounced at his prowess. The man was strong, the power of his hands crushing the breath from her body, her crying and pleas for mercy falling on deaf ears.
   He took great pleasure in spanking her and her bottom stung unbearably. If he wasn't holding her with one meaty paw she knew she would have fallen to the wet and dirty street, where she would have stayed bereft of all strength.
   His hand slapped nearer her sex, catching it at the same time as her cheeks, and though it stung mightily a pleasing fire like she had never felt before shot through her core.
   She perked up, and her bottom surged a little higher in order to receive more pleasure from Jem's palm. He was getting into a steady rhythm now and Leah began to pant as his palm came in contact with her cunny time and time again. A sticky fluid seeped from her entrance, coating his fingers.
   A loud grunting noise alerted her to the fact that Ned was standing beside them, his penis in his hand as he masturbated, his eyes on the slapping hand of his friend and Leah's quivering bottom and dewy sex. This served to excite her all the more and her beaten buttocks lifted towards the punishing hand that both hurt and delighted her, then with one last slap she gasped and tensed as her climax ripped through her in a wave of ecstasy.
   'Me thinks yer ain't as innocent as we thought,' Jem chuckled, clawing at his clothes, releasing his penis. 'I think you're more than ready for my thick meat, little tease...'

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