Epiphany II - Dark Arts & New Worlds

Epiphany II - Dark Arts & New Worlds
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ISBN:  9781907753060
Author:  S. C. Gibson
Word Count:  69,563
Format:  eBook



Such was the allure of the naked nun, framed by wood and rigging and chafed by nature's robust intimacies, that it was several moments before the eyes of one distracted sailor alighted on the gorgeous young blonde. Realising that this erotic feast could be redoubled, he nudged his comrades and pointed to Epiphany who, until that moment, had also become absorbed in the drama of Agnes's surrender. Diverted, her eyes met the burning gaze of first one, then another, and then were overwhelmed by a plethora of lusting stares from the immediate company. Not for the first time since she had ventured out from the innocence of her Gloucestershire village and into the sordid world at large, did Epiphany find herself at the centre of lustful expectation...

So, at the tender age of nineteen, and still a virgin, Epiphany Maddox is Mistress of Balloch Hall, but her ascendancy is to be short-lived. Befriending a young nun who is intent on being cruelly ravaged in penance for her sinful imagination, leads to Epiphany being kidnapped and shipped to the Americas.

Perpetually disadvantaged on her travels, the gorgeous young blonde falls prey to the perversions of seamen, backwoodsmen and Red Indians. She faces the humiliation of a public bucket-bath and finds a scintillating way of saving a pregnant beauty from a fate worse than death.

But these affronts pale into insignificance when she unwittingly attracts the attention of a demonic European Count. Falling captive to his henchmen she is forced to journey to his lair, where he'll invoke satanic rites to make her his concubine, but at the expense of her heart and soul!

It took a few moments for the magnitude of Quimby's revelation to register with Epiphany, and with its dawning came panic. A month of his arrogant and threatening authority on that claustrophobic ship was more than she could countenance, and she had no doubt what her immediate course of action should be, but he curtailed her scheming as if he had read her very mind.
   'Don't even consider trying to leave the ship, my little beauty,' he sneered at her. 'Even as I speak we have slipped our mooring and we are heading for the open sea.' As if to confirm his assertion the ship rose and fell, but it was not just the swell that was causing Epiphany's stomach to churn. Quimby saw the forlornness in her eyes and chuckled. 'What? Not relishing my and my cabin's hospitality for the duration of our voyage?' he cajoled, and then his expression sharpened and he growled. 'Why, I am positively craving yours!'
   At that Epiphany made to step by him, oblivious as to where she might actually be making for in her undressed state, but Quimby shot out an arm and caught her by the elbow, pulling her hand away from her breast in the process. The shapely blonde cried out but Quimby welcomed the tussle, twisting her aggressively around so that her back was to him and then sliding his hands up to smother her gorgeous breasts before she had a chance to draw breath. She squealed as his fingers compressed her proud nipples, but such outpourings were music to the ears of the new ship's captain.
   'I think that you need a lesson in discipline to set the tone for the rest of this voyage,' he grunted in her ear while she kicked and struggled and, studiously avoiding her flailing arms, he steered her across to his bunk and forced her upper body across it. With no regard for the restriction to her breathing he leant against her back with his weight on his left arm, and while she paddled helplessly against the bedcovers, he tore her knickers down to bare her deliciously curved bottom. Grabbing a generous handful of soft bottom flesh and lewdly regarding the puckered dimple of the young girl's exposed anus, Quimby revelled in his dominance.
   'You may have ruled the roost with Murdoch's protection on the outward crossing,' he cried, 'but you shall be subject to my strict discipline throughout the return. And with that he began a thunderous spanking of her upturned bottom. Epiphany had never experienced such a vigorous assault, as her frenzied tormentor laid in with a vengeance, his hand exploding against her tender flesh remorselessly while she could only wail with the pain of it. A good twenty meaty slaps were despatched, until her tortured buttocks glowed hot and red. 'Are you ready to do whatever I will now?' he called out to her with an impassioned edge to his voice, and when her response was only a muffled sob he laid in to her afresh.
   'Yes, yes!' she wailed. 'Whatever you will!'
  'Very well!' He panted from his exertions as he desisted with his punishing. 'But do not even consider reneging on this surrender or it will be the worse for you. Do you understand?'
   'Yes, yes!' Epiphany conceded, and Quimby released the pressure from her back.
   'Then you will do me the honour of turning over and stripping yourself of your drawers and you'll do it right quick,' he insisted.
   Angry and humiliated but undeniably vanquished, Epiphany miserably did as she had been bid, and as she twisted around on the bed it was to be confronted by Quimby's conceited leer.
   'Off with them!' he flounced impatiently, and then simpered as the teenage beauty bent to his will and kicked and pushed to rid herself of her knickers. As they fluttered to the cabin floor she attempted to cover her girlish charms with her arms and hands, but the new ship's captain was having none of it. Snarling aggressively he pushed her arms out wide and then grasped her knees and pushed them apart until her thighs were spread at an acute angle. Looking down across her own quivering body, Epiphany could see Quimby's piercing eyes gorging on the visual banquet of her open vagina, with all the fervour of a miser doting on his gold.
   This was it, she convinced herself. Snake tattoo or no snake tattoo, this swaggering rogue was surely about to take her virginity in this cabin at this moment, and she was dismayed by how powerless she was to deny him.
   'Open your cunny wide for me,' he croaked licentiously and, fearing to oppose him, Epiphany reached down and parted her pliant sex with trembling fingers. 'Wider!' he barked, and she gulped as she abandoned the outer lips to stretch the inner folds to their maximum. 'Ahhh!' he salivated as he gazed on those succulent pink secrets and the narrow orifice that opened up before his eyes. 'They were right; you truly are a virgin!'
   His murmurings were lost on Epiphany, exposed as she was and him close enough to her distended sex for her to feel his breath waft upon it. Then she cried out in shock and awe as he stroked a prying finger across her hooded clitoris, and on in a delicate revolution of her sensitive rim. He toyed with her vulnerable vagina for a while longer, and then he stood and began unbuttoning his breeches with an air of threat that appeared to justify the young blonde's concerns for her virginity. He may no longer have been touching her, but the sight of her ravishing body as it reclined back on the bed was providing him with a surfeit of stimulation. So much so that when he wrestled his cock from his undergarments, Epiphany's eyes widened in dread at its size and quivering rigidity. She quaked as he steered it towards her, but was then bewildered that his quarry did not appear to be her gaping vagina. Instead, he straddled her hips like he was mounting some beast of burden and then made her gasp incredulously as he slid up her torso until he was across her ribcage. The threatening tip of his rigid cock was only inches from her chin as he brought it to rest in the valley between her breasts, before scooping up her luscious tits in his hands and moulding them around his manhood. Then, while his thumbs rotated her erect nipples, he began a slow thrusting of his hips that sent his cock surging back and forth in its tantalizing tunnel.
   As Quimby steadily built his rhythm and thrust his hips more expressively, he delighted in the feel of her breasts and the forlorn expression on her beautiful face. She was glancing down tentatively at the ebb and flow of his penis as its purple tip rolled out of its foreskin and then receded back in to it. If Quimby's avid expression was anything to go by, she guessed his achievement of ecstasy would not be long in coming, and she could only lie there, pinned under his body, and await its implications. Why he had not availed himself of the tight embrace of her virgin sex, when he quite obviously intended to wallow in her exploitation, was beyond her, but his mounting cries of jubilation were testimony to him more than making do with his chosen orifice.
   The vigorous activity between Epiphany's compressed breasts reached its zenith, and she whimpered as the probing penis twitched and swerved towards her chin on its forward thrusts. Quimby's face was a stark mask of delirium as he glared down at her, his teeth gritted, and with a triumphant wail gave in to his sensations. Epiphany felt his cock spasm between her tits but still had no time to prepare for the ensuing deluge. A split second later the first ample ejaculation of his viscose semen took flight. It cleared her chin but splattered across her lips and nose before his second and more forceful salvo was released. The restricted beauty could only flinch as the thick cum anointed her forehead, and flutter her lashes to fend its trail away from her eye. She gave vent to a little cry of exasperation, but even as she attempted to drain the cum from her lips, Quimby's final fling was deposited across her teeth and tongue. While he was regarding his impact on the young beauty's face with sneering satisfaction, she had no choice but to allow his semen to slip across her tongue and then swallow it down.
   Her violator was spent and his deflating penis was feeding a sticky pool on Epiphany's chest, but even now he was slow to release her. Instead he grinned down at her and sighed.
   'And to think that our voyage is barely underway!' he tormented her.

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A First-Class Erotic Novel
Wednesday, 12 May 2010  | 

This is a first-class erotic novel from Chimera Books, a dark and loin-stirring tale involving a tender young virgin, kidnap, perversion, humiliation, submission and satanic rites. The writing is excellent, the narrative easy and fast-paced and the story as wicked and as sinful as you could hope for, as our young heroine Epiphany Maddox, the tender mistress of Balloch Hall, befriends a young nun intent on being cruelly ravaged as a penance for her sinful imagination which leads to her being kidnapped and shipped off to the Americas. Our pretty young blonde falls prey to the perversions of seamen, backwoodsmen and even Red Indians, all of which, though, pale into insignificance when she attracts the carnal intentions of a demonic European Count who invokes satanic rites to make her his concubine!

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