In Too Deep

In Too Deep
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ISBN:  9781907976094
Author:  Roxane Beaufort
Word Count:  73,124
Format:  eBook



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He paused, to excite himself further and let the tension build, and then, without warning, his right palm smacked down across her bottom, making her whimper and her hips bounce from the shock. He let the smart sink in, and spanked her again, his hand burning with the sharp contact of palm on rump. He did it thoroughly and for several minutes. At first she protested and writhed in a futile attempt to make herself a difficult target, but soon her response changed and he knew she was awaiting each slap with anticipation, her bottom glowing red, the heat no doubt spreading...

In this intriguing damsel in distress story beautiful Julia Jones is an eager to learn but very naive young reporter fresh from college.

Arlene, her friend and up and coming dress designer, is mortified to discover some of her designs stolen, and is certain it's the work of Marty Blake, a leading mover in the fashion world. She also suspects wealthy entrepreneur Vincent Gabor, Blake's backer, and so Julia agrees to pose as a model in order to get close to the two men and find out if they're guilty of industrial espionage.

And thereafter Julia's life alters dramatically...

Ahead of them was a dimly lit passage. It was chilly and damp. Had it once been a cellar? Was this still its role? Maybe Vincent Gabor stored rare wines there, knowledgeable when it came to vintages. She knew she was whistling in the dark; rare wines weren't the reason the lift had been installed, the walls re-pointed, the stone floor swept.
   'Where are you taking me?' she asked, addressing Kevin's thin back, for he insisted on walking ahead of her.
   'To meet the master,' he replied evenly, the foreboding tone of his voice causing her to shudder with trepidation. Master. The very word chilled her more than the dingy damp passageway he was leading her along.
   A door set in an arch loomed before them. It was made of solid oak and heavily studded with nails. It had an ornately worked iron keyhole. Kevin rapped on the panels with his knuckles, and a voice called for them to enter. Kevin pushed open the creaking door and stood aside so that Julia might go first.
   She was aware of darkness shot through with scarlet, of the persistent hum of a heating system in the bowels of the house, of the tall, powerful man silhouetted against the flames of large ecclesiastical candles standing in carved sconces.
   'Welcome, Julia Jones,' Vincent Gabor said, the timbre of his voice scraping down her spine like sharp fingernails on slate. 'Come to me.'
   She couldn't speak, every vestige of sense deserting her. Gabor didn't move, willing her to go to him, but she couldn't, having lost the ability to walk. Her knees had turned to jelly.
   Then Grace emerged from the shadows, as severe as ever in an immaculate grey suit.
   'Don't keep the master waiting,' she snapped, and dug her fingers into Julia's arm, marching her across the stone-flagged floor to him.
   'But... but I thought this was to be a business meeting where I'd sign a modelling contract,' Julia began, daring to raise her eyes to his face and drowning in the hypnotic glint of his ink-black pupils.
   'So it is,' he stated. 'Are you wearing any panties,' he asked suddenly, the forthright question taking her by surprise.'
   'I - um - yes, I am, but I don't see—'
   'Then you are breaking the rules of my house. You are to wear no panties when in my presence,' and reacting instantly to the click of his fingers, the maid lifted her short skirt and bared her beautiful bare bottom.
   'Oh, but I wasn't told,' Julia said, her wide eyes transfixed by the six fading parallel welts etched on the girl's lovely pale buttocks.
   'Nonetheless, you will be punished,' he insisted.
   'But, Mr Gabor, that's not fair,' Julia protested, looking back to him.
   'Do you dare to question my decisions?' he said, then called over his shoulder without freeing her from his stare. 'Marty, come and meet Julia Jones, your latest model... You've just earned yourself six lashes, my dear.'
   Things weren't going as she'd hoped and planned, and Julia felt sick as Marty Blake appeared.
He took her hand and led her to the middle of the vault. 'Walk up and down,' he commanded, scrutinising her closely. 'I watched you last night, being whipped,' he disclosed, and although she'd suspected as much, it still made Julia feel even worse to think this arrogant man had witnessed her public chastisement and humiliation. 'It made me extremely horny, and it's your very quality of injured innocence that will appeal to the punters. I recognised it the moment I saw those first pictures of you - and don't worry; we'll acquire the negatives from that creep, Comby. He won't be flogging them on the porn market.
   'I see you as the rising star of the woman's magazines,' he went on. 'Beautiful, talented, the face of the millennium. And you'll be wearing my designs, too.'
   'I...' Julia felt she should say something, but didn't know what, and so she just stood there in the flickering candlelight, the word caught in her throat, her moist lips slightly parted, as she gazed at each of them in turn.
   'But before all that,' Gabor broke the tense silence, 'she must be punished, as I just explained. Take off the offending garment, my dear, bend over, and grip your ankles.'
   It was on the tip of Julia's tongue to refuse; if the whole scenario wasn't so alarming it would have been ridiculous, but then she glimpsed Grace's taut expression and knew there was nothing she could do but obey. She blessed the shadowy twilight in which they existed, the candles more discreet than the glare of electricity. But even so, as she slipped her hands beneath her dress, hooked her thumbs into her panties and bent over from the waist, easing them down her legs to her ankles, she was terribly conscious of the soft blue hem rising up the backs of her thighs, certain that all in the dank chamber could glimpse a sight of the undercurves of her buttocks.
   Somehow she just knew she was expected to lift the material higher and fold it over her hips, and as she did, despite her misgivings, her nipples were erect and sensitive, and then she waited, holding her breath and trembling, for the first cut. Somehow it was worse than when she was bound to that horrible wooden frame, because there was nothing tangible to stop her from refusing to take her undeserved punishment... nothing except the inexplicable devotion she now felt for Vincent Gabor, her bewildering need to be controlled by him, and her incomprehensible desire to yield to him, body and soul. She prayed he would be the one to chastise her, not Blake, Grace, or the other weird creep.
   The cellar had gone eerily quiet, and when the lash finally exploded on her vulnerable flesh with vicious severity, its crack roused the echoes. Julia thought she was ready for it, but was unprepared for the white-hot agony that forced a wail from her throat. The pain wrapped round her, across her tummy and down into her groin. Before it had time to settle the whip hissed and bit again, making her jerk, almost rocking her off her feet. She wanted to scream but held it back, gripping her ankles till her knuckles drained white as the pain built in her poor bottom.
   Run, her mind frantically urged. You don't have to endure this.
   But that dark sensual side of her that she was only just discovering insisted she stay. Vaguely she heard the others through her inner turmoil, and then wailed a feeble protestation as the cruel whip struck again. Julia clung to the thought that he had said six strokes, no more. She cried silently, fighting to hold back the tears that were squeezing from her tightly shut eyes, not wanting the onlookers to see them.
   Then Gabor stopped and she felt his hands stroking her ravished buttocks, caressing the reddened orbs that had taken so much punishment. Fire radiated through her welts, and she longed for the balm he had used before.
   'Get up,' he ordered, and groaning, she straightened, feeling weak and dizzy and distraught. He put a strong arm around her trembling shoulder. 'Are you feeling it?' he asked. 'Is your bottom stinging?'
   'Yes... intensely,' she gasped, hardly able to speak.
   Gabor nodded and looked pleased. 'I'm pleased to hear it,' he said. 'I think you'll be a valuable member of our team. Don't you, Marty?'
   'I think so,' Marty Blake concurred. 'But I'd like to test her further, in my own way...' His eyes glinted hungrily and he leered at her from the shadows cast by the candles.
   'This is my room whenever I stay overnight,' Marty Blake conversationally told Julia, as he checked she was properly secured to the four-poster bed. Her forearms and knees sinking into the soft mattress, she strained to try and see him over her shoulder. She was naked now, the blue dress a tiny crumpled heap discarded in one dark corner of the room.
   'What are you going to do?' she asked timidly. She didn't trust or like Marty Blake at all, and wished Vincent Gabor was with them, but he'd dismayed her by permitting his friend to bring her up to the room, just the two of them.
   'Don't worry, my dear,' he crooned from behind her, 'you'll love it... as I will.'
   He appeared beside her, naked, climbed onto the bed and shuffled forward on his knees, his semi-erect penis swaying between his thighs. Without pausing he gained a grip in her hair, lifted her head, prised open her mouth with his free fingers, and fed his cock into her mouth.
   'Good girl,' he grunted. 'Now suck... that's good...' and he started to move her head back and forth as she obeyed his commands, his swelling erection stretching her lips wider and wider. 'Ooh,' he croaked, slipping his fully erect cock from the haven of her warm wet mouth, 'too much of that and I'll miss out on my special treat.'
   Blake moved away, and Julia whimpered as the mattress sank again, this time between her bound and parted ankles. He edged forward. His erection bobbed against the back of her thigh and then her buttock, leaving a sticky emission there, and she buried her face in the silk coverlet, defeated and waiting for the man to take his pleasure from her body. Deep down she'd always known her undercover work made this very happening highly likely, and she'd succumbed to Vincent Gabor quite contentedly, but Marty Blake was a different animal altogether.
   He leaned over her, covering her back, his penis lodging itself between her buttocks. 'Have you ever been fucked in the arse, my dear?' he whispered harshly in her ear. 'I know you were a virgin until Vince got his hands on you, but what about your arse?'
   Julia was stunned, her stomach knotting with horror. 'N-no,' she blurted. 'No, I haven't!'
   'Oh good,' he gloated, anointing his penis in the juices that were seeping from her traitorous sex. 'Then your virgin arse will be my little treat to myself,' he sniggered, and licked her cheek, leaving it horribly wet with his saliva.
   'But - aaahhh...' Julia's protest faded as Blake stabbed expertly with his hips and lodged the lubricated and swollen tip of his cock just inside the tight muscle of her anus. The shock forced the air from her lungs and her back arched, making her breasts and erect nipples available for his groping hand. She tried to rock forward, but he followed until she was sandwiched between the enveloping mattress and him. Then he raised himself on straightened arms, his weight on his hands and knees, the tip of his cock the only contact between them, and gazed down at her lustrous hair, the beautiful curves of her shoulders, back and hips, and the soft buttocks moulded around his spear of an erection, which disappeared into the deep valley between them.
   'I... I don't think I can...' she mumbled, almost incoherently, into the mattress. 'Don't make me... not that way...'
   'But you are, dear Julia,' he gloried. 'Now, be quiet and enjoy...'

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in to deep
Wednesday, 15 July 2015  | 

I enjoyed this book very much thank you.

A good erotic story
Monday, 16 April 2012  | 

Julia is a junior reporter for the magazine Hi Life. She gets sent off to get the dirt on Thelona a rock star, with Will a senior reporter, and they get caught and are forced into embarrassing acts. But Thelona relents and gives them an interview.

Julia's friend Arline is a burgoning fashion designer having a hard time making a go of it. She meats Marty Blank a leading designer and they have a quick fling. Marty is impressed with her designs to the extent that he steals several for his show. Julia agrees to go undercover as a model to get proof and to get a story for Hi Life on Marty and his vilainous partron.

As a thriller the plot is pretty linear without too much suspense or menace, and the lack of humor cuts against the book. While the characterizations are good, as is the writing, as a thriller I'd give this 2 stars - average or a little below. But taken as erotica I give this 4 stars as the plot is good for the genre, as are the erotic scenes. The vilain is suitably evil and the heroines not too dopey; overall a good read and a lot better than average, although not meriting the 5 stars of outstanding.

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