Love Slave

Love Slave
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ISBN:  9781907976421
Author:  Terry Wakelin
Word Count:  71,012
Format:  eBook



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Charlotte took a sharp intake of breath, yet made no effort to pull away from his touch. Desperately, she wanted to avoid further punishment. Soon the man’s hands were between her thighs, fingers jabbing roughly up inside her. She squirmed, as much from the feel of the man’s dirty, uncut fingernails as from any sexual sensation.
   The man was sweating now and grinned at her with evil intent. He pointed at the floor and grunted unintelligibly, obviously meaning her to lie down. Shaking with fear, she obeyed. Roughly kicking her legs apart he fumbled with his robe to expose a stubby penis before kneeling between her splayed thighs...

In 1587, Charlotte, the niece of Sir James Brandon, England's Special envoy to the Mediterranean, is captured by the corsair chief, Khalif Barbar, on her journey home from the island of Malta. Despite her initial resistance to his advances, Charlotte soon loses both her maidenhead and her inhibitions as she falls under her captor's magnetic spell.

But kidnapped by a rival corsair, the lovely English girl is sent to Tunis' House of Slaves where she endures many ordeals before falling into the hands of feared Mulay Aruj, cruel and sadistic Bey of Tunis.

This exciting story contains scintillating sex and adventure woven around a particularly violent part of history.

Inside the confines of the building one of the guards led them into an antechamber where a robed man sat at a large table covered with papers. The man looked up as they entered the cool, shaded room and Charlotte shivered again. Tall and barrel-chested, running a little to fat and beard beginning to streak with grey, there was yet something about him that instilled dread in her breast.
   'Salaam aleyk!' intoned Jahwar, touching his forehead, lips and breast with his fingers in the age-old gesture of respect and peace.
   'Aleykom es-salaam!' replied the older man, repeating the motion.
   'I am Jahwar, of the corsair galley Persephone. I wish to sell two slaves.'
   The robed man rose and, filled with apprehension, Charlotte almost took a step backwards. He too, was a giant. Now he was standing she could see he was as tall and nearly as broad in the shoulder as Jahwar. A long curved sword hung at his belt, as a warrior might have worn it. 'I am Ali bin Hussein, of the house of slaves, steward to Lord Mulay Aruj, Bey of Tunis,' he replied, bowing politely.
   Jahwar bowed in return, then turned to swiftly strip the two girls of their shapeless coverings. 'Kneel!' he grunted.
  The older man's face showed some surprise as both girls dropped to their knees. 'Well now, what have we here?' he said softly, reaching out to touch Charlotte's mane of blonde hair. 'What is she? Circassian?'
   Jahwar grinned proudly and shook his head. 'An English milady. Her uncle, it seems, is a lord in her own country. She is untrained, of course, but good slave-flesh even so. The other was her body slave. She is Circassian.'
   'There was a need to punish her?' The steward was examining Charlotte's back and buttocks, fingers tracing the raised weals left by the slave whip.
   Jahwar frowned. 'She was but recently captured. A lesson in obedience was needed.'
   'Hmm,' mused the man, his hands on her abused nakedness provoking little gasps of pain from the humiliated English girl. 'And the collar... it is yours?'
   'No, it belongs to he from whom I took them.' Jahwar paused for a moment, almost as if for effect. 'The sluts belonged to the corsair Rais, Khalif Barbar!'
   Ali bin Hussein's eyes widened a little and he bent down to study Charlotte's face. 'So,' he mused, speaking slowly so that she might understand, 'you were the slave of Khalif the barbarian.'
   Charlotte caught her breath in a sob and nodded weakly. 'Yes,' she managed, in a whisper.
   'Your uncle?' queried the slaver softly. 'He really is an English lord? What is his name?'
   Charlotte fought to keep her voice from shaking as the man's fingers swept, feather-light, over her body. 'Yes, it is true. My uncle is Sir James Brandon. He will pay much for my release. Please, I beg of you, send a message to him.'
   'The English envoy?' The slaver was silent for a moment. 'Then I am afraid I have bad news for you. Your uncle is dead, killed a month past when his ship was taken by my lord Mulay's corsairs in the Gulf.'
   'Uncle James... dead?' whispered Charlotte. 'Oh no, it cannot be true!'
   'It is true,' he said. 'I am sorry - for both of us. I am sure he would have paid a large ransom for you. If it comforts you, I can tell you he died well with a sword in his hand, refusing to surrender despite the odds. He killed five men and wounded a dozen others before he died.'
   Charlotte's eyes filled with tears and she choked back a broken sob.
   'Is there anyone else who would pay for your release?' he asked.
   Charlotte shook her head hopelessly. 'No, there is no one.'
   The older man turned back to Jahwar. 'I think perhaps my lord Mulay will wish to speak to you on the subject of the barbarian.'
   Jahwar nodded. 'Of course. I will tell what I know.'
   Ali bin Hussein smiled. 'Well then, to business. Do you wish to sell outright, or risk them on the block? You understand that, if this is your choice, no guarantee can be given on how much they might make. Also, of course, the house takes one third of the final amount.'
   Jahwar nodded agreeably. 'How much will you pay?'
   Ali glanced at the cowering girls. 'Unchain them and have them stand up, and perhaps we shall see.'
   Wearily, at Jahwar's gesture, Charlotte struggled to her feet, standing meekly as he unlocked and removed her chains.
   'Legs apart!' snapped Jahwar.
   She jumped to obey, blushing a little as Ali walked slowly around as if to study her from every angle while Jahwar unchained Meylissah. The slave dealer gestured at Charlotte's collar. 'This will have to come off, of course.' He chuckled. 'And I take it neither is virgin?'
   Jahwar laughed shortly. 'No.'
   The steward smiled. 'No matter; virgins are not greatly prized here... and the blacksmith will have the means to remove the collar.' The man moved around, both hands cupping and weighing Charlotte's breasts, then reaching out to probe boldly with his fingers between her thighs. Her legs shook violently at the invasion of her private place, yet she made no move to close them, the sudden slickness of her passage as it clutched at his fingers telling its own story.
   Ali removed his fingers and held them up in front of Charlotte's face. His meaning was obvious and, trembling, she took the shiny digits into her mouth to lick them clean. Having tasted Meylissah intimately so many times in the past months, tasting her own juices held no revulsion for her, though there was a certain amount of embarrassment at doing so in front of the two men.
   'As you see, I have already impressed upon this one the need for obedience,' snapped Jahwar.
   Without comment, Ali turned his attention to Meylissah, running his hands all over her body and even inspecting her teeth to make sure all was well. She, too, was subjected to the same intimate examination as Charlotte and, like her companion, made no demur at licking clean the penetrative fingers. 'I will not haggle and waste your time,' said the slaver briskly. 'I offer fifteen pieces of gold for each. What do you say?'
   The corsair thought for a moment, then shook his head. 'To be honest, I expected more,' he admitted. 'Perhaps it would be better to risk them on the block. My men, of course, will expect to share in the price.'
   Ali bin Hussein nodded and smiled. 'You may be right.' He glanced at Charlotte. 'Young white-skinned slaves are always in demand and this one looks to be of better than average quality. He grinned at the Berber. 'You would know this already, of course. So is this your wish? To risk them on the block?'
   Jahwar nodded.
   'It is agreed, then. Both will need training, of course, especially the English milady. The charge for this will be one gold piece each, deducted from the final price. Is this agreeable?'
   Again Jahwar nodded.
   'Very well then,' said the slaver. 'Wait here while I see them confined. Then I will write you a receipt and make arrangements for an audience with the Bey.'
   Charlotte shook violently as the slave dealer took up her own and Meylissah's leashes. As brutal as Jahwar had been, he was the last link to the world she had known. Now, with Uncle James dead, she was quite alone in a strange and savage land with little or no possibility of rescue - even if anyone bothered to try.
   'Goodbye, slave,' said the Berber gruffly, taking her by the hair to turn her face up to his. He had a strange, almost regretful look on his face. 'I wish you well.'
   Tears blinded her suddenly. 'G-goodbye, master,' she muttered, choking on the words.
   A jerk on the leash brought her back to reality and she followed Ali bin Hussein through a door at the rear of the room into a windowless and badly lit corridor. At the end of the corridor a dark and winding staircase led them downward into malodorous gloom, lit infrequently by smoking torches jammed into recesses in the damp stone walls. The steps descended to a large stone-flagged octagonal chamber, empty except for a heavy wooden table standing in the centre, at the side of which lounged a pot-bellied man dressed in dirty robes. From the eight sides of the chamber, like the spokes of a wheel, ran dark and forbidding corridors. Charlotte's stomach lurched as the acrid smell of sweat on unwashed bodies combined with that of human waste filled her nostrils.
   Here the tall slaver handed over the leashes to the other with a casual, 'Slave rights are granted on these.'
   The pot-bellied man looked the naked girls up and down and grinned lecherously. Then, without a word, he led them into one of the corridors. Shaking with fear and cold, Charlotte struggled to keep up as they passed row upon row of heavy wooden cell doors, each set with a barred metal grille. Occasionally a face could be seen at one of these, but whether the occupants were male or female it was impossible to tell.
   Eventually they came to where one of the doors stood open. The gaoler indicated that Meylissah should enter, Charlotte standing quietly as the man first chained her friend to the wall before slamming and bolting the heavy door behind her.
   Further down the corridor, her own small dark cell proved to be similar to Meylissah's, floored with straw stinking of human excrement and urine. Charlotte, trying to breathe shallowly, struggled to keep the contents of her stomach down as the man forced her against the wall. Her large breasts seemed to take his fancy and he put out his hands to caress them. Charlotte took a sharp intake of breath, yet made no effort to pull away from his touch. Desperately, she wanted to avoid further punishment. Soon the man's hands were between her thighs, fingers jabbing roughly up inside her. She squirmed, as much from the feel of the man's dirty, uncut fingernails as from any sexual sensation.
   The man was sweating now and grinned at her with evil intent. He pointed at the floor and grunted unintelligibly, obviously meaning her to lie down. Shaking with fear, she obeyed. Roughly kicking her legs apart he fumbled with his robe to expose a stubby penis before kneeling between her splayed thighs. She offered no resistance and he thrust into her without preamble, though his shaft was so small she hardly felt it enter her. The coupling was over in moments, the man so intent on his own pleasure that he spilled his seed into the unresisting body beneath him very quickly. Then, breathing hard, he climbed to his feet and, readjusting his robe, left the cell without another glance at the sprawled Charlotte...
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Lots of fun
Friday, 11 March 2011  | 

This book from Chimera was the 3rd book of erotic fiction I have read and it was just the right amount of story and female submissive escapades. English Lady Charlotte is captured on a Spanish ship by rebels (1500's). She is brought in line and starts to realise the implications of being in servitude. Through various scenes she becomes more and more the slave she is required to be, until she is put under training to be a 'proper' slave. Other characters develop in the book as the story unfolds. There is some spanking, whipping, lots of shackles! Detailed. And a little romance to boot.

Monday, 11 January 2010  | 

I just finished reading Love Slave and I was blown away. I never expected to have such an enjoyable story as part of such a fantastic erotic novel. I appreciated the effort the author went to to make a gripping page-turner and a book that was so hard to put down, with the balance of steaming hot erotic scenes that were both imaginative and exciting. If you enjoy historical novels and erotica and are looking for a good story as well, this one from Chimera Books is a must.

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