The Price of Desire

The Price of Desire
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ISBN:  9781907976384
Author:  N. K. Fox
Word Count:  60,196
Format:  eBook



Swallowing her revulsion she hesitantly parted her lips and pulled his bulbous head into her mouth. His cock stiffened and she looked up to see him smiling down at her, and felt a sudden and surprising thrill. She knew he was getting off on having one of the young ladies of the estate on her knees before him, but Georgie felt a strange sort of power over the old man. She knew how to make the most of her sexual talents and was confident she could have him wrapped around her little finger in no time.
   She gagged as the enormous growth reached the back of her throat. The vicar grunted his satisfaction and thrust his hips, forcing himself further down. Her eyes began to water but the vicar held her tight by the back of her head, until she had swallowed his entire length.
   'There's a good girl,' the vicar whispered. 'Take it all the way down.'

Below the picture postcard surface of sleepy village Coxham Marsh lays a hotbed of decadent depravity, cruel perversity and erotic power.

When Lily goes missing on her sister Georgina's twenty-first birthday, Georgie embarks on a dangerous search and rescue mission. With the help of her best friend Bunnie, the pair find themselves embroiled in the village's twisted sexual underworld. Their minds, bodies and souls are pushed to the limit as they endure erotic humiliations at the hands of the subversive locals. But through encounters with a sadistic dominatrix, an unholy vicar and a bar full of deviant farmers, they uncover a network of organised crime which caters to the dark fantasies their powerful clients can afford.

Can Georgie and Bunnie topple the secret organisation and save Lily? Or will the weakness of the flesh seduce them into compliant devotion?

Bunnie entered the shade of the wooden building and into the stalls where the estate horses were kept. Equestrian equipment lined the walls; saddles, harnesses, crops, hats and other miscellaneous objects used for the grooming and keeping of horses. It was nice and cool inside and the smell of leather and hay was an intoxicating mixture. There was no sound from outside; all she could hear was the softly creaking beams of the old wooden structure.
   As Bunnie went through the routine of grooming the horse she realised the activities of the last few hours had left her feeling satisfied but still consumed with a longing. She lit a cigarette, her usual method of calming her nerves in any stressful situation, and thought of all the things she wanted to do with Georgie when they met up that evening. She wanted to make it a birthday for her friend to remember. She stubbed out the cigarette on the floor and picked up the nearest riding crop.
   A noise from outside stopped her before she could mount. The faint but familiar whistling of the irritable estate's groundsman, known only to her by his last name - Adams. As children, Bunnie and Georgie were always afraid of the grizzly figure. He seemed to tower above them and had, on more than one occasion, caught them doing something they shouldn't and had hauled them back to the Manor to be punished.
   The whistling grew louder as Adams approached the stable entrance and Bunnie's stomach did a little flip. She swallowed the lump that was suddenly in her throat, determined not to show the affect he had on her. His shadow blocked out the light in the doorway as he paused, and Bunnie could only see him in silhouette. The menacing bulk stepped inside, having to duck to avoid hitting his head on the low frame.
   He looked around the stable, frowning a little as he sniffed the air like an animal. Without saying a word he looked Bunnie up and down, his eyes lingering on the cigarette packet still in her hand, and then to the stub on the floor. Despite her resolve Bunnie's insides seemed to turn to jelly and she was suddenly thrown back to her childhood and the dread that she felt at being caught in the act of some misdemeanour. Her legs were trembling so much she thought they might collapse under her, as she waited for him to say something.
   'Is that yours?' he asked, pointing to the cigarette on the floor.
   'Yes, yes it is, I'm sorry,' Bunnie stammered. 'I usually pick them up,' she explained. Her legs were in real danger of giving way as Adams' face contorted with rage. She had somehow managed to make him even angrier. All she wanted to do was get out of that stable and as far away from him as possible. She had to bite her lip to stop it trembling and she fought back hot tears.
   'I'm really sorry; it won't happen again, I promise. Next time...' she trailed off as Adams looked like he was about to explode with rage, his face flushed red. He let out a guttural roar and grabbed her by the arm, pulling her further into the dark stable.
   'Next time?' he bellowed at her. 'Next time? There won't be a next time,' he fumed as Bunnie tried to pull away from him. 'You stupid child, with all your money and privileges yet not one ounce of commonsense.' He glared at her for what felt like an eternity. She sensed he was waiting for a response, but she had no idea what she could have done to make him so angry.
   Adams released her from his grip and Bunnie shrank back against the hay bales, cowering as he drew closer to her, his large grease-stained hands balled into fists. He stopped a few paces away and reached down to pick up Bunnie's discarded cigarette stub.
   'Where did you smoke this?' he asked, moving closer, thrusting it in front of her face for inspection.
   Bunnie couldn't answer; she was too scared to speak. She was visibly shaking and her bladder felt weak. If it made him this angry when she smoked a cigarette she could only imagine the trouble she would be in if she wet herself in front of him!
   Adams continued to glare at her. 'All it would have taken was one stray spark, one glowing ember or a gust of wind and in seconds the whole stable would have gone up in flames. You stupid little girl. You could have killed every single horse; you may even have been killed yourself.' He paused and took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. 'You will learn your lesson, young lady.'
   Bunnie could barely support herself on watery legs, her heart beating furiously in her chest. Again he bent down, this time to retrieve her riding crop, and swished it experimentally through the air. Despite her fear Bunnie felt the stirring of something else, and a shiver of excitement she couldn't explain ran through her.
   Adams approached her slowly, absentmindedly picking up a rope horse lead, still swinging the crop by his side. 'Hold out your hands, in front of you,' he ordered.
   Bunnie hesitated, her arms like a dead weight by her sides. Adams suddenly brought the crop down on the hay bale next to her, the impact causing her to scream.
   'Do as I say, girl. Do not make this worse for yourself.'
   Bunnie quickly brought her hands together in front of her, scared of angering the brutish monster any further. He bound her wrists together with one end of the rope and fed the other through a loop on the wall normally used for tethering horses. Pulling the rope tight through it Adams spun Bunnie round to face the wall and secured her with her arms above her head, and she had to bend over the hay bale to avoid losing her balance. Even if she had not been frozen with fear she couldn't have moved.
   She briefly wondered why she didn't struggle or scream, but what use would that be; there was no one else around. At least that's what she was telling herself; it had nothing to do with her growing arousal.
   She didn't have long to consider her options; the crop whistled through the air behind her and a sharp pain spread across her right buttock. Bunnie sucked in a sharp breath. She was determined not to let Adams see any response; she simply refused to give him the satisfaction. Although her bottom was stinging from the first strike she was grateful she was wearing jeans and that the tough denim was affording her some sort of protection.
   There was another terrible whistle and she felt the fire spread across her left buttock, but again she fought the urge to cry. She tensed and waited for the next blow, feeling humiliated and trapped. From behind she heard Adams' low laughter and a cold shiver ran down her spine. Bunnie had never so much as seen Adams smile before, so the normally innocent sound seemed sinister coming from his gravelly vocal cords.
   'You think you can outsmart me, girl?' Adams said with menace. 'I know all the tricks. You can try with all your might to keep your tongue but I know I can make you grovel. You have to learn your lesson.'
   Strong hands reached around her and fumbled with her zip. Desperately she clenched her thighs together, trying in vain to hold on to the only barrier between her flesh and the harsh leather of the crop. Oblivious to her efforts he easily yanked down her jeans and knickers. The denim gathered around her ankles, both her legs and arms now restrained.
   'Now let's see how many lashes you can take on your bare arse.'
   She flinched at his touch as he slowly stroked her exposed buttocks. His rough skin scratched her as it moved slowly over her rump, and the curve of her flanks towards her thighs.
   'Don't you touch me like that, you have no right, I'll report you to the police, you're nothing but a pervert!' Bunnie gabbled, and immediately regretted it. He slapped her thigh hard with the palm of his hand, the sudden impact causing her to gasp.
   'I know what you lot get up to at the house. Tarts and whores the lot of ya. I've been working these grounds for forty years, man and boy, and I know what goes on behind closed doors. By the time I'm finished you'll be begging for more, you'll be begging me to fuck you.'
   She couldn't speak, she couldn't move and she couldn't deny that what he said was true. An explosive burst of pain seared her rear as Adams landed another blow. Behind her she could hear the horses getting agitated, grunting and snorting, picking up on the heightened tension in the barn.
   Bunnie so badly wanted to put her hands over her hot bottom, but had no choice but to struggle against her restraints in the few seconds before the next blow landed. This time a scream escaped her lips and she could feel the welt begin to swell and glow. Tears sprang to her eyes and she bit her lip in an effort to stop herself from sobbing.
   Her humiliation grew as she felt Adams run a rough finger over the tramlines on her buttocks, admiring his handiwork. Bunnie heard his guttural panting, that could have been mistaken for one of the stabled animals if it hadn't been coming from directly behind her.
   Unable to control himself any longer he dropped the whip and slapped her hard with his plate-like hand. After the burning pain of the riding crop Bunnie was almost relieved to feel the wider area of his palm spreading the warmth across her sore bottom. Bunnie felt her pussy pulse and her gasps of pain turned into moans of pleasure as she felt Adams apply a firm smack to her rapidly moistening pussy.
   She was ashamed to find herself lifting her bottom to meet the punishment, her desire growing and her juices flowing. She could feel her swollen lips opening. Still hampered by her jeans around her ankles she opened her legs as wide as she could. Adams would be able to see the physical signs of her arousal, she must be visibly wet and her inner pinkness would surely be irresistible to touch. Still Adams spanked her, a blow landing squarely between her legs, causing her to cry out.
   'Well, well,' Adams said, his voice hoarse with need. 'If I didn't know any better I'd say you liked a good spanking.'
   Bunnie screwed her eyes up in shame, but couldn't help arching her back and pushing her punished bottom further in the air, aching for him to touch her. Reading her signals he moved his thick finger slowly between the cleft of her buttocks, teasing her little hole before moving slowly down between her wet pussy lips. His finger slid easily along her swollen cleft, gently moving over the little nub of her clitoris. With surprising gentleness Adams circled her sensitive area, Bunnie not caring that her juices were flowing freely over his hand. All she felt were the sensations building in intensity. The sudden shock of pain as he slapped her tender bottom once more caused her to flinch and cry out, his finger continuing to stir and stroke her burning inner button, the agony and ecstasy blurring. She was soon climbing towards her orgasm.
   Aching for release she began to move her hips in time with his fingers, but his touch was too slight. In desperation she tried to trap his hand between her pussy and the hay bale. Understanding her intention Adams gave her a hard smack on the rear, causing her body to slacken and freeing his hand.
   'If you could see yourself now,' he said. 'Look at the state you're in. Jeans down, arse in the air, tied to the wall in a filthy stable like an animal. You posh girls are all the same. Underneath all your expensive designer clothes you're just dirty little sluts. You're all just dying for a bit of rough.'
   His words should have shamed her, but Bunnie found that he was only turning her on more. As he continued to speak she gently rotated her hips, pressing her delicate mound into the rough hay.
   'All you want,' he continued, 'is a big hard cock buried inside you.'
   Bunnie was almost delirious. His words had created an ache deep inside her and she needed it to be filled. 'Please, fuck me,' she breathed.
   He laughed again, but underneath she could hear the unmistakeable sound of Adams unbuckling his belt. Fresh excitement flooded her body as she heard his trousers drop to the dirt floor. Then he was behind her, his hands roughly on her buttocks, spreading her cheeks wide. She knew how she must look in her position and secretly took pleasure in being on display for him. He squeezed her buttocks and pressed his hard thick cock along the crevice between her rosy-red globes. Bunnie wiggled against him and felt him grow even larger, taking satisfaction in his surprised grunt.
   'You really are a bad girl, aren't you?' he sneered, positioning the flared tip of his penis against her opening. 'This is what you really want, isn't it?'
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The Price of Desire
Tuesday, 7 June 2011  | 

An entertaining read and a good foreplay book.

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