Slaves of Elysium

Slaves of Elysium
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ISBN:  9781907976773
Author:  W. S. Antony
Word Count:  73,723
Binding:  eBook



Sister Murdock's House of CorrectionSister Murdock's House of Correction

Rebecca examined the two hemispheres with clinical interest, running a sharp fingernail over the satin skin that left a white trail behind it that filled quickly with pink. Jeni whimpered at her touch, causing Rebecca's smile to broaden.
   She drew back her arm and swung the rolled magazine with even greater force at the naked and defenceless bottom, taking out her frustration on Jeni's unresisting person. Again and again the sound of hard-rolled glossy paper striking resilient flesh rang out in the cabin. Jeni gasped and mewed under the assault, but did not move from her abject posture except for slight forward reflex jerks of her hips as each blow struck. She was totally cowed by fear and dark excitement. This was it. There was no turning back now. A new world was opening up for her…

Jeni Weeks, downtrodden maid to rich and selfish Rebecca Lamont, finds herself caught up in an adventure of sexual awakening while her mistress is holidaying in Bermuda. Taking part in a race to the Bahamas, their yacht encounters a strange storm that carries them into another time and place.

Shipwrecked, Jeni and Rebecca are washed up on the shores of a mysterious land, populated by a masterful race possessing an unknown technology, where the two women are soon captured and sold into slavery. Mistress and servant no longer, they must submit to the desires of their new owners.

Jeni discovers her true slavish nature, while Rebecca sees a chance to seduce her way to the court of the king himself. But the realms of the land are in dispute, and beautiful females, both slave and free, are seen as playthings and prizes in the struggle between their ruling princes...

Blinkered as she was, Jeni soon lost track of time while suspended in her cage. This disorientation was part of the training process, of course, along with the recording of mistress Kara's voice in her ears reinforcing her message of submission and servitude. Gradually the rest of the world melted away, leaving only her cage, the bonds that held her and the touch of her jailers.
   Over the timeless interval that followed, Sak and Darro became everything to her, though she knew nothing about them except their names. They fed and watered her, used her body for their pleasure and administered punishment when they chose. They were her keepers, her masters, her teachers.
   It began a few hours, as far as she could judge, after she had been caged; her wandering thoughts interrupted by her mouth plug being removed. As she tried to pass her tongue round her dry stretched lips, something else was pushed into her mouth. For a moment she thought it was an erect penis and almost choked. But as she cautiously explored it with her tongue she found it was in fact a soft rubber tube with the head realistically moulded to resemble the male organ. And the tip was wet with water. She sucked as well as her stiff mouth allowed and a little more water trickled down her throat. Evidently she was meant to work to get a drink.
   When the drinking tube was removed another fake phallus was pushed into her mouth. Sucking on this delivered small dollops of liquidised food, tasting similar to that she had in prison. It was harder work, but she managed to suck out and swallow a reasonable amount.
   A little later the feeding tube was removed, her mouth was washed out with a spray of chemical-tasting water, and her original ball-gag was replaced. At no time had she been given a chance to even try to speak to her jailers. What passed through her mouth was strictly controlled, and clearly words were not permitted. But then, what would she have said anyway?
   Jeni began to feel the urgent need to pee, but how could she with her labia clamped? Where would it go if it could not pass out of her cleanly? Perhaps they intended for her to mess herself.
   The pressure inside her built, becoming an exquisite torment as her swelling bladder pressed against her clitoris, itself trapped within her sealed flesh lips. She might come before she peed herself. Jeni began wiggling her bottom as far as she could, in a desperate attempt to attract her jailers' attention. Was there anybody there? She and the other girls could be quite alone for all she knew. How utterly helpless she was. Please, somebody do something!
   Then fingers were spreading her vagina wide. The clamp was removed and the mouth of a curved funnel was pressed into her. Jeni whimpered in thanks, then in pain as blood coursed back into her numbed inner labia. Her clitoris seemed to swell as water hissed from her in a fierce stream. She bit on her gag and squirmed desperately, nearly coming with relief. Such a simple act had never felt so good.
   She was wiped dry and the clamp replaced. Then her anal plug was pulled out and a softer, thicker rod pushed into her. She jerked in panic. Was it a cock? Were they going to sodomise her? No, it was another of the fake phalluses. But what was it doing?
   She felt the head of the device open inside her, stretching her rear passage alarmingly. A jet of water squirted into her, even as the thing began to buzz and suck at her insides. Her rectum was being emptied of solid waste, like in the shower, but deeper and more forcefully.
   Jeni's mind spun. She had been reduced to a living tube, allowed neither to feed nor relieve herself. Water and food entered at one end and wastes were removed at the other when others chose. Was that all they would do to her?
  Jeni was moving, though not of her own volition. At first she thought it was a dream, then she realised the cage was exercising her. She was rolled onto her back, her legs straightened, and she began walking in mid-air. Her head and neck were turned from side to side, torso twisted, bent back and then forwards. She groaned as her muscles were made to stretch and contract and stiffened joints forced to bend.
   After perhaps five minutes it was over. The cage returned her to her original posture and she was a motionless trainee pleasure slave once again.
   Time began to blur. Had she been there a couple of days, or weeks or months? There was just feeding, draining, exercise and in between the darkness, sleep and her mistress' voice. In fact, some of the time she was no longer sure if she was asleep or awake. It was the voice that reassured her that in either case it was right for her to be as she was. How comforting that was to know. And her bonds proved how much her mistress cared about her. Who else would take such trouble to make her a perfect slave?
   At some point her ball-gag was removed, hands grasped the frame that imprisoned her head and a real hard cock was pushed into her mouth.
   Jeni did not realise for several seconds, conditioned to suck on anything of a similar shape for her food and drink, but when it dawned on her it was a rod of living flesh filling her mouth, instead of disgust a thrill of pleasure ran though her as she thought how wonderful living flesh felt and tasted. Her handlers had touched her so briefly that this was an orgy of sensual input. Sak, Darro, or somebody else, it did not matter! It was not her place to question what was put in her mouth. Water, food, sperm, it was all the same. How simple life was when you accepted that.
   She worked her tongue around the contours of the cock-head, feeling the foreskin rolling back to expose the silky-soft plum beneath - another new sensation.
   Her pleasure was mounting. Her cunt was dripping round the clamp that closed it. Fire grew in her belly. The shaft began to plunge deeper, sliding to the back of her mouth and into her throat. Jeni had to match her breathing with the thrusts, even as she gloried in this new penetration of her person. She had little experience of oral sex and hoped she was doing it right, because she did not want it to end.
   Hot sperm spurted into her mouth and down her throat and she gobbled and slurped with pathetic fervour. She was so near to coming, so near.
  The cock slowly softened in her mouth and then withdrew, despite her desperate sucking to lick it totally clean. The mouthwash tube was pushed into her and the wonderful otherness of the taste of sperm was flushed away. Then her gag was replaced.
   Jeni raged impotently in her bonds, suddenly aware of the need for sex that had been kindled within her. She wanted so much more but apparently that was all she was permitted. Her frustration would only grow worse. She had last orgasmed on the guard's hand in prison. How long ago? Now she had been brought to the edge of release but denied. Was that intentional? Next time she must be ready to come more quickly. Next time. How long would that be?
   Sleeping, feeding, draining, exercises, blackness - a pleasureless eternity.
   Jeni shrieked behind her gag. A cane had come out of the darkness in which she lived and slashed across her backside. Another blow landed, biting her flesh. Her body lit up from within.
   She had never known the incredible colours of pain. Suspended and sense-starved, even pain was wonderful and exciting. How alive it made her feel! And it proved she was not alone, that somebody was watching over her, caring for her. She was wanted, she was important.
   Jeni savoured every blow to the last, bucking and squirming joyously in her restraints as the shockwaves shivered through her. Then she cherished the afterglow of her tenderised flesh until the burning faded from her bottom, leaving only the bittersweet memory.
   Sleep, feeding, excreting.
   The waste tube was pushed up her rear and she opened herself to it. Thrust, pull, thrust, pull. There were two hands gripping her hips. Why wasn't she being flushed out properly?
   It was a cock! She was being buggered!

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