Susie Learns the Hard Way

Susie Learns the Hard Way
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ISBN:  9781907976674
Author:  Roger Quine
Word Count:  88,401
Format:  eBook



Susie Follows OrdersSusie Follows Orders
Susie Goes to the DevilSusie Goes to the Devil

His voice was almost hypnotic, and Susie looked up at him with doleful eyes and felt powerless to object as he reached out. 'Your delicious breasts...' he cupped and caressed them through her blouse and lacy bra, making the nipples pucker against his palms. 'Your shapely legs, your thighs, your bottom... I've a confession to make.' Susie held her breath. 'I've wanted to spank your bottom from the moment I saw it walking down the corridor.' He saw the look of surprise on her face. 'Oh yes, I followed you from reception that morning. I walked all the way along the corridor behind you, watching your delectable little bottom wiggle and sway. It was just begging to be spanked.' His hand drifted to the front of his trousers and moved in slow suggestive circles. 'Now be a good girl and bend over my desk.'

Lovely damsel in distress Susie thinks her dreams have come true when she gets a job on a Sunday tabloid specialising in sex scandals.

She's well-qualified for the job: ever since school her natural curiosity led her into situations which taught her all about sex without robbing her of her fresh-faced innocence.

Assigned to work with veteran reporter Harry Anderson in pursuit of the next Viagra, she submits to all his instructions. But when he arranges for her to be sold to a Japanese businessman with a fondness for ropes, blindfolds and bondage, she begins to suspect all is not well.

When she finally guesses the truth, it's already too late: by then she's chained up in a cell by an aggressive lesbian police officer, and she knows she must use every skill she's learned in order to make her escape...

Susie realised she was on the brink of something, that Miss Piggy had led them both to a precipice, and that a fall from here would damage both of them. This was as vital and difficult a moment for Miss Piggy as it was for her, except that Susie knew she didn't have a choice, and Miss Piggy knew it too.
   'Okay,' she whispered.
   'Okay, what?' Miss Piggy's voice was almost as hushed and tremulous.
   'I'd rather deal with it now.'
   'Just the two of us?'
   Susie nodded.
   'It goes no further than this room.'
   Susie nodded again.
   'Wise choice. You won't regret it. Doctors: waste of time. Counselling: bigger waste of time. Quick reminder, that's all it takes. Short, sharp, shock.'
   Susie wondered what she'd agreed to.
   'Lift your skirt up.'
  She thought her eyes might pop out of her head; deep down she'd been expecting something like this, but the sudden bluntness of the command was a shock.
   Miss Piggy was watching closely, and Susie did as she was told, gripping the hem in each hand and lifting the skirt a few inches, exposing her thighs.
   Miss Piggy nodded. 'Properly,' she said firmly. 'Right up.'
   Susie took a deep breath and raised her hands some more, bunching the pleated black material around her waist, exposing her slim thighs and the vivid slash of white cotton that dipped between them in a neat V.
   Miss Piggy swallowed, twice, apparently finding it difficult. Her voice was harsher, almost hoarse, when she spoke again.
   'Over the desk,' she instructed, nodding towards the row of desks across the front of the classroom. 'Bend over the desk.'
   Bend over? Susie must have looked blank. Certainly she felt blank, and more than a little confused. Deep down she'd suspected Miss Piggy wanted to grope her like she had in the changing rooms, and she'd been prepared for that to happen. If she was honest, she'd been mildly curious. But bend over? That could only mean...
   Her heart jumped again as she realised what Miss Piggy had in mind. Fear made her body react in its usual way, and she felt herself getting wet again. Her knickers were already damp, she knew, and this would only make it more obvious. She really didn't want to bend over and let Miss Piggy see her like that. But the mistress pointed sternly at the nearest desk and looked Susie in the eye. 'Across that one, please,' she said, her voice thick and heavy.
  Slowly, reluctantly, Susie turned her back on Miss Piggy and shuffled the few feet to the front row of desks, feeling self-conscious and exposed with her skirt hiked up around her waist. She stopped in front of the desk, still wondering how to get out of this, but not finding an answer.
   The chair scraped noisily as Miss Piggy stood up; two strides and Susie could sense the heavy bulk behind her. A large hand pressed gently but irresistibly between her shoulder-blades, bending her forward. Instinctively she bent her knees as well, as if about to crouch, but a light tap across her thighs made her stop and look down. Miss Piggy was holding a thin bamboo switch in one hand, and she was tapping it across the front of Susie's thighs as she pushed into her back with the other hand. Her intention was clear, and Susie obediently straightened her legs so she was bending forward from the waist in a pose that thrust her bottom back and up.
   'You may hold on to the desk.' Miss Piggy's voice was low and sibilant, and she was breathing through her nose.
   Susie let go of her skirt, but it didn't fall now she was bent over. The desktop was uncomfortable as she rested her forearms on it, fingers curled over the lip, trying not to think of what she looked like to Miss Piggy, standing close behind her with a perfect view of her bottom and the white knickers stretched across its smooth curves.
   'Feet apart.'
   She shuffled them an inch or two.
   'Further... And again.' The bamboo switch rattled from side to side between her knees until they were planted a couple of feet apart. She knew the posture had tensed the cheeks of her bottom, and separated them too. She'd looked at herself in the mirror often enough, as she knelt on the bed copying the poses of the girls she saw in the Sunday papers, and she was well aware that in this position there was a prominent swelling between her thighs, a very sexy swelling, where the white of her panties was pulled taut across her opening. She was also aware that when her body had responded to the excitement of the pose, she'd been able to watch the material darkening as her juices soaked into it, until it was wet and opaque, framing and outlining the swollen lips, almost more revealing than nakedness. Today she was already aroused, her panties already wet from her earlier excitement, and as she felt the trickle begin again she knew Miss Piggy was looking into the heart of her private body.
   She risked a look back over her shoulder and knew she was right; Miss Piggy's face was almost purple, her mouth open and her tongue lolling out. The effect was of someone concentrating very hard on something. Following the direction of her eyes, Susie knew exactly what.
  Maybe the mistress saw the movement of her head and it took a few seconds to penetrate her preoccupied mind, or maybe Susie just happened to look round a couple of seconds before Miss Piggy was ready to continue. Whatever the truth, she lifted her eyes and looked at Susie.
   'Face the front,' she said curtly, a new and commanding tone in her voice, as if uncertainty had passed and Miss Piggy was now in complete charge of herself, as well as the situation.
   Susie did as she was told. Almost at once she felt a hand on her back... low on her back, below where the skirt was bunched up around her waist. Heavy fingers rummaged and then Susie realised they had slipped under the waistband of her knickers - and they were beginning to pull!
   She gasped aloud in horror as Miss Piggy slowly and surely started to tug them down over her bottom.
   'Quiet girl,' hissed Miss Piggy, as if she was suddenly angry about something. 'No talking.'
   Susie didn't dare disobey, and began to tremble as Miss Piggy tugged the panties over her bottom until they were stretched between her widespread thighs and her soft pinkness was exposed to the teacher's gaze. Unsure of what was going to happen next, Susie felt the cold bite of fear in her stomach and accompanying warm gush inside her. Her pink lips puckered, and small pearls of moisture dribbled out of her. Miss Piggy could hardly have missed seeing it.
   'Touch yourself... here,' commanded Miss Piggy, and the tip of the cane rested lightly on the tender flesh between Susie's legs. 'Do what you were doing earlier in class. In my class.' The voice was thick with emotion again, as Miss Piggy alternated rapidly between moods.
   Susie could hardly believe her ears, and she turned her head to peer at Miss Piggy. 'But I...' She never got any further.
   'Now!' snapped Miss Piggy, and the cane rapped across the soft skin of Susie's bottom.
   'Ow!' she squealed, and the cane struck again at once.
   'Silence, I said,' the angry Miss Piggy commanded. 'And do as I tell you. At once.'
   Susie hesitated only a fraction of a second before unclasping the fingers of one hand from the rim of the desk and reaching down between her legs until her fingertips brushed the fine strands of short blonde hair.
   'Do it,' hissed Miss Piggy. 'I saw you. I know what you were doing. Now do it again.' The cane smacked firmly across her bottom, a smarting blow that made her squeak in shock and pain.
   There was no choice. Awkwardly, Susie reached a little further back, until she could feel the wet sheen of her flesh sliding under her fingertips. She moved them slightly, and was surprised to feel the familiar electric frizz of excitement in response, as if that part of her body was still functioning as normal regardless of what was happening elsewhere.
   'Continue.' There was a slight warning swish before the cane stung her once more.
   She didn't realise she'd stopped moving, and immediately waggled her fingertips to prove she was doing as she was told. The movement released a burst of sensation between her thighs, and she felt the warm juices trickling onto her fingers.
   'More.' The cane zipped through the air, and the sharp slash on her bottom brought tears to her eyes. She was already working her fingers between the parted folds of flesh, and didn't know what else to do. So she worked them wider and faster, knowing she was spreading her body for Miss Piggy to stare at, and shocked to find herself responding with pleasure at the knowing touch of her own fingers. She would have thought that fear and embarrassment would have prevented that from happening, but the warm wetness between her legs proved otherwise.
   Susie knew there would be a stroke of the cane no matter how fast she followed that instruction. Zap! went the bamboo, leaving another throbbing stripe across her bottom, and faster went her fingers, slipping and sliding around in the warm wetness they knew so well.
  'In,' commanded Miss Piggy, and Zap! went the cane again. But Susie had already done as she was told; one dainty finger delving into the darkness and making her shiver with delight as it rotated inside her body.
   'More!' shouted Miss Piggy, and the cane slashed down as Susie eased a second finger in alongside the first.
   'More!' she yelled again, and Susie began to slide the two fingers in and out as the bamboo stung her again.
   'More!' insisted Miss Piggy as she again swept the cane down, and Susie began to push harder and faster, sending heavier and heavier waves of pleasure rolling through the softness she was pummelling.
   'More! More! More!' urged Miss Piggy, punctuating each command with another sharp slash of the cane across poor Susie's buttocks, so close to where her fingers plunged in and out that pain and pleasure seemed to mingle together.
   Her hand was curled beneath her body as her fingers rippled in and out, spreading wetly as she pulled them clear of her heated tunnel and then drove them in again, the soft lips clutching each one. They pumped in and out, faster and faster in time with the bamboo as each slash seemed to drive Susie's hips forward onto them as her pelvis developed a frantic rhythm of its own, rising towards a peak of sensation.
   Now Miss Piggy's commands were heaving pants, her arm was weak and the cane almost stroking instead of slashing, and as Susie squealed aloud and her hips froze from the frantic pumping and began to circle luxuriously on her thrusting fingers, Miss Piggy shouted in triumph. 'Yesss!' she called out, body slumping in exhaustion, right hand and cane drooping towards the floor as her left hand, which had for some time been thrust down the front of her own substantial knickers, ceased its jerking movements.
   Outside the window, crouched in the overhanging bushes in the secret den he'd first used almost a decade earlier, soon after Miss Piggy came to Mason's High School, old Groudle the caretaker crouched in the shadows, one hand frantically busy inside his overalls as he gazed on the scene he'd enjoyed so many times before.
   The girl was slumped across the desk, her lovely bottom striped red, skirt bunched above her waist, knickers stretched between her thighs, two fingers buried in one of the cutest little pussies Groudle had ever seen, and he'd quite lost count after all these years, but he'd seen some proper little peaches. Miss Piggy had a man's eye for the girls, and always seemed to fix on the ones that Groudle would have picked if he'd been choosing for himself. It had been quite a while since he last bothered to watch Miss Piggy during her after-school sessions. Ten years ago, in her early thirties, she'd been slim and shapely and reasonably attractive, especially while taking PE lessons in her crisp clean gym kit. And he used to find her just as arousing as the younger girls, one arm flailing the cane, feet astride, and one hand under her skirt and between her legs as she thrust fingers inside her own body in time to those she was watching.
   But these days she was more stout and ruddy, and Groudle just concentrated on watching the girl.
   And she was worth watching.
   She'd slumped forward across the desk like they all did, but now she was stirring, softly withdrawing two delicately glistening fingers from her sweet body. As the shiny pink lips clasped themselves wetly together, Groudle groaned to himself, and sprayed copiously up the wall.
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Suzie Learns the Hard Way
Monday, 1 July 2013  | 

An outstanding book with a good flow of action and sex without getting repetitive.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010  | 

Susie is a bold and sexual cub reporter who'll do anything - yes ANYTHING - to get the story. This is the first of the Susie trio from Chimera, so get all three because they're worth it!

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