The Girlbank Trap

The Girlbank Trap
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ISBN:  9781780804194
Author:  Tracey Aberdare
Word Count:  51,694
Format:  eBook



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'On your knees,' George growled at the now naked Dottie.
   Jenna felt her face getting hotter, while her mind was increasingly chilled by the thought that Dottie had promised the same ordeal for her on the other side of the estuary. Or would the bus arrive before it could happen? Or would she be able to run away?
   Clutching at such unlikely straws she stood a shocked witness as Dottie spat on her right hand, took the horrible shaft into it, and began sliding it up and down.
   'Awww...' George said, and as though he had read Jenna's anxious mind, 'your turn soon, my little beauty.'
   You're a pig, Jenna thought, but dared not say it.
   George grabbed hold of a handful of Dottie's hair and twisted it into a tight grip. 'Get your mouth around it, love,' he ordered...

A revolutionary bank account makes Jenna's life a dream, but when she has to pay off an overdraft it becomes a painful nightmare. An experienced workmate and friend, Pat, explains Girlbank to Jenna in glowing terms.

'Girlbank is a hush-hush modern twist on a practice as old as humanity, although I believe its founders were inspired by what was happening in France on the internet. It was noticed men in both the trades and the professions were placing classified advertisements on the Net offering their services to women for no fee but on a kind of barter system. Women could get house-painting, plumbing, electrical work, computer repairs... just about anything for what they described politely as "special hugs" or "tender moments" or "perfect evenings".'

Girlbank formalises the process for approved clients, offering accounts to both borrowers and depositors. So how does it all go so horribly wrong for Jenna...?

Jenna's mind raced back to the last time she had submitted to being spanked. She'd argued with Barry, given him cheek, and felt repentant afterwards. She'd hoped to make amends by letting him give her the punishment she thought she deserved. The prospect clearly gave him a thrill.
   What she hadn't expected was that its carrying out would thrill her too. By the time he had reddened her bared buttocks with the traditional six hard slaps she had but one desire, which was to give herself to him freely. The fire lit in her smarting rear was spreading right through her body. Her nipples were outstandingly erect. She knew Barry could not be blind to the wet state of the lips between her legs.
   Abandoning all dignity she begged Barry to fuck her. 'Oh, for God's sake... do me, give it to me, stick that swollen thing in me... I need it real bad!'
   The spanking had led to the best sex she ever experienced with Barry. She'd had three intense, near exhausting orgasms.
  The exercise was never repeated, but since opening a Girlbank account an incidental of the transactions in which she'd participated had been an unmistakable heightening of her sexual responses and appetite. She couldn't stop being betrayed by her own body - it brought her to a state of readiness at the drop of a hat... or perhaps the word should be changed to knickers, she thought ruefully.
   Now she was facing another spanking. And she was already in a heightened state of excitation from the sensations of being shaved and having her adult sex, childishly naked, exposed to the gaze of four sets of onlooking eyes. Something like a non-audible hum spread outwards from her loins and she could feel more moisture forming in her innermost recesses.
Heavens, she'd been wet before undergoing Donald's shave, when Pritchett had soaped her up! If she'd been so then, what predicament would a spanking leave her in?

'Get over my knee, I said!' Laura repeated. 'You've no time for daydreaming, girl. Mr Pritchett will want you at his side to watch the floorshow.'
   Brought back to reality by Laura's uncompromising tone, Jenna humiliated herself by obeying the order. She was, after all, Laura's to command. Having agreed to the arrangement to spend the weekend at Girlbank's pleasure and every whim, what alternative did she have now she was at this house in the middle of nowhere?
   It did occur to her passingly that if the floorshow was not scheduled to begin until an hour after dinner, many more minutes were at Laura's disposal than would be required for a spanking. It was another riddle, like what had become of Dottie.
   The three men emitted low chuckles as Laura adjusted Jenna's position across her lap, insinuating a knee between her legs, forcing them apart so that her sex came into less restricted view.
   Jenna swallowed hard, almost unable to believe this could be happening to her. The shame, the anticipation... her face reddened, surely as hotly as her buttocks were about to.
   Laura let her settle for a moment or two so that the vulnerability of her poor bottom and her sensitised, shaven cunt was emphasised. Then an almost imperceptible shift in Laura's lap signalled the raising of her right arm. With a whoosh it descended; with a crack the hand impacted soundly on Jenna's right bottom cheek.
   She was unable to stop her cry at the stinging pain of the first slap.
   'Ouch! That hurt!'
   Max Renner coughed. 'The object of a bare-bottom spanking is that it should, young madam. You've caused Girlbank a lot of bother, then spurned our attempts to give you a way out of your problems.'
   Laura didn't spare Jenna the full force of her hand. She laid a pattern of ringing, rhythmic slaps all over her erring client's quivering backside with undisguised relish. All the while she used her free hand to hold her erring client's head and shoulders well down.
   Thrust into this attitude of forced submission over Laura's thighs, Jenna could see nothing except a limited area of carpet. She was thus denied or spared the avid attention of Renner, Donald and Pritchett to the rapid colouring of her bum. But she heard their amused appreciation of her plight. Her legs kicked out in a reflex action that was ineffective at protecting her from the hateful punishment. She was acutely aware that she was inadvertently flaunting herself. As her legs went wider, so was Laura able to subtly yet effortlessly progress the thigh-opening intrusion of a leg between hers. More and more of her freshly depilated pussy was exhibited by the flurry of defensive wriggles and squirming.
   Damn it! She didn't deserve this embarrassment. She clenched her teeth and lips, suppressing gasps of pain.
   Laura's brisk hand rose and fell without cease, and Jenna came to a moment of astonishing transition. In spite of the pain and the shame she felt a sudden ripple of desire that unnerved her because it was so shocking. She'd given up to the pain and was allowing herself to be seduced by its dark allure. Her mind drifted into a new, different kind of awareness where pain and pleasure merged to become indistinguishable.
   But all good things, even marginally good things, come to an end and it was suddenly over. Laura's hard hand ceased to fall on her numbed backside. Instead it came down once more, but this time it was cupped and exploratory and sought out the tender, de-fuzzed peach framed between the swells of the glowing buttocks.
  Jenna moaned between tightly clamped lips. Laura's hand was kneading the ripe fruit. She must be able to sense the uninvited, throbbing excitement within. A fingertip located the hardened pleasure bead that was her clitoris and lightly manipulated it. At this Jenna could no longer stifle her moan.
   Laura said, 'She is now very wet, gentlemen.' To her, she said, 'You may get up.' And she released her hold.
   Jenna rose stiffly. She was physically hurt and felt oddly deprived. But of what?
   'Will that be all, Ms DeLillo?' she asked meekly, glancing towards her discarded clothes.
   'I think not. The naughtiness of your blatant reactions to your punishment has caused a further inconvenience. Look what you've done.'
   Laura gestured to the standing round her. No one could miss the way the tailored cut of the trousers of Renner and Pritchett was grossly misshapen at the front. Jenna blushed furiously. Both men were visited with massive erections!
  'Before any of you can rejoin the party this trouble must be rectified. You too, Miss Wainwright, require the release of intercourse and orgasm. The matter must be resolved promptly. You'll bend over and allow your upper body to be supported appropriately by Mr Renner. Your master for the evening, Mr Pritchett, will be delighted to attend to your rear end and relieve himself of the embarrassment you've brought upon him.'
   Jenna was about to wail that this was totally wrong and unfair, but she had to bite her lip; what Laura had said was true in one compelling part. Never had she felt more in need of - to put it crudely - a damned good shafting. Although she felt no attraction to Rodney Pritchett, the idea of being fucked by him doggie-style was not so daunting. After all, she wouldn't have to see his uncouth visage as he performed the necessary office. Worst things had happened to her on Chester Hardwicke's 'night for the lads' which had set the subsequent disasters in train.
   Renner and Pritchett were in no way shy to carry out Laura's suggestion. They took up positions fore and aft of her. The flush on Pritchett's face now owed nothing to alcohol. She heard the quick rasp of a zip, and glancing over her shoulder saw he was holding his weapon ready in his hand. It was pointed at her, mesmerising, fat and hard like a one-eyed torpedo.
   To her shock she heard another zip travel its length. Turning her head back she saw that Max Renner also had his cock out. It was equally fat and alarming. Omigod, they were going to take her both ends simultaneously, vaginally and orally!
   Laura said, 'Brace your legs well apart... give yourself like the shameless little slut you want to be.'
  Jenna was unable to stop a last whimper of fear, but she took up the necessary stance and lowered her face towards Renner's groin.
   'Good girl,' Renner grunted. He took the weight of her leaning body, letting the small, rounded breasts fit into his clammy palms.
   She flinched, aware of the hardness and sensitivity of her trapped nipples.
   'Suck it,' Renner said. 'Suck it till your mouth fills with spunk.'
   She closed her lips over his rampant cock, muffling her sob with its bloated purple glans.
   Behind, a coarse hand stroked the sore cheeks of her spanked bottom and the tip of Pritchett's penis came into play. Seeking eagerly, it deposited a moist trail of pre-come on her inner thigh, and was guided, probably by hand, to the smooth petals of her waiting sex which opened up to it like a flower, unaware the foreign object's entry presaged a kind of destruction.
   'Lovely,' Pritchett murmured appreciatively. 'When I won you I never dreamed I'd get into your pretty cunt so fast.'
   Her whole body trembled with response quite beyond her control. An instinctive part of her wanted old Pritchett's cock deeper and deeper inside her young tightness; desired the explosion of an ejaculation to hasten her orgasm and release the tension and excitation that had been boosted to unbearable levels. Only this unexpected sex could set her right, restoring her equilibrium and her ability to cope with what was clearly going to be a weekend of ordeals such as she had never envisaged.
   Slowly, hardly aware of it, she began to move against him and the trio found a rhythm.

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