Total Abandon

Total Abandon
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ISBN:  9781907976483
Author:  Lia Anderssen
Word Count:  66,117
Format:  eBook



Sweet SubmissionSweet Submission

She tried to struggle, but once again the strength of the two was too much for her and she had no chance. They worked quickly, clearly used to using the equipment. Danni's hands were pulled above her head and cold metal manacles closed about her wrists. Once these were in place the pair did the same with her legs, ignoring her desperate protests, closing the steel bands about her ankles and holding her fast. She was immobilised now, but still they hadn't finished. Taking hold of the chains, they hauled on them, pulling them tight and stretching Danni's lovely young body into the shape of an X.
   Danni tugged at her bonds, but in vain. She was quite unable to move, her slender limbs pulled tight and already beginning to ache. On the wall directly opposite the frame was a mirror. With a groan of despair she closed her eyes against the sight of her own stretched and vulnerable body.

When sexually innocent Danni Bright takes a lift from a stranger, she gets more than she bargained for. Left alone and naked in an hotel bedroom she falls into the hands of gangsters, who use her in all sorts of wicked and erotic ways.

Forced to sell her body on the street, bound and whipped by a whore, made to dance naked for the customers in a seedy bar and then to work as a lap-dancer in a cheap club, she slowly begins to come to terms with her sexuality.

But serious villains are after the young damsel in distress, and she experiences a great deal of pleasure and pain before her story is over.

'Open up! Hotel Astra security!'
   Danni feared the door wouldn't hold out much longer under such a violent onslaught. She grabbed hold of the bedsheet and tugged at it, pulling it from under the duvet. Then she wrapped it about her breasts and, clinging tightly to it with one hand, ran across to the door and opened it.
   The man on the other side was tall and muscular. She recognised him as one of those standing by the entrance to the hotel the night before, presumably vetting the people entering. He strode into the room, pushing the youngster aside as he glanced quickly about him. He went into the bathroom, then came out and checked the closets. Then he confronted the trembling girl.
   'Where is he?' he demanded.
   'Where's who?' she asked.
   'You know. Your pal from last night. Where the hell is he?'
   'I don't know.'
   He stepped close, towering over her.
   'Listen young lady, don't play games. He's hiding somewhere. Now where?'
   'Honestly I don't know. He's taken everything. Even my clothes. That's why I'm wearing this sheet.'
   His eyes narrowed. 'But you know who he is. You arrived together.'
   'I just hitched a lift with him, that's all. I'd never met him before.'
   He paused, staring into her eyes.
   'You'd better come downstairs. The boss wants a word with you.'
   'But I can't. I've got no clothes.'
   'Look,' he snarled. 'I haven't got time to argue. Either you get your ass downstairs now or I'll drag you down, clothes or no clothes.'
   Danni made to protest again, but the look in his eye silenced her. Instead she sighed.
   'All right.'
   'This way.'
   He took her arm and dragged her out into the corridor. She clutched at her sheet, trying desperately not to trip on the trailing ends as he pulled her along. He took her down the stairs, then along a passage to a door marked 'Private'. He knocked once and pushed her inside.
   She found herself in a small office. Against the wall in front of her stood grey steel filing cabinets and there was a whiteboard on the wall. In one corner was a desk strewn with papers. A man was sitting behind it, a short balding man of about forty. He looked questioningly at Danni's escort. 'Well?'
   'I think the bastard's given us the slip. She says she's just a hitchhiker. Got picked up by him. Says she doesn't know him beyond that.'
   The man rose to his feet and crossed to where the forlorn beauty was standing. He studied her for a few moments with cold eyes.
   'Of course you know him,' he said. 'He was in your room last night, wasn't he?'
   'How did you know that?'
   'It's my job to know what's going on in this hotel. This is the Hotel Astra, and I'm the manager. He was screwing you, wasn't he?'
   'What business is that of yours?'
   The man reached out suddenly and, taking hold of the sheet, pulled it from her. Danni made a grab for it, but in vain. With a cry, she wrapped her left arm across her breasts and slapped her right hand over her crotch.
   'What you so shy about?' he mocked. 'According to you, you were fucked last night by a guy you don't even know. Why shouldn't we get a look too?'
   'It wasn't like that.'
   'He screwed you, didn't he?'
   'Yes, but—'
   'But nothing. Now where the hell did he go?'
  'I don't know, I tell you.' There was an edge of desperation in Danni's voice now. 'He picked me up while I was hitchhiking yesterday. Said his name was Peter... Peter Bourne, that's it. He bought me dinner.'
   'In return for a screw.'
   'You make me sound like a prostitute,' she protested indignantly.
   'That's what you look like to me, standing there with nothing on.'
   'He stole my clothes. He stole my money... everything.'
   'And that's not all. As well as ransacking his damned room, the bastard also broke into the bar last night and got away with the takings. Nearly five hundred dollars gone. What you gonna do about that?'
   'What can I do?' Danni stared at the pair in desperation. 'I told you, he took my money too. He took everything.'
   The balding man glared at her for a moment longer, then leaned against the edge of the desk. He ran his eyes up and down Danni's naked body, and she clutched her hands to herself still tighter, wishing she had at least some underwear.
   'Well, I don't know,' he said wearily, rubbing his temples as though he had a nasty headache. 'I guess we'd better hand you over to the cops.'
   'Hand me over to the police?'
   'Sure. You're an accessory to a crime. You don't think we're going to let you go, now do you?'
   'But please, I've done nothing wrong.'
   'There's five hundred bucks missing. That's something wrong according to my book.'
   At that moment there was a knock on the door.
   'Yeah?' said the bald man.
   The door opened and two men entered. When they caught sight of Danni they stopped, and her face glowed scarlet as their eyes scanned her naked body.
   'Hakis, Zuko. Come on in and close the door. We don't want the guests getting the wrong idea.'
   The two men entered. Both were slim with Latin complexions. They both wore dark double-breasted suits, and sunglasses hid their eyes. Danni was instantly reminded of underworld gangsters she'd seen in films.
   The one who had been referred to as Hakis spoke first. 'Who's the girl?' he asked.
   'Bitch checked in with a guy last night. He spends all night screwing her, then hightails it with the contents of my cash register. She says she doesn't know him.'
   The second man whistled. 'Sounds like you've been set up. What you gonna do?'
   'She claims he took her stuff, Zuko. That's how come she's naked. I figure maybe I should just hand her over to the cops.'
   'I guess so.'
   'Look, forget the chick,' broke in the other man suddenly. 'You got the stuff?'
   'Yeah. I got it.'
   'Right. Zuko and I gotta get it delivered.'
   The man behind the desk narrowed his eyes. 'You guys sure it'll be okay this time?'
   'Sure. I mean, they'll never hit us a third time.'
   'I dunno. I reckon they're getting inside info from somewhere. Maybe we should find another courier.'
   'But who the hell could we trust?'
   Danni listened to the conversation in silence, grateful that they had turned their attention from her for the moment. She had no idea of what they were speaking. She just wished they'd give her the sheet back. All at once she realised that the room had gone quiet. She glanced up to see the two shady-looking men conversing quietly while glancing in her direction. Then the one called Zuko turned to the hotel manager.
   'What about her?' he said, indicating Danni.
   'What do you mean?'
   'She could make the drop.'
   'What, her?'
   'Sure. Nobody knows who the hell she is. Bitch owes us a favour. She'd be perfect.'
   The hotel manager scratched his head. 'I'm not so sure.'
   But already the one called Hakis had turned to Danni. 'Take your hands away, girl, and show us what you've got.'
   Danni looked at him in disbelief. 'I beg your pardon—!' She gave a shocked squeal of pain as Zuko brought his hand down hard on her backside, delivering a stinging blow and leaving a red palm-print on her pale flesh.
   'Do as he says.'
   Danni glanced fearfully from one face to another. This whole situation was getting seriously out of hand. Mentally she cursed the man who had got her into this mess. She glanced down at herself, wishing fervently that he had at least left her a pair of panties. Then the man raised his hand again and she knew she had no choice but to obey. Slowly, her cheeks flushed, she allowed her hands to fall to her sides, revealing her naked charms to the watching men.
   There was silence for a moment as the four eyed her lovely young body. Then the one called Hakis spoke again. 'Hmm, not bad. Not bad at all. I reckon she'd make a pretty good whore.'
   'Whore?' echoed Danni in alarm.
   'Quiet,' ordered Hakis. He turned to the hotel manager. 'You reckon you could find some tart's clothes for her?'
   Zuko nodded. 'Yeah, that'd be the perfect disguise around that part of town. Nobody's gonna notice one more whore.'
   'I guess you're right.' The bald manager turned to his man, who had been standing quietly by, listening to the conversation. 'You reckon you could find something?'
   'Sure. I'll check in the lost luggage room. We get all kinds of stuff left behind.'
   'Good. Take these two with you and find something suitable. I'll be with you in ten minutes.'
   'You gonna look after her?'
   'Yeah, I guess she owes me.' The other three men grinned, then left, leaving Danni alone with the hotel manager. She was still standing with her hands by her sides, her face bright scarlet. 'Right,' he said, 'you've cost me a lot of money, and I want something in return.'
   'I told you, I had nothing to do with it,' she protested.
   'Except that you spent the night with that thieving bastard.'
   Her colour deepened. 'I didn't know he was a crook.'
   'Well, I reckon you can start paying your bill right now.'
   'But how?'
   He smiled and glanced down at the obvious bulge stretching the front of his trousers. 'I'm sure you can think of something appropriate,' he leered.
   'I think you understand me.'
   'But... no, I can't.'
   'Oh, I think you can, or I'll have you thrashed before you go out on your little errand. Believe me, that mark Zuko gave you is nothing compared to what I can do.'
   'But I...'
   'Just do as you're told. You're in a lot of trouble, girlie, and not keeping me happy will only make things a lot worse.'
   Danni gazed into his face. There was no doubt about it; he was serious. But how could she do such a thing? After all, he was a complete stranger. But then again, so was that snake Bourne, and it hadn't stopped her sucking him. She glanced down at herself once more. Already she had bared all to this man. It was only a short step further to doing what he asked. Perhaps she should take the safest path after all. 'All right,' she said quietly.
   'Now you're at last being sensible,' said the man. 'Come on then, we haven't got all morning.'
   Danni took a pace forward and stood immediately in front him. His eyes surveyed her bare breasts, and she realised with a shock that her nipples had stiffened for him. She would never have thought it possible, but to her shame the first stirrings of arousal were beginning within her. Somehow, the evening before had done more than just rouse her desires for a single night. It seemed also to have awakened something more fundamental in her nature; a latent sexuality that, until now, had been slumbering. As she dropped to her knees before the man, she suddenly realised that she was curious to taste his cock, and having no choice but to comply was fuelling her own excitement. Slowly she reached out a trembling hand and pulled down his zipper.
   His penis was already semi-erect and, as she released it from his pants, she watched it stiffen still more before her eyes. She glanced up at his emotionless face.
   'Go on,' he said firmly, 'you know what to do. Suck it.'
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Thursday, 7 January 2010  | 

I just got done reading Total Abandon. It was sooo good. I love the way Danni is so obedient and full of pleasure. I liked the way she had no control, the way she was made to submit. Especially in the strip bar, when she had to service whomever came along. No questions asked, her only function was to submit.

I loved the way it ended, even the bar gang scene. She did her job and serviced every one of them like a good slut. I bet her master would have been proud, had she had one... lol. Mr Wright was very kind to her though, and gave her exactly what she needed. The control, but also the freedom to leave at any time.

Mmmmmmmmm reading this book has made me cum several times.

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