Twilight in Berlin

Twilight in Berlin
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ISBN:  9781780801414
Author:  Axel Deutsch
Word Count:  60,994
Format:  eBook



Prisoners of PassionPrisoners of Passion

Ingrid was unused to behaving in such a brazen manner, and was relying upon instinct to guide her. She nibbled her lip and lowered her hands into the shadowy void between their bodies, and they immediately located the pulsating lump that lurked there. She paused, awaiting further instructions, but none came. Heinrich sipped his brandy and grinned. Ingrid squeezed the bulge and could feel its heat radiating through his trousers. She found the row of buttons and popped each one in turn. The trousers gaped, she faltered for a moment, and then timidly slipped a hand inside...

To a young lady of twenty, Berlin seems the ideal place to pursue her long cherished career as a model. But it is 1930, and the city is a hotbed of vice and corruption, where pleasure-hungry men and women go to any lengths to satisfy their lustful ambitions.

Ingrid is swallowed up in the dark underworld of the vice trade. In a sinister, twilight world where life is cheap she soon learns the price of staying alive.

When they were all ready Ilse raised her hand again, her eyes sparkling and her voice hushed with excitement. 'In a moment you shall each enter the maze. You will have ten minutes and then the guests will follow you in. Each guest must hunt his allotted mate, and once tracked down he can do with her as he wishes. Coupling with any other mate than his own is strictly forbidden - a rule of which all guests are aware. Needless to say, you will all be at your most obliging once caught...'
   Ingrid peered at the three other temptresses, and noticed how relaxed they seemed about the whole bizarre escapade; they were clearly far more experienced in such games than she. Her attention was drawn back to Ilse.
   '...Of course you may do as you wish to prolong your freedom. You may hide, or you may remain on the move - it is your choice entirely.' She looked at each of the four beauties in turn, and wished she could partake of the fun; there was no question that Ingrid would be her chosen prey. 'Now then, are there any questions?'
   Ingrid raised her arm uncertainly. 'How - how much time do they have to find us?'
   'As much time as it takes. It could be a few minutes, or it could be all night.'
   'What if we don't want to be caught at all?' Ingrid had a vision of Heinrich and his particular tastes. She wouldn't want to be found by him.
Ilse smiled. 'That is highly unlikely. You will need to be extremely cunning to avoid the guests we have here tonight.' She knew Ingrid did not possess the required ruthless instinct to avoid detection; she would be the first to succumb, and Ilse had a fair amount of money riding on that judgement. 'However, if you are particularly ingenious you may, just, succeed. A real challenge will greatly enhance the enjoyment of our valuable guests, and that in turn will make me very, very happy.' She clapped her hands together twice. 'It is time for you to disperse.'
   Ingrid followed Eva for a while, hurrying to keep up with the girl who was obviously much more used to coping with the leg chains. Despite her efforts to keep up, it was not long before Eva had disappeared into the labyrinth of tall hedges and Ingrid stood alone and lost.
   'Please don't leave me on my own,' Ingrid called with a hushed voice, but there was no response. The night was still and dark, and she had to keep moving to counteract the chill. Ingrid was thoroughly dejected, and the thought of being hunted was not a pleasant one. Every now and then the maze was lit and warmed by torches. Self-preservation led her deeper and deeper into the green network of hedges, although where she was heading or what she was seeking she really did not know. She was drifting aimlessly and hoping an idea would spring to mind.
   Someone would now be stalking her, creeping from hedge to hedge, tiptoeing along the darkened paths, hunting her like an animal, and the thought kept her on the move. Ingrid turned one corner after another, getting more and more disorientated, knowing that whoever caught her could do anything he liked. Perhaps if she could hide somewhere until dawn her pursuer would give up.
   Suddenly the hedges seemed to swamp her and claustrophobia gripped her throat and threatened to suffocate her. She panicked, braking into a run, and gratefully burst into a small alcove. The extra space immediately made her feel better and she breathed the fresh crisp air deeply. A torch warmed the alcove, and she sat on a stone bench to quietly regain her composure. If she wanted to remain undetected she would firstly need to remove the leg chains, but a quick examination confirmed there was no chance of that; they would be impossible to unlock without the key. A safe hiding place was looking more and more like her only chance. She looked around the small area. There was nowhere obviously suitable, but she might be able to squeeze herself beneath the stone bench. Hope lifted her spirits as she got down on all fours and started to edge her way under. The bench was low, but she had almost made it into safe concealment when a sinister voice froze her blood.
   'Found you, my little lovely.'
   Ingrid squealed with dismay as a cold pair of hands gripped her calves and dragged her out from the sanctuary of the stone furniture. The unseen assailant lifted and held her tight, and she groaned with dismay as she felt something already hard forcing his trousers between her leather-clad buttocks. Her feet hovered above the grass, flailing between his open legs. A hand held her crudely between the thighs and another closed over her left breast.
   'And what are you, my little lovely?' he hissed, slightly out of breath from the exertion.
   'I - I'm a cat of some sort.'
   'Oh dear, that's a shame.' His tone was unflappable, with a cruel edge that made Ingrid tremble. She thought she knew the voice, but in her confusion she couldn't place it. 'I'm looking for the she-wolf. Have you any idea where she could be?'
   Ingrid shook her head. 'No... I'm sorry.'
   Without warning the man wrestled her down to the chilled grass, sat astride her stomach and held her leather-clad wrists in a vice-like grip. She looked up at the shadow looming over her, but with the torch burning over his shoulder she was unable to see any features. His silhouette suggested he was fairly thin, and a little light reflected off what looked to be a bald head. 'Please...' she whispered, trying to twist her wrists free.
   'My, my,' leered the shadow, 'you are a little beauty, aren't you? It would be such an awful shame to waste you. I could never forgive myself; one doesn't stumble across an opportunity like this too often.'
   'But you're supposed to be looking for Eva. Ilse said it wasn't allowed—'
   Before Ingrid could finish reminding the man of the rules he had pulled her wrists together and pinned them to the grass above her head with one wiry hand. 'Never mind what Ilse said.' He tapped the tip of her nose with a condescending finger. 'If you're a good girl I won't tell her of your little indiscretion.'
   'What do you mean—?' but her sense of injustice was cut short as knuckles brushed her breasts, followed by a fumbling against the leather basque which she knew to be his trousers being opened. 'You shouldn't be doing this,' she whispered.
   'Let me be the judge of that,' came the controlled reply.
   Fingers entwined in her hair and lifted her head as the shadow shuffled forward and squashed her breasts. Her lips touched something stiff yet soft. Ingrid hated the unknown person, and yet an inexplicable excitement tingled through her body like an electric shock.
   'Open wide,' urged the voice. 'I'm sure you know what to do. And I'm sure you'll do it very nicely for me.'
   Ingrid was torn between the fear of becoming an accessory in breaking the rules stipulated by Ilse, and the sudden and inexplicable desire to feel the erect penis in her mouth. Being pinned down and unable to escape the column of flesh prodding against her lips was stirring an arousal she had never before dreamed of. 'Go on,' coaxed the anonymous man, 'you know you want to.'
   Ingrid hesitated, and then her moist lips peeled open. The man sighed as he slid inside. The buttons of his trousers touched her cheek and his heat swamped her. His thighs tensed around her breasts, and then the fingers in her hair drew her back until the large helmet plopped out and bobbed against her chin.
   'Very nice,' said the shadow hoarsely. 'And again,' and Ingrid closed her eyes and sucked deeply as the cock smoothly re-entered. It was huge, and stretched her lips. 'My, you are a clever girl,' encouraged the man. 'No show me what you can do.' Ingrid licked the thick vein on the underside and drew the column to the back of her throat. She lay inert as the man began to glide her head back and forth. Her saliva lubricated him and made his passage ever easier. Her jaw ached beautifully. 'Much more of this and I'll come in your pretty little mouth,' croaked the man. He shuddered above her, and for some reason she desperately wanted to taste his offering. The bizarre surroundings and the cold air on her skin were momentarily forgotten. She hummed her own encouragement for him to come; she no longer cared, so turned on was she by the illicit encounter. Her thighs rubbed together instinctively to heighten the pleasure she was feeling. The leg chain chinked and confirmed her delicious helplessness, but just as she prepared to have her mouth flooded the man pulled her head back and left her searching blindly for the source of her wanting. She groaned her frustration.
   'Not just yet, my little kitten,' breathed the man.
   He shuffled back onto her stomach and her head sank to the ground. The hand pinning her wrists let go, but Ingrid remained as she was, not caring to move. Fingers found the leather cups of the basque and peeled them down. The night air draped across her bare breasts and her nipples instantly stiffened. The hot column rested between her fleshy mounds and the hands wrapped them around it. The man started to move back and forth. The helmet nudged her throat and left a sticky trail on her skin. The breathing above her became more urgent. Her fingers clenched and unclenched in the grass. She wanted to feel his hot seed seep into her cleavage. Nothing mattered any more but her desire for him to erupt on her. She was stunned by the intensity of her own depraved craving.
   'You like that, don't you?' goaded the stranger.
   'Yesss...' she confessed softly.
   'Do you want me to ejaculate on you?'
   Ingrid nodded. 'Yesss...'
   He thrust more urgently, making love to her breasts. Ingrid held her breath and waited... but then he moved again and she writhed wantonly as he squirmed between her thighs. 'Well, I'm not going to,' he teased. 'I have a much better idea than that.' Her leather panties were pulled aside and her thighs were eased apart as far as the chain at her ankles would allow. As he lowered himself his trousers rubbed her inner thighs.
   'No - I don't think we should—' but the breath was snatched from her lungs and her words drifted up into the still night as he sank down and entered her with practised cunning. Ingrid whimpered at the shock and delight of the powerful penetration. Lips latched onto her exposed throat and sucked as though trying to drain the very life from her body. An icy grip clamped her wrists again while the other hand squirmed beneath her to cup and lift her grinding bottom. His clothes agitated her stiff nipples. He began to fuck her with staccato stabs of his hips. She yearned to lock her stockinged legs around her unknown lover's back to squeeze his turgid cock as deep as possible. 'Please—' she begged impotently, 'undo the chain. Let me feel you deeper.'
   'I can't do that,' he panted against the soft upper slopes of her breasts. 'I don't have the right key. Only your hunter can release you. Besides, fucking you like this makes you even tighter than you really are.'
   Ingrid groaned and rolled her head from side to side in her frustration. She arched her back and her aching nipple was sucked into a greedy wet mouth. Only the backs of her hands, her head and shoulders, and her heels retained contact with the ground. She was like a taut human bridge, while he fed on her breasts as though he hadn't eaten for days. The hand mauling her buttocks moved and a finger pressed urgently against her rear opening. Ingrid begged for more, and as the finger forced the leather panties into her bottom she felt the cock explode into her depths. Tears of ecstasy rolled down her cheeks, but as her own release rushed forward the man spurted again and then quickly withdrew. Ingrid reached up to hold him close but her hands clutched thin air. She opened her eyes and saw the silhouette standing over her, apparently adjusting its clothing whilst gazing down at her slumped body. It was talking to her, complimenting her on the dexterity of her mouth and on being such an accomplished fuck, but she wasn't really listening. She felt cheated and empty; still teetering on the edge of her orgasm.
   She closed her eyes to clear her somersaulting mind, and when she opened them again the man had slipped away like a phantom. Silence crowded in on her...

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