Perfect Slave

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Perfect Slave
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ISBN:  9781901388305
Author:  Becky Bell
Pages:  239
Binding:  Paperback



Greg did not reply. He climbed onto the bed and knelt at her side. His eyes were focussed on her neat, pert buttocks, the white satin panties stretched tautly across them. He leant forward and took hold of the waistband of the panties, and pulled them down until they banded the top of her thighs, leaving her bottom bare.
   'This is what I've always wanted to do,' he said. The tone of his voice sounded angry, as though he was cross with himself for allowing this fantasy to escape.
   Andrea sensed what he was going to do a fraction of a second before he lifted his arm and brought the palm of his hand down with a resounding smack on her left buttock. Almost immediately he raised his hand again and delivered an even more stinging stroke to the right.
   'Lovely red arse,' he said through gritted teeth.

Andrea Hamilton has a secret sexual fantasy. She has never confessed to anyone that she dreams of being a slave, of being bound and whipped and made to obey her master's every whim. Not until she meets Charles Darrington Hawksworth.

Hawksworth has just taken over the company she works for, and she finds herself drawn to him. On his vast estate he has created a world of submission and bondage, a world where Andrea's dreams come true. The reality proves countless times more exciting than the fantasy, and Charles has soon introduced her to a whole range of new depravities, including sex with the beautiful lesbian who runs the estate for him.

But soon Andrea must choose between life as a slave or a return to her life as a computer professional. So will she decide to become Hawksworth's perfect slave?
Hawksworth looked into her eyes. He raised a hand and cupped her breast, just as he had done in the dining room. Andrea felt a wave of emotion. She'd been totally entranced from the moment she set eyes on him. He affected her more deeply than any man ever had, and now, for the very first time, they were alone together.
   'Master,' she said breathily, needing to say the word and hoping he would not object to her speaking out of turn.
   'So needy,' he said.
   He raised his hand to the plunge of the tight tube dress and pulled it, and the strapless bra, down over her breasts. He stared at them, the flesh quivering, the nipples as tight as knots. Three or four red stripes were visible crisscrossing the soft flesh.
   'He whipped them, didn't he?'
   'Yes, master.'
   Hawksworth flicked the tip of the whip against her left nipple, then ran it down over the bunched material of the dress. He trailed the lashes against her inner thigh, above the elasticated welt of the hold-ups.
   'It's neat, isn't it? I have a need to dominate, and you have a need to be dominated. A perfect match.'
   He pushed the handle of the whip up between her legs. It nestled against her labia and she gasped as it crushed her swollen clitoris.
   'So sensitive. That is the emotion. Sex is not just a physical thing. It is dependent on emotional need. This is your emotional need, isn't it Andrea?'
   'Oh yes, master.' She tried to squirm her body so she'd be closer to him, sticking her breasts out, the metal bar swaying forward. Her clitoris was throbbing violently.
   He walked around her. His hand caressed her buttocks with such tenderness she felt a whole new wave of emotion sweeping over her. He wanted her. He cared for her. That thought was totally intoxicating. For a second she even felt his finger run down between her labia.
   'Have you ever been buggered?' he asked.
   'No, master.' Her labia trembled as she felt his finger slide between them.
   'How interesting.'
   He pulled his finger away. She heard the heavy velvet rustle as he raised his arm.
   Swish! The whip cut down across her arse. Instead of one single line of searing pain the lashes created six or seven simultaneously, each one like countless needle pricks. Andrea gasped.
   'Thank you, master, please may I have another?' he said, obviously meaning her to repeat it. It was what she'd heard Julia say.
   'Thank you, master, please may I have another?' she intoned immediately.
   'You may.'
   Thwack! The next strokes came in such quick succession she had no time to repeat the litany he'd taught her. There were four, each making her buttocks explode with pain. But she knew the pain wouldn't last. In seconds her body twisted it into fiery pleasure, the fact that it was her master's own hand applying the punishment making it that much more piquant.
   'Thank you, master, please may I have another?' she managed, the moment the onslaught stopped.
   Thwack! Three more strokes in quick succession. One cut higher, rendered mainly ineffective by the material bunched around her waist. The other two were much lower, striking her thighs, the lashes curling inward and nipping her vulnerable sex.
   'Thank you, master…' she began, but before she could finish the whip was back. This time he seemed to be angling upward so that knotted leather lashed her sex directly. A new pain lanced through her body. She found herself struggling against the bonds, futilely trying to pull her legs together and free her hands. The chains that held the metal bar clanked noisily, the fact that she could not escape dramatically increasing her arousal.
   'No!' she screamed as the second stroke lashed against her inner thighs.
   'Don't say no unless you mean it. No, in this house, has very unpleasant consequences.' He pressed his body into her back and whispered in her ear. 'Shall I continue?'
   'Oh yes, yes master, please master.' She knew what he meant, of course. If she refused to cooperate she would be sent away. She couldn't bare the thought of that. Especially as her sex was now tingling with a new pleasure like nothing she had ever felt before.
   'Three more. Count them.'
   Thwack! The whip coiled up between her legs, but this time the pain was muted, the multiple lashes that cut into the tender flesh only seeming to increase the strength of the pleasure coursing through it.
   'One,' Andrea counted.
   The second was the hardest yet, the lashes curling up to her anus. She felt her sphincter contract reflexively.
   The whip whistled as it lashed up between her legs again. One of the knots seemed to catch her right on the clit, causing a momentary explosion of pain that turned instantly to the hottest, most penetrating pleasure, her whole body feeling the impact.
   'Three,' she managed to gasp. That stroke set her nerves on edge. She could feel the familiar sensations gathering in her body. She looked down at herself, her breasts thrusting out of the tube dress so lewdly, her legs bound and spread, and that only amplified her arousal. She was helpless, completely vulnerable. Why was that so exciting? It was the tightest bondage she had yet experienced and was adding fuel to the fire consuming her senses.
   Desperately she tried to relax, but neither her mind nor her body would let her. Her mind was telling her that Hawksworth must really care for her to want to be alone with her and administer her punishment personally. Her body was alive with sensation, the tails of the whip having created numerous new areas of sensitivity, each throbbing as wildly as her clit.
   Hawksworth had made it quite clear that she was not allowed to come without permission. Tonight the master had given her special treatment. If she repaid him with disobedience what would his response be? It might be days before she was allowed to see him again. He might even send her away. She tried to hang on to that thought as a way of cooling her ardour, but it was only partially successful.
   Hawksworth dropped the whip to the floor. Andrea heard a rustle of the robe and suddenly felt his hands wrapping around her body. They cupped her breasts, squashing them and pulling her back to him. Her superheated bottom butted against his comparatively cool belly, his fully erect cock pressing into the cleft of her buttocks. He bucked his hips and she felt his phallus push inward. She could feel it sliding between her labia, their wetness making it instantly slippery. His cock was hot and she could feel it pulsing.
   This development gave a new twist to her spiral of excitement. She was so close to orgasm now she knew if he pushed into her cunt she would come and there was nothing she would be able to do to stop him.
   He turned his head so his mouth was against her ear, and twisted his tongue into the inner whorls, making her flesh pimple. At the same time she felt him buck his hips back again and his glans nestled against the puckered star of her anus.
   He's going to bugger me, she thought, and almost before she could react to the realisation she felt him pressing forward. Her sphincter resisted, then gave way and an uncomfortable pain wracked her body. But it didn't last long. In seconds it was replaced by an equally strong sensation of the most ecstatic pleasure. He had not penetrated far, but she felt her anus clenching around his glans as if trying to suck him in deeper. But there was no time.
   Hawksworth threw his head back and came, his cock jerking violently in the tight confines of her rear passage, his spunk erupting into her. Andrea was able to feel every jet of it, its heat and wetness creating all sorts of new sensations in the place where no man had ever been before. She too started to orgasm the moment he ejaculated, each new spurt of semen creating a new torrent of delight. It seemed to go on forever, the fact that her body was bound so tightly somehow holding the orgasm in too, trapping it in her senses, like a thunderstorm trapped in a canyon, the thunder always coming around again.
   It was only the feeling of his softening cock being squeezed out of her anus by an involuntary contraction that brought Andrea back to reality, and the consequences of what she had done.
   'I'm sorry, master, I'm so sorry,' she muttered, knowing that even saying this was wrong.
   'Shhh…' he hushed. He moved in front of her, wrapping the robe around his body. 'It doesn't matter.' He stooped slightly and kissed her on the cheek so tenderly Andrea thought she was going to cry.
   'You're very special, Andrea. A lot of the girls have rebelled at the raffle. You were perfect. It must have been hard for you, with Edward.'
   'Yes, master, it was a little.'
   'I have to go away for a few days. You must obey Laurie as you would obey me. You understand that, don't you?'
   'Yes, master.'
   'When I come back it will be time to take you to the next stage. I think you're ready now. Don't do anything to change my mind.'
   'No, master.' Andrea wanted to ask how long he would be away, but dare not. She did not want to spoil the mood that seemed to have been created between them. Instead she wanted to wallow in it.
   Hawksworth walked to the door. He opened it, took one last look at Andrea, and then left her alone.
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Monday, 14 February 2011  | 

Make sure your alone when you read this. You may have to stop every so often. Could not put this down until I finished it. GREAT!

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