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A Private Performance

A Private Performance£3.99

Within an hour of setting foot inside Malestone House, Jessica realises she has made a mistake...

Chains of Liberation

Chains of Liberation£3.99

Jennifer meets an experienced Disciplinarian and discovers the world of BDSM...

Devil's Paradise

Devil's Paradise£3.99

Armand Tertius, scourge of the Caribbean, introduces Lady Romilly to pain and pleasure...

Elizabeth's Education - The Inheritance

Elizabeth's Education - The Inheritance£3.99

Elizabeth is facing the one year anniversary of having been collared by Lord Michael...

Eroticon 1

Eroticon 1£3.99

This volume provides the connoisseur with the flavour of a dozen forbidden works.

Eroticon 2

Eroticon 2£3.99

Like its companion volumes, these texts present three centuries of erotic writing.

Eroticon 3

Eroticon 3£3.99

From the harems of the Pashas, to the boudoir of a Parisian libertine, to a French nunnery...

Eroticon 4

Eroticon 4£3.99

In Eroticon 4 you can meet more of the seducers and seduced from the great classics of erotica.

Eroticon Desires

Eroticon Desires£3.99

Eroticon Desires is a volume of erotic excerpts collected from more than a century of sensual writing.

Eroticon Dreams

Eroticon Dreams£3.99

Excerpts from a selection of classic erotic works from the past one hundred years and more.

Eroticon Fever

Eroticon Fever£3.99

Eroticon Fever is vivid sensual images drawn from a collection of the finest classical erotic writing.

Eroticon Heat

Eroticon Heat£3.99

Eroticon Heat is guaranteed to raise the temperature for all travellers in the wide world of erotica.

Eroticon Justice

Eroticon Justice£3.99

Tales of sensual crime and punishment, forbidden sexual discipline and dark desires.

Eroticon Secrets

Eroticon Secrets£3.99

Eroticon Secrets is a search for sensual stimulation in the best of erotic writing...

Eroticon Thrills

Eroticon Thrills£3.99

A cornucopia of titillation culled from the finest writing inspired by the sexual imagination.

Eroticon Voyeur

Eroticon Voyeur£3.99

From Fanny Hill to The Sex Files, here are the watchers and the watched - behaving very badly.

Fate's Victim

Fate's Victim£3.99

Will Angela find true love, despite the perverts and villains who pursue her mercilessly?

Flood Tide

Flood Tide£3.99

Rachel's aura of sensuality attracts those whose erotic intentions are not so innocent...

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