A Private Performance

A Private Performance
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ISBN:  9781780802381
Author:  Carol Anderson
Word Count:  80,588
Format:  eBook



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It seemed that sometime during the night Harry had taken off her blindfold and untied her wrists, although her shoulders and buttocks still ached from having been secured to the bed and horsewhipped. She stared into the darkness until her eyes could pick out details in the shadowy room...

Within an hour of setting foot inside Malestone House, Jessica Harper realises she has made a mistake. A shy young schoolmistress still pining for the fiancé she lost in the Great War, Jessica has agreed to spend Christmas with an uninhibited group of strangers. When she discovers her host, Jack Heally, making love to a naked woman in the next room, she decides to leave.

But the next morning Jessica has a change of heart. The sensual atmosphere at Malestone is infectious. And - she cannot deny it - the sight of the devastatingly handsome Jack embracing the other woman has lit a sexual spark within her. A spark she years to fan into flame...

Jack had looked in the stables, the bedrooms, and every public room he could think of. He was growing increasingly frantic, wondering if Stolworthy had somehow managed to persuade Jessica to leave Malestone. Out beyond the confines of the estate, Jack had no say, no jurisdiction over what Stolworthy might or might not have in mind. At least if Jessica was still in the house, he had the chance to convince her that Harry Stolworthy was up to no good. He didn't dwell too long on his own motives.
   In a strange way, he thought, as he finished the final search through the rooms on the ground floor, he had a desire to protect Jessica's innocence, which struck him as amusing in view of the fact that he had wanted to seduce her himself.
   Over Christmas, Malestone would be awash with every sexual excess imaginable, but at least the other guests knew exactly what was to be expected and were happy to consent. Jessica was different.
   Jack headed off towards the green baize door that separated the servants' quarters from the rest of the house.
   The difference was, he realised with a start, that he actually cared about Jessica's welfare. He grinned ruefully - his concern was out of character. Perhaps Alice was right: he was obsessed with Jessica Harper. On the back stairs he met his butler who was carrying an empty silver salver.
   Jack had inherited a great many of the household staff from his father, the butler amongst them. The old man looked at him with an imperious glance. It had only been in the last few years that the old man had stopped referring to him as Master Jack.
   'How may I help you, sir?' he said, in his low, beautifully modulated voice.
   Jack grimaced. 'I wonder if you have seen Miss Harper and Mr Stolworthy. Miss Harper—' He stopped, seeing a flash of comprehension in the butler's eyes.
   'The young lady who is helping Miss Fallon?'
   Jack nodded.
   The old man allowed himself a tiny uncharacteristic smile. 'Her young man asked if there was somewhere they could be alone. He said you'd told him about the crystal room, so I gave him directions and had one of the maids go up and light a fire for them.'
   Jack stared at the butler in disbelief. He had no recollection of telling Stolworthy about the room in the old part of the house and certainly hadn't given him permission to use it. Without a word, he turned and headed back into the main house. He knew all about the crystal room and its secrets - he wondered just how much Stolworthy knew.
   Along the corridor from the crystal room was a small, insignificant door that appeared to lead into a linen cupboard. Those who knew the secret were aware that this in turn led into another room. The hidden room was dominated by a large sheet of glass - the back of the ornate mirror in the crystal room - which offered the viewer a portal into the room beyond.
   It had been here that Jack had seen his first sexual performance. No more than a schoolboy, he had watched in awe as his father had seduced endless men and women. Now, the icy fury in his veins making him tremble, he opened the door into the linen cupboard and stepped inside.
   After a few seconds, when his eyes had accustomed themselves to the gloom, he found the door that led into the viewing room beyond. He was not alone. In the comfortable chairs arranged around the mirror he could pick out at least half a dozen faces of the guests he had invited to Malestone. He took a deep breath and looked out beyond the glass.
   What he saw made him gasp. He couldn't make a scene in front of his houseguests and wondered, furiously, when Stolworthy had invited them to observe Jessica's seduction. He doubted that Jessica knew what was going on and didn't want to contemplate how she would feel if she knew she had an audience.
   Naked, except for her stockings and shoes, she was standing in front of the mirror - and looked magnificent. For an instant she appeared to catch his eye and Jack wondered fleetingly if she knew he was there. He dismissed the thought as it formed.
   Picked out in candlelight, her naked body was as sleek as a wild cat. Behind her Stolworthy's eyes glinted with satisfaction as he had her turn this way and that, as if he wanted her to revel in her nakedness. In the tense atmosphere in the little room behind the glass, the select audience murmured their approval of the choice morsel on display.
   Jessica's stunning nakedness was accentuated by Harry's being dressed. Jack watched with a mixture of indignation and envy as Stolworthy ran a proprietorial hand over his prize. His fingers worked over her breasts, sliding down over her plump quim, opening it to reveal a sliver of the moist folds within. Jessica curled and stretched against his touch, her whole body delighting in his attentions. Every time she attempted to move away from the mirror's cold eye, Harry artfully guided her back.
   Jack realised Stolworthy must have already searched the room. As he stroked Jessica, he looked up towards the ceiling. Jack stiffened, knowing exactly what it was Harry was looking for. Set in the ceiling rose was a long bar, not unlike a trapeze, that was lowered and raised by a fine chain linked to the bed.
   Harry, leaving Jessica entranced by her own reflection, unhooked the chain and lowered the bar. Hanging from it were sets of lined manacles, which Jack had seen his father use time and again. He saw Jessica turn with surprise as the chain rattled and then saw her stiffen anxiously.

'Harry?' Jessica said, in surprise.
   Harry Stolworthy extended a hand in invitation. 'Come over here, my love,' he said quietly.
   Jessica stared at the bar with its little leather cuffs. Her stomach contracted as she felt a mix of fear and surprise. 'I don't think I want to do this,' she murmured thickly.
   Harry grinned. 'Why not?'
   He traced a finger across the leather straps with the same tenderness and intimacy that seconds before he had used on her body. As if some part of her could still feel the caress, she shivered.
   'I'm afraid.'
   Harry shook his head. 'No need to be afraid. I won't hurt you, I promise. Just let me show you all the things that I have to share.'
   He held out his hand again and she instinctively stepped closer. He took her wrist, and before she had time to think, he pulled the leather strap tight and fastened the buckle.
   'Let go,' he murmured. 'Don't think, just trust me.'
   Even as he spoke, he was tightening the second strap. She looked up at him, feeling the panic growing alongside the passion in her belly. As he stepped away to pull on the thin chain she realised she was completely helpless.
   'Harry—' she began, panic rising inside her. Her fear seemed to wipe away the effects of the wine she had had at lunch. Cold sober she stared at him, wondering what would follow.
   He looked over his shoulder as he fixed the chain back onto its hook. She saw the expression in his eyes as he took in the details of her exposure. The look was electrifying and silenced her protest. Harry slowly raised the chain a little more, until she was just able to stand comfortably, arms lifted high above her head. Every part of her was exposed and vulnerable.
   Smiling, he turned back towards her. 'You look quite exquisite,' he murmured, running his hands over her breasts. 'Quite, quite lovely.'

Behind the glass, Jack held his breath, wondering what would happen next. Around him the invited guests murmured their approval.
   The bar was set at an angle to the mirror so that the watchers could see every movement, every caress. Stolworthy began to kiss Jessica. Their kisses were intense and Jack realised with a start that Jessica was as eager as Harry was. The girl was relishing every touch, as Harry's hands moved over her body, exploring, dipping a finger into the wet folds of her quim. She writhed against him, seeking out his fingers.
   Jack moved closer to the glass, mesmerised by Jessica's raw sexuality, as slowly Stolworthy's kisses worked lower and lower, nipping at her skin, lapping at her nipples, making her fight against her restraints in her pursuit of pleasure.
   Finally, Stolworthy sank to his knees, two fingers spreading the lips of her quim. The scarlet bead of her clitoris jutted forward and she thrust out her hips, chasing his tongue. Stolworthy grinned, moving away, making her work and beg for every touch.
   A trickle of sweat broke out between Jessica's breasts as she strained to reach out to him. Stolworthy's fingers slipped inside her as his lips closed around her quim.
   Jessica's eyes snapped shut and she threw back her head, grinding her hips against his face.
   Jack, the pulse hammering in his chest, could barely breathe. Jessica had given herself over to Harry Stolworthy, surrendering to his every whim, offering herself up for his pleasure.
   As Jessica's excitement began to mount, Jack saw something moving in the corner of the room. Silently the doors to the crystal room opened and one of the Haywood twins made his way across the room. Unaware of what was going on behind her, Jessica writhed and gasped under Harry's ministrations. The twin slipped noiselessly out of his clothes and Jack held his breath as the boy, as lithe and beautiful as any woman, stepped across towards the mirror.
   Jack sensed the instant when Jessica was aware of the boy behind her. She froze, eyes alight with fear. The boy stepped closer, his magnificent pierced cock jutting forward like a lance, and embraced her. Before she could protest, his hands circled her and cupped her breasts.
   Stolworthy returned his attention to her sex, nuzzling deep inside, tongue licking and probing. Meanwhile, the twin murmured soft words of encouragement and rubbed his torso up against Jessica's naked back.
   Jack could sense her reluctance being overwhelmed by the sheer wealth of sensations. With a single movement, the twin eased his cock between Jessica's legs and Jack saw Harry Stolworthy draw its engorged purple head into his mouth, lapping at the glittering silver ring that hung from his foreskin.
   Every caress was shared by both Jessica and the twin. The tableau was stunning. The three lovers began to move in harmony. Jessica, eyes firmly closed, was close to her climax. Jack could see the tension in her face as her breasts heaved up and down. He wished that it was him bringing her closer and closer to that explosive, all-consuming moment. His own cock throbbed like an aching tooth.

Jessica began to sob, overcome by the sheer intensity of what she felt. Behind her, pressing against her back, the twin's flesh felt like molten gold. His cock brushed against the outer lips of her sex, Harry's tongue echoing and intensifying every thrust. Just as she thought she couldn't take any more, Harry stepped back.
   She could have screamed.
   'Please,' she begged. 'Please don't stop now.'
   Behind her she could feel the twin was seconds away from joining her. Harry grinned slyly and undid the chain so that her arms were lowered.
   She had been held up for so long that she fell forward. The twin caught hold of her around the waist, but not before his cock brushed up against her backside. Jessica gasped as she felt the crown of his shaft nuzzle at the forbidden closure between her buttocks.
   Harry grabbed the bar and took her weight, bending her double, easing her onto all fours. The twin dipped his finger into her quim and then drew the thick juices back up towards her anus. She tried to wriggle away, but was caught by the unexpected pleasure his touch created. While her mind screamed out in protest her body opened like a flower to the twin's knowing touch.
   In front of her, Harry undid his flies and freed his huge arcing cock. He let it brush her cheek and then guided it towards her mouth. Her instinct was to suck him deep inside. Her tongue caressed the delicate sheath of flesh that covered the head and he rewarded her with a long throaty moan.
   Behind them, the twin continued his assault on the tight bud of her backside. His fingers brought more and more of her juices up to smooth his path. Each time he touched her she felt a shard of fear and excitement roar through her. His other hand circled her belly, moving lower, seeking out her clitoris.
   As he found it, she pushed back against him and was stunned to feel his cock breech the tight, dark puckering above her sex. She gasped in astonishment, her fear coming out as a sob along the contours of Harry's shaft.
   What she felt was overwhelming; the tightness and pressure was offset by an explosion of pleasure that ricocheted through her like a lightning strike. As they began to move the boy's fingers slid inside her sex and she felt it contract hungrily around him.
   As if she had lit a fuse within each of the men, Harry suddenly strained forward, flooding her mouth with his seed and the twin let out a wild hungry sob and plunged deep inside her. Seconds later, she felt the compulsive throb of his orgasm and screamed out with a mixture of fear, and pain, and pure, white hot passion as he plunged deeper still with cock and fingers.
   Falling forward, she thought she might lose consciousness as the final eddies of excitement rippled through her. Rolling over, letting the twin slip out from inside her, she glanced up at Harry and saw again the expression of triumph on his handsome, flushed features. To her surprise he leant across her and planted a delicate kiss on the twin's open mouth.

In the room beyond the mirror, Jack Heally shook his head in disbelief, still in the no man's land between anger and envy. Jessica Harper was stunning, her passion far in excess of anything he could ever have imagined. As a few more seconds passed, while Harry tenderly kissed the twin, the revelation was replaced by a renewed conviction that he had to find a way to get Jessica away from Harry Stolworthy.

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