Eroticon 1

Eroticon 1
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ISBN:  9781780800370
Author:  J-P Spencer
Word Count:  79,204
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No sooner had Harriet left the room than Richard seized her shift and plunged his face to it, breathing in the subtle perfume which clung in the soft linen creases. All at once he heard a step behind him. 'I saw you, you sensual, wicked boy!'
   'Miss...' he mumbled, as if drunk with the sense of his own subjection.
   Gently she picked up her shift, folded it once to make a gag of it, and bound it around his mouth and nose. The filminess of the material did not hinder his breathing, but every breath taken was as if from between her thighs. 'Richard, do not mistake this for a caress! This is a punishment, a shameful punishment. I shall inflict it on you whenever I have whipped you well. Now back over my knee with you! I am going to beat you again...'

Eroticon 1, and its array of people, practices and settings, is a volume of selected works which provide the connoisseur of classical erotica with the essence of a number of illicit works.

This uncensored compilation includes excerpts from such infamous works as The Amatory Adventures of a Surgeon, the salacious adventures of an unprincipled doctor; The English Governess, a story of infatuation between a young man and his governess; and My Secret Life, the most renowned of all erotic memoirs.

It is one of the requirements of society that the feminine portion of it should wear, at least to outward gaze, the semblance of virtue; yet there is nothing in female human nature which is more difficult to adhere to.
   Among the males, society tolerates vice of all kinds, which does not actually bring the perpetrator within the pale of the law; but with woman, one false step - nay, the very breath of slander - is sufficient to cast her, a degraded being without the pale of its magic circle.
   Can we picture a more pitiable position than that of a young woman, in the prime of her youth and beauty, condemned to await in silence the adventure of the opposite sex, with the knowledge that the person whom she is prevailed upon at last to accept may, after all, turn out to be an impostor, totally disqualified for performing those functions that are necessary to the happiness of married life.
   We medical men are not ignorant of the secret pangs and unruly desires that consume the bashful virgin, and that piety with its ordinances prevents her from finding a safe vent for. We have often the means of tracing all the passionate thoughts, and sometimes the secret wanton doings, of those whom kind society has condemned to disease, rather than to allow nature to take its own proper course and allay those symptoms so detrimental to young girls.
   Who shall say how many victims have been sacrificed on the altar of mock modesty for fear that the disgrace of the only natural cure for their complaint should blast their characters?
   I have alluded to the circumstances which have come to my knowledge from time to time, with reference to the expedients made use of to allay those raging fires which in too many cases prematurely exhaust the constitutions of our young women; and one of these cases will suffice to prove how ingenious are the designs to cheat society of its whimsical requirements.
   A young lady, not yet eighteen years of age, was under my care for a complaint of the bladder, in which the symptoms denoted the presence of calculus, or stone. An operation became necessary, which the patient underwent with unexampled fortitude.
   I could not conceal a suspicion from the first that the young girl could, if she choose, enlighten us to the nature of the case; but strange to say, she absolutely preferred to submit to a painful and dangerous operation, with the knowledge that death might possibly ensue, rather than render us any information which might lead to a correct conclusion.
   The operation was performed successfully. A mass of calculus was removed, and as these formations never take place without something to build up a 'nucleus,' we began to search.
   We recommended the usual examination, only to discover that the formation had for its nucleus a hairpin, which must have been introduced by the fair hands of the young patient herself, doubtless not without a sufficient covering to render the insertion tolerably agreeable.
   The result was that the inexperienced girl had allowed the hairpin to become disengaged, and instead of getting into the entrance she had intended, it had slipped into the urethra, and thence into the bladder, from whence the very nature of its shape had prevented its returning.
   This instance is only one of a number I could give my readers, illustrative of the shifts young ladies are frequently driven to in order to satisfy, in secret and by illicit means those desires which they are prevented from openly exhibiting and which they dare not appease by nature's only fit and proper remedy, connection with the other sex.
   I have promised in these pages a faithful recital of events that, having befallen me, have left a sufficiently warm interest in their remembrance to entitle them to a place here; and true to this promise I am about to relate my adventure in the case of the sisters before alluded to.
   As I have already stated, they were daughters of an opulent resident in the town. They both inherited the pretty face and elegant form of their mother, who, when they were quite children, had committed them in her last hours to their father's paternal regard.
   I was the medical attendant of the family, and as such it fell to me to be depository of such little complaints as there two young beauties had to make.
   At the time I write, the elder was just sixteen.
   I had of late observed in her those usual indications of approaching puberty that disturb the imagination of young girls, and I knew from her symptoms that nature was working powerfully within her to establish her claim to be treated as a woman.
   One day on calling, I found that Mr H— had gone out hunting, and would not return until late in the evening. It was then four o'clock in the afternoon of a hot and close summer day. The two young creatures were alone, and received me with the modest grace so captivating to a young man.
   I stood and chatted until the time for paying my other visits had passed, and as none of them were pressing and could as well be paid the following day, I remained to tea.
   After tea the younger of the two girls complained of headache, and after a little while she went upstairs to lie down, leaving her sister to sustain the conversation.
I played the agreeable with all my powers of attraction. I gazed on her with longing eyes. My looks followed every movement of her body, and my wandering fancy drew an exquisite picture of all her concealed beauties.
   Gradually love grew into ardent desire - a desire so strong that I had some difficulty to keep my seat, while my rampant member stood beneath my trousers with the strength of a bar of iron.
   Each moment only served to increase my fever, while I fancied I observed an embarrassment on her part, which seemed to hint that she was not ignorant of the storm that raged within me. Innocent as she was, and all inexperienced in the ways of the world, nature stirred within her powerfully and doubtless whispered that there was some hidden fascination in my gaze, something wanting to content her.
   At length, tea things were sent away, and I could find no reasonable excuse to linger longer by the beautiful being who had so fiercely tempted me.
   I rose to go. She rose also. As she did so, a certain uneasiness in her manner assured me that she had something to communicate. I asked her if she felt unwell, pretending that I observed an unusual paleness on her lovely face.
   She said she had something to tell me, and proceeded to detail the usual symptoms of a first perception of the menses, which had occurred a few days previously and which had at first much alarmed her.
   I assured her on this subject, explained the cause, and promised relief. And on taking my departure I requested her to come to my house on the following day, and said I would then investigate her case.
   With what impatience I passed the interval may be easily imagined by any of my readers who have been similarly situated. But as the longest night must have at length an end, so did this, and morning broke to dispel the restless dreams of unruly passion that had held me enthralled.
   I anxiously awaited the time of my young patient's arrival, and my heart danced with joy as I heard her timid knock at my street door.
   She entered - heavens! how my prick stood - how beautiful she looked.
   I stand even now when I think of that sweet vision. Over a plain skirt of black silk she wore a mantle, such as becomes young ladies, with a neat little bonnet. Pale kid gloves set off her exquisite little hands, and I noticed that her feet were encased in boots any lady might have envied.
   I hastened to make her take a seat in my study. I entered fully into the particulars of her case. I found, as expected, that she was experiencing the full force of those sensations which were never intended to be borne without relief, a relief I was panting to administer.
   I told her of the cause of her own symptoms. I gradually explained their effects and, without shocking her modesty, I contrived to hint at the remedy.
   I saw she trembled as I did so, and fearful of overreaching my purpose, I broke off into a warm condemnation of that state of society that allowed such complaints to blast in secret the youth and beauty of young girls like herself.
   I went on to hint at the evident necessity there was for the medical man to supply those deficiencies that society left in the education of young ladies.
   I spoke of the honourable faith they maintained in such cases, and of the impossibility of anything entrusted to them ever becoming known.
   I saw that she was so innocent as to be ignorant of my purpose, and burning with lust, I determined to take advantage of her inexperience and to be the first to teach her that intoxicating lesson of pleasure which, like all roses, is not plucked without a thorn.
   I gradually drew near her. I touched her - she trembled. I passed an arm around her slender waist; the contact literally maddened me. I proceeded to liberties that to a more experienced girl could have left no doubt of my intention.
   Upon her my touches had only the effect of exciting more strongly within her breast those sensations of which she already complained.
   I was now fairly borne away by my passions, and throwing my arms round the innocent beauty, I covered her face and neck with fierce and humid kisses.
   She appeared to be overcome by her feelings, and seizing the moment, I lifted her like a child from her chair and placed her on a couch. I removed her bonnet and without meeting with any resistance from my victim, for contending emotion had rendered her all but senseless.
   I carefully raised up her clothes. As I proceeded, I unveiled beauties enough to bring the dead to life, and losing all regard for delicacy, I threw them over the bosom of the sweet girl. Oh, heavens! what a sight met my gaze as, slightly struggling to escape from my grasp, she disclosed fresh secrets.
   Everything now lay bare before me - her mossy recess, shaded by only the slightest silky down, presented to my view two full pouting lips of coral hue, while the rich swell of her lovely thighs served still further to inflame me.
   I could gaze no longer. Hiding her face with the upturned clothes, I hastily unbuttoned my trousers. Out flew my glowing prick, standing like a Carmelite's. I sank upon her body; she heaved and panted with vague terror. I brought my member close to the lips. I pushed forward, and as I did so, I opened with my trembling fingers the soft folds of her cunt.
   I repeated my thrusts. Oh, heavens! how shall I describe what followed? I gained a penetration. I was completely within the body of the dear girl.

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