Eroticon 3

Eroticon 3
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ISBN:  9781780800431
Author:  J-P Spencer
Word Count:  75,794
Format:  eBook



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'You, then, shall be my harem,' I said, rising. 'You, Cassim, should be lord of the lips.' The polite young officer came to my side and kissed me. 'You, Selim, are lord of the bosom.' He in turn caressed the bosom which peeped out of my bodice. 'And you, Akhbar, shall be lord of the thighs.'
   He kneeled before me and, raising my skirts, planted a kiss on the hairy sheath they concealed. His tongue parted the lips and a flush of desire mantled through me. 'Selim,' I gasped, 'undress me…'

Like its companion volumes, this sampler of libidinous texts presents a journey through the classics of erotic writing - from the harems of the Pashas (A Night in a Moorish Harem) to the licentious boudoir of a Parisian libertine (The Altar of Venus); from the heat of a Spanish beach (With Open Mouth) to the less than chaste devotions of a French nunnery (The Pleasures of Lolotte).

These extracts provide the reader with a flavour of each of the dozen featured works.

She is mine, soul and body. I have the delicious angel safe in my secret apartments in the convent, where uncontrolled I revel and feed upon her thrilling beauties. She came to my fierce embrace a blushing timid maid. Oh, Angelo, how delicious were the moments spent in unravelling the gordian knot of her coy chastity! How sweet to the ear was the soft cry that announced the expiration of her virginity. Angelo, (believe me when I write it), the very moment I saw the parlour grating close upon the lovely Mezzia on the afternoon she received the veil, a prophetic spirit whispered in mine ear, 'She is thine.' She is mine - only mine - wholly mine. Nearly the whole of last night was I voluptuously encircled by her wary limbs, her young budding breasts rapturously beating against my manly bosom, her glowing cheek fondly pressed to my burning kisses. Night of exquisite rapture! May it never be weakened in the tablet of memory!
   As I predicted, Angelo, for her attempt to escape from the convent, the austere Abbess of St. Ursuline immediately called a chapter to try this lovely disgrace to our holy religion. Her friends were notified of her infamous attempt, and in due time the trial took place, in the presence of her father, brother and other friends. Sister Sophia, the nun in whom my young pupil had misplaced her confidence, was the principal evidence against her. It appears before she was excluded from the world an attachment had subsisted between her and a young nobleman, whose name was the only thing Julia had not acquainted Sister Sophia with. As he luckily escaped in the confusion of securing Julia, he has nothing to fear. The poor girl had no defence. The detection was too public. What she urged in mitigation of her fault not only incensed the Abbess more and more against her, but absolutely caused her father and brother to deny and abandon her to her fate altogether.
   She publicly avowed that she was compelled to take the veil by her father and brother, and called on heaven to witness the truth of her assertion and protect her in her distress. Her father and brother fled the convent, venting curses on her, and she was condemned by the chapter to be buried alive. Oh, Angelo, how great was my joy at hearing this sentence. You are the only one of the order to whom I have communicated the fact of the existence of a subterraneous passage from my dormitory to the tomb of death in the convent of St. Ursuline. Guess with what impatience I waited the result of the case from Rome. The sentence of the chapter being confirmed, the following day was appointed for depositing the victim in the dreadful sepulchre. In the meantime I descended and conveyed by our subterraneous entrance a comfortable mattress and other conveniences, and I also cleaned out the dungeon of the filth and vermin, so that the tender girl should be able at least to sleep without interruption during the time I intended she should stay there; that you may be sure would be no longer than to make her thankful to surrender her person to my desires, to afford her in opportunity to escape death by starvation. I shall not disgust you with an account of the ceremony of forcing this young creature down the marble jaws of the tomb opened in the Ursuline Church. Suffice it to say that a rope of sufficient length was fixed firmly round her waist, then spite of her struggles and screams, she was carried and held over the dreadful opening, and then gradually lowered into the frightful abyss, her cries making the church echo, until the marble slab enclosed her, as it was supposed, from the world forever. I had placed by the side of the mattress sufficient provision to last her for a day, intending to leave her to reflection for about two or three days; by that time I had no doubt hunger and fear would have so reduced her that to escape from her horrid prison she would quickly submit to any terms I should propose.
   On the third day of her incarceration, after vespers, I took my dark lantern and again tried the subterraneous passage. On arriving at the secret entrance of the tomb I waited a considerable time ere I could ascertain whether she was awake. At last I was assured she slept. With caution I opened the door and silently approached the unconscious sleeper. Removing the shade off the light by degrees, I turned it on her face, fearing to awaken her by letting it flash instantly on her. Poor girl! How evident was the inroad of care and despair on her lovely countenance. She lay at her full length on the mattress, her head resting on her right arm, her beautiful tresses playing in confusion over her ivory neck, while the disorder of her veil only half concealed her young delicious breasts. Her cheeks still retained the evident traces of recent tears, and her slumbers were disturbed with the horrors of her situation, for unknowingly she uttered, 'Oh, Father, save me!' her whole frame becoming convulsed with the agony of even her dream. I could bear this no longer, but shading my light, coughed loud enough to break the bonds of sleep. 'What noise was that?' exclaimed the poor sufferer. 'I thought I heard someone move. Oh, no, it was the deception of my giddy brain. Alas, there is no hope for a wretch like me!' I seized this opportunity and slowly uttered the word 'Hope'. A faint scream, evidently mixed with pleasure, followed my response. After a few seconds' silence, she exclaimed, 'Oh, pray do not play with my wretchedness! If there is anyone near do not drive to despair a miserable girl!' 'Help is nigh,' was my reply. 'But let not joy deceive you with hopes that may not be fulfilled; your release from death depends entirely upon your submission to certain terms.' 'Oh, for heaven's sake name them,' she cried; 'keep me not thus in agonizing suspense, say what I am to do to save myself from the dreadful lingering anguish of famine I now so powerfully feel.' 'Listen,' I replied, 'the only terms upon which you can be released from this den of horrors and certain lingering death, is the entire submission of your person to my enjoyment; this is the only way you can be saved.' At this moment I unshaded my lamp, and let it reflect full on my face. She could not bear the light, and covered her eyes with her hands, but she did not answer. 'Come,' I cried, 'time wears apace; you must be quick in your resolves, for if I leave this dungeon your fate is fixed forever.' Still there was no answer. I again covered the lamp and solemnly said, 'Well then, farewell,' and moved from her as if I was leaving the tomb. 'Oh, save me,' she cried, believing I was going. 'Well then, you consent to submit to my desires - to every desire or request I choose to make?' 'Oh, yes, any, everything; save me from death, I will submit to anything.' 'Then you are saved,' I replied, approaching and taking her in my arms. Her soft lips I drew to mine, and sucking her perfumed breath I sealed our contract. I now told her it was sometimes the case that the Abbess would cause the marble covering to be removed off the tomb to point out to any disobedient nuns the punishment that might await them, therefore her clothes must be laid immediately under the opening that they might be seen. Should such an event occur, the depth of the tomb would prevent any possibility of ascertaining whether she was in them, else an immediate search might be made in the tomb, and perhaps her retreat eventually discovered, in which case the power of the Church would drag her back to her punishment. I again uncovered my lantern, and could clearly see her modesty struggling with her fears. Therefore I told her there must be no delay made. 'Come, come,' I cried, 'we must depart this moment; you must yield to the necessity of plucking off your habit.' She trembled, and said she could not think of being naked, with a confusion which made her look on the escape she was about to make as scarcely a recompense for the shame she must undergo. No doubt she would have debated the propriety of it, but I peremptorily cut her short by beginning to get rid of her dress by degrees, getting off one thing, then another, until she was wholly stripped of everything. For the trouble I took in her toilet I rewarded myself as I proceeded. I laid her dress at full length on the ground immediately under the opening of the vault, so that they could be plainly perceived from above, and bore the appearance of then covering a body. I first fixed a handkerchief round the eyes of Julia, then taking her round the waist, led her out of the vault. In a few minutes she was safe in my private apartments, where a table well laid out with every kind of refreshment awaited her. Carrying her to the sofa by the side of the table, I gently laid her on it, and taking off the bandage from her eyes, with a loving kiss assured her of her safety. Although I well knew she must have been suffering considerably from hunger at the time, still I could not refrain from indulging myself with a few moments toying with her young beauties ere I permitted her to satisfy Nature's wants. It is true as I conducted her through the subterraneous passage, every part of her delicate body had been felt by my eager hands, but that you know, Angelo, was in the dark. Now I had her in my arms, every charm exposed to the broad glare of day. The unrivalled whiteness of her skin was increased by the black velvet of the sofa on which she was laid. Quickly my daring hand seized upon her most secret treasures, regardless of her soft complaints, which my burning kisses reduced to mere murmurs, while my fingers penetrated into the covered way of love. How transporting is the combat between coy modesty and new born pleasure. How delicious appear the first blushes of shame on the snowy purity of the virgin's bosom. Ah! Angelo, do you not envy my joys? Guess how I dissolved as my lips wandered over her sweet body! How soft were her cries of 'Ah!' and 'Fie!' then a bright falling tear, but it was the tear of pleasure. Then she tried (but in vain) to remove my hand, whilst her closed eyes clearly told of the soft languor gently creeping on her senses. I scarcely knew how to account for my not having at that moment exacted my recompense for saving her from the jaws of death. But I did not. I suddenly desisted, and raising her from the position I had held her in, drew the table towards the couch, desired she would assist herself to what she thought fit, and left the apartments. In my bedroom I had some fine chemises, one of which I brought her and assisted to put it on; it was quite large enough, but of course it was no defence to my curious hands, which I could easily slip to any part of her I pleased. However, I did not interrupt her during the repast, but attended to her wants, with the greatest care, forcing her to take two or three glasses of mulled wine, which was already prepared. As the cravings of her appetite were appeasing, mine were every minute growing more furious. Seeing she had finished, although she pretended still to be eating, I gently encircled my arm round her neck; I drew this soft, languishing sighing, and nearly fainting beauty to my bosom; then fixing upon her humid lips a long, burning kiss, I nearly sucked her life away. Whilst occupied in this sweet employment, I loosened the cord which kept the gown tight around me, and told her I then intended to reap the reward for the service I had rendered her.
   The poor affrighted maid pleaded hard for a moment's pause, and weeping, strove to persuade me to spare her innocence - said much in defence of virtue's laws. But I took her into my arms, and then began the soft, contention preparatory to the fierce fight. How delicious was the glow upon her beauteous neck and bare ivory shoulders, as I forced her on her back on the couch. With what joy as in the full tide of vigour I divided her swelling thighs. Quickly was the unspotted maid placed in that position which I vowed never to permit her to rise from until she had forfeited every claim on that name. How luxuriously did her snowy hillocks rise against my bosom in wild confusion. Luckily she did not know what she was about to suffer. The confusion which seized her on my fingers again entering the cell of Venus for the purpose of introducing myself considerably favoured my proceedings. I felt its head between her lips and with a vigorous thrust strove to penetrate...

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