Eroticon 4

Eroticon 4
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ISBN:  9781780800462
Author:  J-P Spencer
Word Count:  87,117
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'Don't you know what an electric massage machine is?'
   'Of course I do. They use them for facials.'
   'Facials! You don't know the half. Wait...'
   The machine began to hum and the next instant Hester had passed the rubber cup over one of my breasts and right onto the nipple. That bubbling, vibrating cup was awakening sensations quite remote from those of mere physical refreshment. I sat up, and pushed the tantalising device away.
   'Be still will you? Lie back down,' said Hester, as the cup slowly but surely crept downward...

Here are the lovers, rakes and whores from the classics of erotica: the innocent but naturally sensual Bella of The Autobiography of a Flea; the wild and wanton Victorian lady known as Eveline, and of course the mysterious philanderer Walter, author of the notorious confession My Secret Life.

With trembling steps and downcast eyes the frightened girl presented herself at the porch and knocked.
   The door was opened and the Father appeared upon the threshold.
   At a sign Bella entered and stood before the stately presence of the holy man.
   An embarrassing silence of some seconds followed. Father Ambrose was the first to break the spell.
   'You have done right, my daughter, to come to me so punctually; the ready obedience of the penitent is the first sign of the spirit within which obtains the Divine forgiveness.'
   At these gracious words Bella took courage, and already a load seemed to fall from her heart.
   Father Ambrose continued, seating himself at the same time upon the long-cushioned seat which covered a huge oak chest:
   'I have thought much, and prayed much on your account, my daughter. For some time there appeared no way in which I could absolve my conscience otherwise than to go to your natural protector and lay before him the dreadful secret of which I have become the unhappy possessor.'
   Here he paused, and Bella, who knew well the severe character of her uncle, on whom she was entirely dependent, trembled at his words.
   Taking her hand in his, and gently drawing the girl to the same seat, so that she found herself kneeling before him, while his right hand pressed her rounded shoulder, he went on.
   'But I am wounded to think of the dreadful results which would follow such a disclosure, and I have asked for assistance from the Blessed Virgin in my trouble. She has pointed out a way which, while it also serves the ends of our holy church, likely prevents the consequences of your offence from being known to your uncle. The first necessity which this course imposes is, however, implicit obedience.'
   Bella, only too rejoiced to hear of a way out of her trouble, readily promised the most blind obedience to the command of her spiritual Father.
   The young girl was kneeling at his feet. Father Ambrose bent his large head over her recumbent figure. A warm tint lit his cheeks, a strange fire danced in his fierce eyes: his hands trembled slightly as they rested upon the shoulders of his penitent, but his composure was otherwise unruffled. Doubtless his spirit was troubled at the conflict going on within him between the duty he had to fulfil and the tortuous path by which he hoped to avoid the awful exposure.
   The holy Father then began a long lecture upon the virtue of obedience, and the absolute submissions to the guidance of the minister of holy church.
   Bella reiterated her assurance of entire patience and obedience in all things.
   Meanwhile it was evident to me that the priest was a victim to some confined, but rebellious spirit which rose within him, and at times almost broke out into complete possession in the flashing eyes and hot passionate lips.
   Father Ambrose gently drew the beautiful penitent nearer and nearer, until her fair arms rested upon his knees, and her face bent downwards in holy resignation, sunk almost upon her hands.
   'And now, my child,' continued the holy man, 'it is time that I should tell you the means vouchsafed to me by the Blessed Virgin by which alone I am absolved from exposing your offence. There are ministering spirits who have confided to them the relief of those passions and those exigencies which the servants of the church are forbidden openly to avow, but which, who can doubt, they have need to satisfy. These chosen few are mainly selected from among those who have already trodden the path of fleshly indulgence; to them is confined the solemn and holy duty of assuaging the earthly desires of our religious community in the strictest secrecy. To you,' whispered the Father, his voice trembling with emotion, and his large hands passing by an easy transition from the shoulders of his penitent to her slender waist.
'To you, who have once already tasted the supreme pleasure of copulation, it is competent to assume this holy office. Not only will your sin be thus effaced and pardoned, but it will be permitted you to taste legitimately those ecstatic delights, those overpowering sensations of rapturous enjoyment, which in the arms of her faithful servants you are at all times sure to find. You will swim in a sea of sensual pleasure, without incurring the penalties of illicit love. Your absolution will follow each occasion of your yielding your sweet body to the gratification on the church, through her ministers, and you will be rewarded and sustained in the pious work by witnessing - nay, Bella, by sharing fully those intense and fervent emotions, the delicious enjoyment of your beautiful person must provoke.'
   Bella listened to this insidious proposal with mingled feelings of surprise and pleasure.
   The wild and lewd impulses of her warm nature were at once awakened by the picture now presented to her fervid imagination - how could she hesitate?
   The pious priest drew her yielding form towards him, and printed a long hot kiss upon her rosy lips.
   'Holy Mother,' murmured Bella, whose sexual instincts were each moment becoming more fully roused. 'This is too much for me to bear - I long - I wonder - I know not what!'
   'Sweet innocent, it will be for me to instruct you. In my person you will find your best and fittest preceptor in those exercises you will henceforth have to fulfil.' Father Ambrose slightly shifted his position. It was then that Bella noticed for the first time the heated look of sensuality which now almost frightened her.
   It was now also that she became aware of the enormous protuberance of the front of the holy Father's silk cassock.
   The excited priest hardly cared any longer to conceal either his condition or his designs.
   Catching the beautiful child to his arms he kissed her long and passionately. He pressed her sweet body to his burly person, and rudely threw himself forward into closer contact with her graceful form.
   At length the consuming lust with which he was burning carried him beyond all bounds, and partly releasing Bella from the constraint of his ardent embrace, he opened the front of his cassock, and exposed, without a blush, to the astonished eyes of his young penitent, a member the gigantic proportions of which, no less than its stiffness and rigidity completely confounded her.
   It is impossible to describe the sensations produced upon the gentle Bella by the sudden display of this formidable instrument.
   Her eyes were instantly riveted upon it, while the Father, noticing her astonishment, but detecting rightly that there was nothing mingled with it of alarm or apprehension, coolly placed it into her hands. It was then that Bella became wildly excited with the muscular contact of this tremendous thing.
   Only having seen the very moderate proportions displayed by Charlie, she found her lewdest sensations quickly awakened by so remarkable a phenomenon, and clasping the huge object as well as she could in her soft little hands, she sank down beside it in an ecstasy of sensual delight.
   'Holy Mother, this is already heaven!' murmured Bella. 'Oh! Father, who would have believed I could have been selected for such pleasure!'
   This was too much for Father Ambrose. He was delighted at the lubricity of his fair penitent, and the success of his infamous trick (for he had planned the whole, and had been instrumental in bringing the two young lovers together and affording them an opportunity of indulging their warm temperaments, unknown to all save himself, as, hidden close by, with flaming eyes, he watched the amatory combat).
   Hastily rising, he caught up the light figure of the young Bella, and placing her upon the cushioned seat on which he had lately been sitting, he threw up her plump legs and separating to the utmost her willing thighs, he beheld for an instant the delicious pinky slit which appeared at the bottom of her white belly. Then, without a word, he plunged his face towards it, and thrusting his lecherous tongue up the moist sheath as far as he could, he sucked it so deliciously that Bella, in a shuddering ecstasy of passion, her young body writhing in spasmodic contortions of pleasure, gave down a plentiful emission, which the holy man swallowed like a custard.
   For a few moments there was calm.
   Bella lay on her back, her arms extended on either side, and her head thrown back in an attitude of delicious exhaustion, succeeding the wild emotions so lately occasioned by the lewd proceedings of the reverend Father.
   Her bosom yet palpitated with the violence of her transports and her beautiful eyes remained half closed in languid repose.
   Father Ambrose was one of the few who, under circumstances such as the present, was able to keep the instincts of passion under command. Long habits of patience in the attainment of his object, a general doggedness of manner and the conventional caution of his order, had not been lost upon his fiery nature, and although by nature unfitted for his holy calling, and a prey to desires as violent as they were irregular, he had taught himself to school his passions even to mortification.
It is time to lift the veil from the real character of this man. I do so with respect, but the truth must be told.
   Father Ambrose was the living personification of lust. His mind was in reality devoted to its pursuit, and his grossly animal instincts, his ardent and vigorous constitution, no less than his hard unbending nature made him resemble in body, as in mind, the Satyr of old.
   But Bella only knew him as the holy Father who had not only pardoned her offence, but who had opened to her the path by which she might, as she supposed, legitimately enjoy those pleasures which had already wrought so strongly on her young imagination.
   The bold priest, singularly charmed, not only at the success of his strategem which had given into his hands so luscious a victim, but also at the extraordinary sensuality of her constitution, and the evident delight with which she lent herself to his desires, now set himself leisurely to reap the fruits of his trickery, and revel to the utmost in the enjoyment which the possession of all the delicate charms of Bella could procure to appease his frightful lust.
   She was his at last, and as he rose from her quivering body, his lips yet reeking with the plentiful evidence of her participation in his pleasure, his member became yet more fearfully hard and swollen, and the full red head shone with the bursting strain of blood and muscle beneath.
   No sooner did the young Bella find herself released from the attack of her confessor upon the sensitive part of her person already described, and raised her head from the recumbent position into which it had fallen, than her eyes fell for the second time upon the big truncheon which the Father kept impudently exposed.
   Bella noted the long and thick white shaft, and the curling mass of black hair out of which it rose, stiffly inclined upwards, and protruding from its end was the egg-shaped head, skinned and ruddy, and seeming to invite the contact of her hand...

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