Eroticon Heat

Eroticon Heat
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ISBN:  9781780801810
Author:  Anonymous
Word Count:  100,162
Format:  eBook



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One girl, two boys and a mid-week summer's afternoon. The rest of the world may be at work but the faithless lady and her companions are at play...

An Edwardian drawing-room at tea time. A mistress, her maid and a gentleman-caller observe all civilities - until amidst the tinkle of china is heard the whisper of the whip...

A married woman on holiday, free from family ties. On the tennis court, under the shower and between sun-dappled sheets, she rediscovers the physical delights she thought had gone forever...

From the voluptuous extravagance of A Night in a Moorish Harem to the erotic discipline of The English Governess, from the outrageous sex satires of Noel Amos to excerpts from the most notorious erotic confession ever written - My Secret Life - Eroticon Heat is guaranteed to raise the temperature for all travellers in the wide world of erotica.

To my intense surprise I received a phone call and, upon answering, the following conversation ensued:
   'Hello, is this Mr Anderson?'
   'Yes,' I said, wondering who it might be.
   'Well,' said a laughing voice, 'this is Anna. You know.'
   'Oh, hello!' I greeted her, wondering what in the world she was calling for. 'How are you Anna? Well, I hope?'
   'Oh, I'm all right,' she said, 'but I called you to find out if you are still willing to spend that sum you spoke of when we left the other night. Is it still an offer?'
   'Oh, yes, yes!' I said, perfectly befuddled at her words, after her remarks of the other evening when we had been together, 'But - but - you know - your views - your ideas on such things...'
   'Oh, bunk!' she said snappily. 'I did not think in the world that you believed that talk when I said it. Surely you did not think I would come right out in front of Grace and express myself? It will be all new to me - but still - the consideration - that is what attracts me. Do you wish me to meet you tonight?'
   'Well, just a minute,' I parried, 'you are rushing things rather and I do not know what I have to do - maybe...'
   'But this surely is important!' she laughed in the phone. 'I am sure that business might wait in view of what I offer you - but still, if you wish to postpone it—'
   'No,' I said shortly, 'I will meet you in the same place tonight, and I am sure that you understand fully the matter, do you, Anna?'
   'Oh, yes,' she said, 'I will be waiting, but now I must go as I am on my lunch hour. Be there! Good-bye!'
   I mechanically replaced the receiver and thought to myself what an ardent hypocrite this young girl was. Then, to myself, I wondered if perhaps this was not the first time, but of that, I was willing to chance it, as experienced or new, it would be a novel experience for me.
   But the marvels of the day were not over, for later in the afternoon I received another call. This time it was from demure Grace, who asked if she might see me by herself as there was something that she wished to tell me.
   'So!' I thought to myself. 'Both the fish are nibbling at the bait and here is the second catch!'
   I was, however, careful not to mention it directly over the phone, as I knew that Grace was an entirely different girl in a lot of respects than the bold Anna. I told her that I was going out that night but, if she knew how to reach my apartment, that I would be more than glad to see her on the next evening at seven o'clock.
   She seemed somewhat disappointed over the fact that she could not see me that evening but consented to meet me as I arranged and, after telling her to be punctual, I chortled in great glee at this prospect of a double portion of amusement.
   In preparation of the event I sent Joseph to the bank for some currency, and dressing myself with care, I set out that evening to keep my appointment with Anna.
   She made early appointments and kept them, and once we were within the confines of the car, she laughed merrily over my bewilderment on the phone as Joseph drove up rapidly to my apartment.
   Once within, he prepared some drinks and Anna, having worn a light coat as the evening was somewhat cool, laid it aside and dashed off the drink of potent liquor at one swallow. 'Why, Anna!' I marvelled. 'You must be real thirsty tonight!'
   'Considering what is in store for me,' she said, 'I think it best that I feel rather good before it happens, for in my own senses I do not think that I would ever be able to go through it. Why, Mr Anderson, can you not be content with the other way, and leave that go for some other time? I promise you faithfully I will stand by my bargain at any time you ask for it.'
   'Now, now,' I said, shaking a finger at her, 'surely Anna, you did not come here to wheedle me out of the agreement that we made over the phone. If you did so, I will tell you that you are wasting time, and I will have none of it. I am perfectly willing to treat you nice, and to allow you to have all of the fun you want, but this' - and here I produced a roll of small bills to the amount of one hundred dollars and displayed them to her - 'is what I promise to you, and it is yours if you carry out your part of the thing? Do you wish it, or shall I call it off?' And I pressed the bills into her tiny hand which closed unconsciously over them.
   'It is so terrible,' she said, making a wry face, 'but still, I know that you will be as easy with me as possible. If you will let me drink a few drinks, as I know that I will get awfully hot, then I will not notice it so much. Before I know it, it will be all over - or at least I hope so.'
   I could not help but laugh at her peculiar method of reasoning and promised to allow her to drink as much as she wished. Calling Joseph in, I told him to bring in a full bottle of liquor and leave it on the small stand beside us.
   Upon his retiring, I took the fair girl in my arms and subjected her to a storm of passionate caresses. Upon my suggestion she wriggled out of her short skirt and, clothed only in her short step-ins, stockings, and slippers, she abandoned her winsome person to my roving hands.
   I thought it best that I also remove my apparel and, stepping into the adjoining room, I stripped to the skin and put on a long bath robe and slippers. Then I returned to the room.
   Anna had helped herself liberally from the bottle while awaiting me and, upon my return, seeing that I had completely disrobed she gave a little cry of sensual joy. Seizing hold of my staff, she patted and squeezed it between her magnetic little hands till I was forced to gently move them from it lest I spurt my charge on her wrist and elbows.
   'No, no, Anna,' I said, 'the first thing you know you will have me shooting all over you! Be careful with those touchy little hands of yours, Miss Passion.'
   'The better for me,' she said, 'when I have to let you do that to me! If I get you to the spending point I am sure that you will not be able to hurt me, so you see, there is method in my madness.'
   'I shall soon stop that,' I said, pushing her over on her back and mounting her perfect nude form and spreading her thighs with my knees. 'I shall at once give you this charge up into what you term the "proper place", and then, Miss Smarty, you may have the second one in the place I have paid for.'
   Anna made a little grimace of disappointment, but my peg once in her, she forgot all else and wiggled and twisted about it like a worm on a hook and milked from its throbbing length a full charge of my steaming dew and drew it all up into the soft moist confines of her gaping womb.
   I always enjoyed the possession of this beautiful girl, and the thought of sodomizing her, of opening this most private of all private orifices of her body, designed by Nature for so different a purpose, had thrilled me all the day with pleasant expectation. Now, with the prize in my arms, I did full justice to my sweet and adoring prey.
   By reason of the two or three generous drinks that Anna had taken, combined with her natural hot and burning sensuality when she was once plugged, all combined to make her a weaving, dancing torrent of lust. I was forced to spill twice before her greedy quim somewhat relaxed its tight compression on my throbbing rod and allowed it to slip out between her feverish thighs.
   We both lay there exhausted and, pouring the girl another drink, I allowed her to repair the damage done to her person while we sat for a while talking of many things.
   'Do not tell Grace about this,' she said suddenly. 'I would not have her know about this for the world!' she said earnestly. 'Have I your word for that, Mr Anderson?' And she sat up, displaying to me all her adorable nakedness like a young nymph, as she gripped the half-emptied glass in her hand.
   I saw she was growing drunk and assured her that I had no intention of communicating her confidence to her girl friend (which was of course the truth) and she relaxed back in my arms with a contented sigh.
   I amused myself for a while, toying with the erect nipples of her well-formed breasts, an action that in no way displeased the naturally sensual girl. Then, allowing my hand to run over her naked back, I slipped it down to her swelling posteriors and slapped her lightly on the elastic cheeks.
   This seemed to bring back to her mind the task that lay before her and, passing her bare arms about my neck, she kissed me warmly on the lips and again asked me if there was no way that I might dispense with this ultimate sacrifice of her backward quim.
   These efforts of the beautiful girl to seduce me from my intent, to replace for the so-much desired act with one that, although pleasurable to me, in no way compared with the thrill I expected to receive in her abnormal possession, all worked powerfully on my senses. With difficulty I refrained from possessing her on the spot.
   'No, Anna,' I said softly, 'I will not be turned from my purpose, and all your blandishments your sweet endearments, your soft and seductive kissings, will in no way prove a substitute for what you have already agreed on. I am determined to possess you in that way, and any artifices or excuses that you might use only strengthen in me my desire to impale you to the full length of my prong - to feel it revel within you - to enjoy your tightness and constriction - in fact, my dear, I doubt if you, even without our agreement, could ever dissuade me from the thought that I now have in mind!'
   To my surprise she immediately desisted and, taking a stiff drink myself, I gave her another and watched her eyes glisten as the fiery liquor coursed through her veins.
   I now, however, considered the means at hand to complete my project, as I knew that it would be impossible to bind the girl and, left free, she was bound to struggle and twist, which would make the conjunction hard, if not totally impossible, once started.
   To get her on her stomach and to impale her, especially for the first time, would require some ingenuity. In this respect I evolved a plan that I was sure would not only meet with success but also with her approval and of this I now spoke.
   'Anna, dear,' I said, kissing her again, and feeling my rod stiffen at the contact of her velvety lips, 'we are now approaching the time when you are to deliver to me your nether maidenhead and, knowing your warm nature, I have devised a plan that I think will meet your utmost approval.'
   'What is it?' she cried wonderingly.
   'Simply this,' I answered. 'I know that the act that I intend to perform upon you may at first hurt you, but supposing that at the time you were impaled upon the juicy hardness of my Joseph's cock; do you not think that that, in itself, would in some way take your mind off what is happening to you in the rear?'
   She clapped her hands at this suggestion and, ringing for Joseph, upon his entrance I cast him a significant glance and he immediately began to strip himself of his clothing.
   By this time Anna was rather drunk and lay back in my arms, her sexual charms on view to anyone who might care to look. Joseph, shedding his last garment, threw himself down beside us.
   Anna lost not an instant in capturing in her hand his tool, and Joseph, having been fully instructed by me as to what procedure was to take place, allowed her to handle and fondle it until it stood up like an oak tree.
   He then lifted Anna to her feet and, throwing her on a low bed that stood alongside the room, seated himself on its edge, his feet on the floor. I helped seat Anna astride his lap, she lifting the giant throbbing prick up to her quim. Sinking down on it with ecstatic wiggles and gasps, she buried it in herself to the root and, wrapping her arms about Joseph's neck, she gave herself up to the pleasures held in his throbbing prick.
   Such, however, was not my intentions and, as I had thoroughly coached Joseph he restrained from moving about. He gently lay back on the bed, bringing the girl down with him on his chest, and spread his legs wide, allowing me to advance between them and to present my peg in the middle of her dimpled posterior cheeks.
   I noticed that he wrapped one of his legs about each of Anna's and held her closely wrapped to him. She was uttering faint panting moans of sensual pleasure as I boldly pulled the elastic cheeks of her posteriors apart and placed the head of my now iron-hard peg at her diminutive hole. I seized her by the shoulders and, leaning heavily over her, I began to shove away to force the tiny citadel...

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