Eroticon Secrets

Eroticon Secrets
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ISBN:  9781780802442
Author:  Anonymous
Word Count:  94,701
Format:  eBook



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On a hot afternoon in a hotel in Rome two energetic Italians show an American tourist the true glories of the Eternal City...

Chained to a bed in a mask of leather, a sweet English rose discovers all the sexual sophistication she ever dreamed of at school...

On a sunbaked Spanish beach, a voluptuous beauty sheds her inhibitions with her clothes - and savours the consequences...

A search for sensual stimulation in the best of erotic writing.

Eroticon Secrets offers sensual snapshots from vintage erotic writing. These range from renowned correction texts such as The Whip Angels and Venus Schoolmistress, to the thrilling memoirs of Madeleine, a Lady of Quality and The Courtesan, to the contemporary extravaganzas of the Noel Amos Lust sagas. The collection also includes rare excerpts from the most notorious of all sexual confessions, Walter's My Secret Life.

Years ago I had a lover called Sebastian who was really wild. That was before I met Graham and before the house in the country and the Volvo and the kids. When I'm fed up with my respectable life, I think of Sebastian and what we used to do. And I rearrange my memories until, these days, I'm not sure quite where the past ends and the fantasy begins...
   Sebastian was a photographer. At least, that's what he told me. He had all the gear in his flat - his studio, as he referred to it. He wore an earring and lots of black leather but he had the build to carry it off. I knew he was a poser but so what? I was six months out of a girls-only boarding school and I wanted a bit of glamour in my life. He was that, all right.
   My real problem, once things had got serious and I was half living with him, was chasing all the other women away. I got used to answering the door at all hours to find some tarty female with big eyes and a short skirt. A lot of the time, when I was at work, he was in the studio with his 'models'. That was a worry but I decided there was no point in being prim about it. I wanted him, so I had to work at it. If that meant being more outrageous than the competition then that's what I would be.
   Sebastian cottoned on quick. He began to challenge me, to see how far I would go. When I came home from the office one evening he was lying on top of the bed with another woman. They were drinking wine and she was wearing a stripy pink top with a scooped-out neck and nothing underneath. She had thick dark hair piled on top of her head but it had started to come loose and she was grinning in a kind of 'I know something you don't' fashion.
   'I want you to meet Cleo,' he said to me, 'she's one of my best models. She's very talented.'
   I bet, I said to myself and tried to look unconcerned as she patted Sebastian's thigh and did not remove her hand.
   'Cleo's agreed to show you something, darling. It's a lesson in the art of cock-sucking.'
   And as I stood there, a sick grin on my face and no breath in my body, she pulled down the zip of his jeans and stuck her hand in. He helped her. He lifted his hips and she pulled the jeans to his knees, pants and all, leaving his big fat cock sticking up in the air.
   'I hate to say it, Nicky,' he went on, 'but they didn't give you much of an education in fellatio at that fancy school of yours. Watch Cleo, she's an expert.'
   I did watch Cleo. I couldn't tear my eyes away. She had a wide curling mouth with full lips. It devoured my lover's penis to the root. She took him deep then released him and sucked and licked his swollen glans like a child savouring a lollipop. She had a hand between his legs, cupping his balls, teasing the fine hairs.
   Then her head began to bob up and down in an insistent rhythm. She was stuffing his wet organ in and out of her mouth and his fingers were curled white-knuckle tight in the thick coils of her hair. It was obscene. As he submitted to her - not moving his pelvis at all, letting her do all the work - his eyes bored into mine, daring me to protest.
   It was all over in a rush. He was moving now all right, jabbing his shaft between her lips, humping his hips off the bed, shouting out 'Oh yes!' as he came inside her. She swallowed it all, every drop. When she raised her head in triumph her big red mouth was slack and sticky with my lover's juices. I burst into tears and ran out of the room.
   He broke the lock on the toilet door to get at me and picked me up. I swore and screamed and scratched his face but he held me until I grew calm and then he kissed and stroked my hair and I was amazed to see that he was crying too.
   'I'm sorry,' he said and knelt on the floor in front of me. Then he pushed my skirt to my waist and buried his face between my legs. He sucked me through my panties and then he pulled the material from my pussy and just ate me up. I was still sobbing but I pushed myself against him in a frenzy and lifted my legs to let him get at all of me. I had the most wonderful orgasm of my life; it went on and on and on. And all the time I was coming I could see Cleo's mouth on my lover's beautiful cock and her Adam's apple bobbing in her pale white throat. And I promised myself I'd cut it for her if I ever saw her again...
   After that, it was no holds barred. I was fiercely possessive of Sebastian and I'd do anything to keep him. So when he asked if he could tie me up I couldn't refuse.
   He had a brass bedstead he'd bought in Portobello Road. It rattled like hell whenever we made love and it took up most of the bedroom but he liked it. It was ideal for bondage games and it turned out he'd played those before. That is, he had the equipment: handcuffs with padding on the inside so they wouldn't hurt the wrists and a bizarre leather hood with zips over the eyes and mouth. He looked like an executioner when he put it on.
   'You won't hurt me, will you?' I asked him as he knelt between my thighs, his face a mask of black, his cock an angry truncheon in his hand.
   'Don't be silly, Nicky,' he said, 'the mask is for you.'
   By then I was shackled to the bed, my legs and arms stretched out to the corners of the frame in the shape of an X. I was helpless. So I could not object as he eased the hood over my head. It was weird at first, the smell of the leather, the constriction around my skull and, when he shut the eyeholes, the blackness. But then he made love to me and he was tender. He used his mouth all over me, slowly, delicately. Though the world seemed a great distance away, I was conscious of every whisper of breath upon my skin, of each scrape of chin on my thigh, of every drop of saliva left to evaporate on the puckered skin of my nipples.
   It was blissful. Half my senses had been cut away, I was deprived of movement, of free will - and I loved it. None of this was my responsibility. I came off like a firework on bonfire night - whizz bangs, shooting stars, the lot. When Sebastian released me I told him I loved him.
   I wore the handcuffs and the hood regularly after that. I'd kid myself it was to please him but I'd have moods. I'd lapse into depression and sulk. Then he'd tie me up and make love to me. It's funny; I've never gone in for anything like that since. I hate vibrators and dildos and kinky clothes but with Sebastian I just went all out. I thought he was brilliant and wonderful and it was only a matter of time before he was rich and famous and married. To me.
   It was late afternoon on a summer Sunday when it happened. The wickedest thing I've ever done. The thing that really turns me on now when I look back. It's nearly always what I think of when I masturbate these days.
   Of course, it wasn't me doing it and it wasn't me being wicked. I was tied up. Sebastian had put a pillow under my bum and then he'd fucked me. He did it quickly, with long strokes, stirring me up, lighting a fire in my belly and then pulling out just as I was approaching my climax. 'You've come too quick,' I protested but he said nothing, just climbed off my body and zipped shut the mouth aperture of the mask. I lay there wanting more, the warm breeze from the window bathing my bare skin and fluttering like fingers over my hungry cunt.
   Sebastian had left the room and from far off I could hear him moving around. I thought I could make out the clink of bottle on glass and the noise of cupboards being shut in the kitchen. What was he doing? He came back into the room and I felt a finger trail slowly across my belly, down into the hair of my pussy. He teased me. The fingertip ran round the tops of my thighs, slid across the gaping lips of my sex and up to tickle the stiff bud of my clitoris. I was on fire with anticipation. My whole being was centred on this exquisite point of contact. Then the doorbell rang.
   I froze. 'Get rid of them!' I hissed through the leather mask, but Sebastian had already left the room, shutting the door behind him.
   I listened as hard as I could, waiting for the sound of the front door closing and Sebastian's return. But that didn't happen. Instead I heard laughter and several voices, at least one a woman's. What was going on? These people weren't expected - surely Sebastian would send them away? But he didn't. I heard them all assemble next door. There was more laughter, a conversation started up about some movie or other and then the doorbell rang again.
   I was in agony now. I tossed and squirmed but I was bound fast. I could have screamed for help but I doubted I'd be heard through the mask above the sounds of the party - for that's what it was now - taking place next door. Besides, I didn't want anyone to find me like this.
   Then the bedroom door opened. It closed again swiftly and I sensed Sebastian approach the bed. 'Let me out of here for God's sake,' I said. Then his fingers were on me again, cupping my breasts this time, rolling the nipples between his fingers until they became long and stiff.
   'Stop it!' I cried as loudly as I could but the fingers carried on pushing and pulling and stroking my flesh. I was still turned on, even more so. I couldn't help it. His mouth was on my cunt, kissing me gently then probing inside with his tongue. I began to moan and undulate my hips. I came as soon as he began to mouth my clit.
   He stepped away from me then and I heard the sound of a zip being lowered, of clothes being thrown to the floor. 'Do it to me, if you must,' I said, 'but hurry up!'
   The bed sagged as it took his weight and then he was kneeling over me. He seemed to be leaning on one arm, the other doubtless pointing his tool at the defenceless spot between my legs. And there it was! The kiss of hot flesh at the open lips of my pussy. 'Yes!' I cried, 'put it in me, please!'
   Even as I spoke and as the organ thrust deep inside me, far deeper than I had expected, I knew that this man was not Sebastian.
   I've always been good in a crisis. I did not panic. I knew there was nothing to do but lie back and enjoy it. The big thing inside me felt strange and wonderful. The feel of this new and naked body on top of me was sensational. And, oh God, my mystery lover now had me coming again.
   When he had finished, which didn't take long, he got up and dressed without saying a word. The door opened, letting in a brief gust of jollity, then closed behind him. I lay there in a turmoil of emotion. I fancied lots of Sebastian's friends in an abstract way but who had that been? Would I ever find out?
   More to the point, who was next?

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