Stranger in Venice

Stranger in Venice
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ISBN:  9781907753039
Author:  Roxane Beaufort
Word Count:  81,500
Format:  eBook



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Candice felt Gwenda's hard hand in the small of her back, pushing her forward till she lay face-down across the table, feet flat on the linoleum, her posterior raised.
   ‘How dare you! You can’t do this to me!’ she protested, head to one side, trying to see what the chaperon was doing.
   She felt Gwenda behind her, heard her quickened breathing and the words that came, jerkily, from her lips, ‘Oh, yes I can. Your mother has charged me not to bother her with trivialities. I’ll deal with you as I think fit. It’s some long time since you received a beating.’

When Lady Candice is sent to Venice to further her education, she has no idea what lies before her. Education she receives, but in a way her aristocratic parents did not intend.

She becomes involved with a French libertine and his mistress who set about seducing the innocent maiden, introducing her to the paradox of pain/pleasure.

But it is not until Candice meets the mysterious Prince Dimitri that she experiences boundless terror and overwhelming desire.

Who is this darkly sinister prince of lust? Rumour has it he is immortal, one of the undead - a vampire with an insatiable hunger for human blood.

Is Candice brave enough to find out, to embrace the savage, eternal love of this mysterious Stranger in Venice?

'I hope you're broad-minded, gentlemen,' Bianca said, her arms linked through Clive's on the right and Fabian's on the left.
   'We're not stuffy, if that's what you think,' Fabian retorted quickly, his cock reacting to her body like steel to magnet.
   'I'm glad to hear it,' she returned with a musing smile, and pressed her breast against his arm as they walked towards her apartments.
   Fabian had always been greedy: he liked money and he liked power. As the Fortescue heir he stood to gain it all, and his parents were more than generous in his allowance. But now his eyes glinted covetously as he was led through the private quarters of the Palazzo Barbesi. Though owned by Henri Merlion, the mansion was also Bianca's stamping ground and she was rich in her own right.
   On every side was evidence of great wealth and influence. The comte was a connoisseur of all things beautiful, and his mark was everywhere. Fabian knew that Bianca fancied him and beside relishing the possession of her gorgeous body, he guessed she would be generous to her paramours. Would Henri mind her sharing her favours with others? Fabian thought not, already deducing that theirs was an open relationship.
   Bianca flung back a superb pair of cedarwood doors and stepped into a room which surpassed anything yet seen. It had an eastern ambience, not only apparent in the silken drapes and incense-sweet air but by the naked slaves, male and female, chained to pillars or crouched subserviently on the floor. Each one was a paragon of beauty, nubile and desirable.
   Fabian's cock sprang to full stretch, the swollen head chafing against his underwear.
   He glanced at Clive, wondering if he was experiencing the same thrill, then smiled as he saw the front of his friend's trousers pushed out of shape by the swelling behind the fly. He looked extremely embarrassed, his face flushed beneath his beard, his eyes darting uneasily from side to side, but unable to avoid the blatant display of nude bodies.
   Esmeralda saw it too, and reached out to stroke that awkward looking protuberance. The tip of her tongue wetted her carmined lips and she exchanged a mischievous glance with Bianca.
   They've planned this! Fabian thought, excitement coursing along his veins. I'm sure they are hell-bent on our seduction. And what has Henri in mind for Candice and Emma? Somehow, this did not bother him. He was able to concentrate on nothing but the overwhelming urge to drive his penis into a slippery orifice and work it frantically till he discharged his semen.
   The sound of Bianca's palms clapping together roused him from his lustful reverie. A slave girl shuffled over to her, walking made difficult by the chains confining her ankles. She stood with her hands clasped above her head and her eyes cast down. With a sharp stab of lust that almost tipped him over the edge, Fabian saw that little gold rings pierced her nipples, with thin links looped between them.
   Lissom and lovely, her timidity delighted him. He wanted to tug on the rings, to hurt her, to make tears fall from those almond-shaped eyes, to force her to her knees and stick his cock in her mouth.
   'Her name is Nina. You like her?' Bianca whispered. 'You approve of the pretty ornaments in her nipples? She has more. Spread those gorgeous legs, girl,' she commanded, with a brisk slap across the pierced orbs. 'Let the master look at you.'
   Nina's breasts wobbled under the blow and the skin flushed. Her feet slid apart, and her fork was revealed. It was nude of hair and Fabian's fascinated gaze fell on more rings fastened into her labia majora.
   He advanced a hand and his fingers turned the golden hoops passing through those plump wings. Wonderingly, he inserted his middle digit into her crack. It was hot and wet, shameful desire making her juices flow. Her bud rose to his touch, a firm sliver of flesh seeking his caress.
   Fabian was too much of a gentleman to refuse a lady's request, and frigged her vigorously. Nina quivered and moaned, and Bianca said firmly, 'Don't let her climax, my lord. I suggest you give her a good thrashing first, then when you enter that sweet cleft she'll be more than ready for you.'
   It was on the edge of Fabian's tongue to confess that he had never before beaten a woman, only the boy who had fagged for him at boarding school, but the challenge in Bianca's eyes stopped him. She slapped a pliable rubber paddle against her open palm, then handed it to him.
   He was the centre of attention, the tethered slaves, Clive and the ladies all waiting breathlessly for his performance. Nina did not look up. She simply sobbed quietly.
   'Aren't you forgetting your manners?' Bianca asked her sharply.
   'I'm sorry, mistress,' Nina snivelled, and went down on her knees and kissed the toe of Fabian's black shoe and the paddle hanging from his hand.
   He was intrigued by the way her breasts swung forward, the chain dangling between them, her long golden hair hiding her face. He could smell her, the scent of cinnamon mingling with that of the honeydew escaping from the smoothly shaven delta.
   It was too much for mortal man to bear. Fabian could feel his stomach knotting and his pulse racing. His penis swelled. He lifted his arm and whacked the paddle down across that perfect rump.
   'Bravo!' cried Bianca, leaning against a bronzed young slave, sliding her hands up and down his erect cock as he stood upright and immobile, staring straight ahead.
   Now Nina's backside was marked by a crimson patch the exact shape of the paddle. She bit her lip, sobbing, but trying to stifle the noise.
   Fabian was enjoying himself, the veneer of the civilised, upper-class Englishman stripped away. He remembered getting an erection when he flogged young Brentford Minor in the dorm after dark. He had brought himself off under the bedclothes when the punishment sessions were over or, better still, had the unfortunate fag satisfy him with fellatio.
   The paddle slammed into Nina again, and she screamed. Tears ran down her face as she quivered under a further assault.
   'Nina! I'm ashamed of you! Stop that caterwauling!' Bianca shouted.
   'I'm... s-s-sorry, mistress,' Nina stuttered.
   'So I should think. Such an exhibition is a slur on my disciplinary measures. Accept six more strokes and then suck the gentleman's part.'
   Fabian delivered these enthusiastically, laying them on hard. Now both of Nina's buttocks were glowing, and the meaty underhang and the tops of her thighs. A trickle of moisture escaped between the pursed lips of her sex.
   Fabian unbuttoned, exposing his throbbing weapon, iron-hard and more than ready. He could hardly contain himself, forgetful of everything in his need to release his pent-up lust.
   Nina knelt between his feet, her crimsoned bottom raised, her face so close to his genitals that the feel of her breath made his testicles crimp. His prick was vastly swollen, the foreskin pushed back by the emergence of the helm, the tiny slit glistening with jism.
   'Lick it,' he commanded, his voice unusually gruff. 'If you don't do it properly I'll use a whip on your arse... and on your tits, and that hot wet quim of yours.'
   He was talking like a foul-mouthed East End stevedore, every vestige of sophistication stripped away. He had not even behaved so crudely in Madame Carenza's bordello. It was Nina's meek compliance that fired him, bringing out the bully. Some men might have been moved to cherish her: he wanted to abuse and shame her further.
   Whimpering, she reached up to take his cock in one hand. This light caress was not enough. With an oath Fabian pushed his pubis into her face, getting a stranglehold on her yellow hair. His penis leapt, jabbing against her mouth. Steeling herself, she opened up, stretching her lips to encompass the glistening purplish glans.
   'That's it!' Bianca exclaimed, her voice shrill with excitement as she left the slave and came closer. 'Make her suck you, but don't lose your spunk. I want it in me!'
   He nodded and grinned vacantly, surrendering to the divine feeling as Nina rocked her head, her mouth taking him in to the full, her tongue licking and stroking, rolling and fondling till he groaned. She was gasping and panting, stopping briefly to gulp in air, then returning to her task, her fingers brushing the hairy sac of his cods.
   His crisis was almost upon him. His fingers dug into her scalp, holding her to his crotch. He could feel the need surging in his testicles, mounting to his shaft. Release was a breath away.
   'Stop!' Bianca commanded and he dragged his cock from Nina's mouth, swinging round to where the countess sprawled on a heap of cushions.
   Hardly aware of anything save the heavily veined rod swaying stiffly from his underbelly, he registered her naked thighs, naked fork, the gash of her opened sex lying between the fox-red bush. Her skirts were up, her breasts exposed, and as she pulled at the pink stalks of her nipples and rubbed her swollen clitoris, so she watched with heavy-lidded eyes as his prick advanced towards her.
   Fabian positioned himself between those magnificent thighs and his savage column of flesh found its way unerringly into her slippery haven. As he powered it with his hips, burying it deep within her, so it soared and spasmed in a consuming orgasm.

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Lust at First Bite
Friday, 8 January 2010  | 

The vampire is a sexy beast, and the one in this racy Chimera Books novel is no acception. The heroine quickly learns the meaning of pain/pleasure in the hands of a decadent Italian count and his sister in Venice, but it is the darkly handsome and sinister Dimitri who wins her, heart, body and soul. Think DRACULA and his sister/brides with lots of sex, and enjoy.

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