The Sex Files: Beyond Limits

The Sex Files: Beyond Limits
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ISBN:  9781780801759
Author:  Karl K. Mariner
Word Count:  72,447
Format:  eBook



It's not a phenomenon Special Agent Tom Hannah has encountered before. In this erotic thriller he encounters respectable single women who adopt a promiscuous lifestyle overnight - and then vanish. Among the missing are an elected county judge, a high-school teacher, a Wall St banker - and Felice Cody, a US government scientist. And now the government wants her back...

But Hannah needs help. It comes in the shape of his new partner, Bonny Jarvis, a redhead with ice-water in her veins and a hard disk for a heart. For Agent Jarvis is an expert on a world where the Erotic meets the Unexplained, a secret archive known as: the sex files.

Jarvis stood for a moment at her front door, trying to get a grip on her swirling senses. Her hands were shaking so much the key wouldn't go in the lock. The fever raging through her body was worse - far worse - than it had ever been. Returning from Cody's place, it was a miracle she hadn't stopped the car and thrown herself at some guy in the street. Any guy - provided he could fuck. The tops of her thighs were slick with sex juice and her panties were soaked through. She didn't know what she was going to do. Not to put too fine a point upon it, she needed cock.
   To her amazement the door opened as she stood there quivering.
   'Hiya, Special Agent, I've been waiting for you.'
   Her heart sank. That Lovelace was inside her locked apartment did not surprise her - in her experience he was always where you didn't want him to be. But even as her lips curled into a snarl and she snapped, 'You've got a damn nerve,' her loins pulsed and a voice in her head whispered: 'Problem solved!'
   He pulled her inside with one massive hand. 'My, you're in a state, aren't you? Looks like you've got it real bad.'
   'I don't know what you mean.' She pushed past him into the small kitchen and pulled a bottle of mineral water from the refrigerator. 'Say what you've got to say and get out.'
   'Don't be silly, Bonny. You know it doesn't work like that. Ain't you got any proper booze?'
   Jarvis opened a cupboard filled with bottles. She'd rounded up all the alcohol in the place and stashed it out of sight when she returned from New Mexico.
   'Help yourself,' she said ungraciously and walked into the living room, aware of the skin of her thighs slip-sliding together in her wetness. God, she must give off signals like a bitch in season. Lovelace was not a man to miss a message like that.
   He came into the room with glasses in one hand and a bottle in the other.
   'Why don't you take your top off?' he said.
   'Get lost.'
   He sat on the couch and poured two glasses of neat vodka.
   'I mean it. It's been a while since I've had the pleasure of surveying the prettiest tits in the Bureau.'
   'Not this time. There's nothing you can give me now on this case.'
   'That's where you're wrong.'
   For a big man he could move quickly. His hand was round her wrist before she was aware of it. He yanked hard and she fell across him, the length of her body pressing into the granite of his bulk. A huge arm trapped her there.
   'You're shaking like a leaf, honey, and I know why.' His face loomed over hers, the nose huge and hooked, the eyes like chips of ice. 'You've got the nympho disease, haven't you, Bonny? Just like all those respectable vanishing ladies. Well, it so happens that I found a couple of those girls for you. I put your partner onto Karlsen and Pine. So, if it makes you feel any better, you owe me.'
   Her mouth opened but nothing came out. What had gone before in the horse-trading of their relationship was now irrelevant. Up till now she'd never let him touch her and she'd doled out her favors - a hand-job here, a peak at her breasts there - strictly as a trade-off. It was the only way to get information.
   It seemed he always had something she wanted and, despite what she'd just said, right now that was as true as ever. She could see the object of her desire bulging obscenely against the black cloth stretched over his crotch.
   He chuckled, a sound like gravel rattling in a pan, and ran his thumb along the fleshy curve of her upper lip. The touch was like fine sandpaper on her jumping nerves. She opened her mouth and lapped at him, kitten-like. She couldn't help herself. She knew there would soon be lots of other things she wouldn't be able to help.
   He probed her mouth with his finger and she sucked on it like a baby at the nipple. Then he trailed the wet digit along her jaw-line and down her throat into the neck of her sweatshirt.
   'Off,' he said.
   She hesitated for a second then pulled the garment over her head and sat back. Her pouting breasts thrust forward, the cleavage accentuated by the tight clasp of her lacework brassiere.
   'That too,' he said, his eyes glistening as her fingers found the catch between her shoulder-blades and the halter slipped from her full bosom. Her tits shifted as they were freed, out and down a fraction, their swollen tips a raspberry red.
   'My, my,' he murmured. 'Lookit those bells swing.'
   Jarvis swallowed, her fingers were on her nipples, pinching hard - maybe the pain would stem the mist of lust that fogged her brain.
   A big hand landed on the back of her neck and pulled her to him, crushing her mouth to his.
   It was a coarse and brutal embrace - and it was just what she wanted. She'd never allowed him to kiss her before. She'd never allowed him to handle her like this before - and she knew it was just the beginning.
   She tore his shirt open and crushed her tits against his slab of a chest. He was very hairy and the coarse mat scraped against her tender flesh, enflaming her more. She pulled his zipper down and reached inside for him. He was hard like bone, his cock so massive she could hardly get her fingers round it. She pulled it clumsily into the open.
   'Fuck me, Lovelace,' she whispered. 'I want it in me now.'
   He squeezed a tit, almost enclosing it in his huge hand. 'I never imagined you'd be so enthusiastic, Agent Jarvis.'
   'Come on, Lovelace,' she said, her voice now urgent.
   'In a minute maybe. We don't want to rush things, do we?'
   She attempted to climb onto his lap and place his big poker between her legs. He laughed and held her off. His resistance infuriated her; she was dying to be filled to the hilt.
   'For God's sake, Lovelace - what the hell do you want me to do?'
   He grinned. 'What I want is for you to stand up and show me your pussy.'
   She climbed unsteadily to her feet and unzipped her skirt. Her white cotton panties were wet through with her juice and clung to every contour of her loins. She stepped close and let him look while he sipped his drink.
   'Take them off.'
   She did it with shaking hands, peeling the wet material down until her nude and hairless pussy was revealed to his gaze.
   He savored the sight.
   'Now jerk off.'
   'You bastard!'
   'Do it, Bonny.'
   She swallowed hard and reached for her untouched glass. The spirit went down in one, masking her inhibitions as she went to work.
   She put her foot up on the arm of the couch and used both hands, plunging her fingers into her syrupy depths. As she did so, he gave her obscene instructions - 'Spread your lips', 'Show me your clit', 'Put a finger up your ass' - and she did all he said. Did it moreover with helpless energy, knowing that otherwise she wouldn't get what she really wanted - that great solid thing now jutting up like a club from his loins.
   A small orgasm gripped her, then another but they didn't touch the deep desire blazing inside. She cried out in frustration and fell to her knees.
   He laughed and threw her face down over an armchair. Then his spade-like hand rose in the air and crashed down onto the creamy flesh of her ass. She yelled as the pain shot through her.
   Smack! He cracked a hand across her seat again, turning her buttocks crimson. Her ass was on fire and the pain was turning into something else - an aching void that had to be filled...
   'Please, Lovelace, I beg you!'
   'Beg me what?'
   'Please fuck me!'
   Suddenly a solid baton of flesh was lodged into the upturned cleft of her sex and at last the broad head of his monstrous tool began to stretch her wide.
   She moaned in delirium as the vast limb was inserted and his muscular torso pressed down on her back, pinning her to the seat like a butterfly to a board.
   'Yes, yes!' she cried, the giant prick sinking into the wet mouth of her cunt. Then the words became formless sounds in her throat, drowned in a tide of sensation that flooded her body as he filled her up.
   After the first orgasm had died away she muttered, 'God, Lovelace, what took you so long?'
   He cackled nastily into her ear. 'Honey, I just wanted to hear you beg.'

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Sex Files Is HOT
Monday, 9 July 2012  | 

Sizzling hot read- well recommended- I hope Avid books will release the three other Sex Files books that were previously out in hardback as e-books soon- Forbidden Fruit, Unnatural Blonde and Double Exposure- if they're as hot as this one was, I would love to buy them!

Almost perfect
Wednesday, 4 July 2012  | 

A great story that is well written with a great plot that contributes lots of opportunity for sex and fun. My main quibble is that, while the sex scenes are plentiful and varied, they are a bit brief. Still and all, an excellent book.

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