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A Private Affair

A Private Affair£3.99

The sky is heavy with snow on the night Helen surrenders her body to a stranger...

A Private Education

A Private Education£3.99

The cruel eyes of her tutor on her, Phoebe glimpses a hunger for sensual satisfaction within her.

A Private Performance

A Private Performance£3.99

Within an hour of setting foot inside Malestone House, Jessica realises she has made a mistake...

Act of Exposure

Act of Exposure£3.99

Colleagues think Abigail is frigid, but at night she turns into raven-haired, coal-eyed Carmel...

Anything Goes

Anything Goes£3.99

An innocent in New Orleans, Sheree is just right for exploitation...

Chains of Liberation

Chains of Liberation£3.99

Jennifer meets an experienced Disciplinarian and discovers the world of BDSM...

Change Partners

Change Partners£3.99

Strong women with their own sexual agendas - and their own erotic stories to tell...

Devil's Paradise

Devil's Paradise£3.99

Armand Tertius, scourge of the Caribbean, introduces Lady Romilly to pain and pleasure...

Domination Inc.

Domination Inc.£3.99

Domination Inc., dedicated to satisfying the darkest desires and fantasies of submissive women...

Elizabeth's Education

Elizabeth's Education£3.99

Surrendering to an over the knee spanking, Elizabeth learns her actions have consequences.

Elizabeth's Education - The Inheritance

Elizabeth's Education - The Inheritance£3.99

Elizabeth is facing the one year anniversary of having been collared by Lord Michael...

Fate's Victim

Fate's Victim£3.99

Will Angela find true love, despite the perverts and villains who pursue her mercilessly?

Flood Tide

Flood Tide£3.99

Rachel's aura of sensuality attracts those whose erotic intentions are not so innocent...

For All Time

For All Time£3.99

Freya finds subterranean passages and an orgiastic temple - recently occupied!

Forbidden Fantasies

Forbidden Fantasies£3.99

An arousing collection of real women's corporal punishment and bondage fantasies.

Forever Chained

Forever Chained£3.99

Will Stella exchange blood and become a vampire too?

Foxy Lady

Foxy Lady£3.99

The feared Chief of Police imprisons brave Chantel in his fortress...

Games of Obedience

Games of Obedience£3.99

Inspired by The Story of O James and Lucinda require the initiation of a sexual innocent...

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