A Private Education

A Private Education
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ISBN:  9781780801575
Author:  Carol Anderson
Word Count:  78,900
Format:  eBook



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His lips closed on hers, his eyes reduced to glittering pinpricks in the half-light. With the sharpness of the bitter night nipping at her naked skin, the taste of his kisses was overwhelming and she let out a long throaty sob...

It's a shock to Phoebe Williams when her university tutor quits during the build-up to her final exams. Replacement Gerrard Gottlieb is a very different kind of teacher - arrogant, harsh and challenging - with the desire, so it seems to Phoebe, to turn her safe and undemanding life upside down.

Under Gottlieb's influence, Phoebe takes a fresh look at herself - and glimpses the raw hunger for sensual satisfaction that gnaws within her. Suddenly she yearns for wild and frantic passion, for new experiences that will lead her to discover the depths of her true sensual nature. With the cruel eyes of her new tutor upon her, Phoebe sets out to complete her private education...

In his elegant town house close to the river, Gerrard Gottlieb, massage almost complete, rolled over onto his back, revealing muscular bands of hirsute flesh glittering with fragrant oil. In the lamp light the little Eurasian whore clambered up beside him on the couch and guided his great arcing cock into her tiny blood red mouth. He tucked his hands behind his head, and surrendered to the sensations, hissing softly as her eager lips tightened around him.
   He'd brought the girl home from Bangkok as his housekeeper - not that she could keep house - but it mattered little. She welcomed him home each day dressed in nothing but a thin pink wrap that he had made for her from a roll of sheer translucent silk. As she opened the door it would drift apart to reveal the plump almost hairless mound of her quim; ever ready, ever obedient. The dark peaks of her nipples shadowed through the silk, making his mouth water.
   On the couch in front of the log fire he shivered as she cupped his scrotum, running knowing fingers along its sensitive centre seam, gently mouthing his distended testicles between her lips. She made soft animal noises of pleasure while her lips and fingers worked on and on. The sounds vibrated through Gottlieb's cock, settling in his belly like a warm caress. He strained now, breath coming in strangled panting gasps as she ran her tongue across the angry red glans, working her tongue into his cock's sensitive eye before dragging him deeper into her mouth, teeth nipping gently to add to his excitement.
   He arched up towards her and instantly she slid her hands beneath his muscular buttocks, pulling him into her, drinking from him, kisses electric and wild, sucking him on and on until he thought that he might explode at the point of orgasm. Explode he did. As her lips closed over him, a tidal wave of semen roared through him on its unstoppable journey, filling his mind with a blinding flash of white light and flooding his little mistress's mouth.
   She giggled and pulled away. The long pink robe was pulled back to frame her pert dark-tipped breasts, a trail of glittering pearly seed trickling down her chin. She ran her tongue around her lips as if she were hungry, not wanting to miss a drop of the feast he had given her.
   She looked up at him coyly from beneath coal-black lashes. 'You like?' she purred. 'Maya make you much happy?'
   Gottlieb snorted. 'Of course I liked it. Talk in English, Maya, not street pidgin.' He swung his legs over the edge of the couch and pulled his dressing gown around him.
   Maya pouted miserably. 'Don't be angry with me, Gerrard,' she said in a soft cultured voice.
   Gottlieb poured them both a glass of wine.
   Maya crept up beside him. 'Dinner will be half an hour. I've made a pot roast, your favourite.'
   He shook his head; sex and food, the only things his diminutive companion had any real passion for. He watched her turn and teeter away on her little high-heeled mules, oblivious of her near-nakedness.
   He sighed and sipped his wine. Maya presented no challenge. Her upbringing, the culture in which she had been raised, engendered submission. Maya spent her whole life making him happy, waiting for him to come home so that her life could begin.
   The wine warmed his belly. He realised he had no idea how she spent her days. He often thought of her as a wind-up doll, only truly alive when he was there. Maya's unquestioning obedience was both deeply flattering and at the same time frustrating.
   They had been together almost five years. At first, barely more than eighteen, she had been afraid of him as he had schooled her to meet his needs. He'd felt like a true master then, taming a little wild beast to obey his every command - but it had been too easy. It saddened him to realise that, in spite of everything, he was bored with her.
   Maya had always given everything he wanted, whenever he wanted it, without question. He had anticipated that when she became anglicised, confident in her new lifestyle, she would rebel against his strictures and he would have the pleasure of breaking her again. He had intended to introduce her to the arts, literature - until finally he would have the perfect, educated, intelligent, but ultimately compliant companion.
   He sighed; the reverse was true. Now she aped fear and obedience and had no interests beyond the ever-present promise of food and sex. Familiar with his desires she would tremble at his feet, crawl towards him on her knees.
   He topped up his glass, slumped in the armchair by the hearth and let his mind wander.
   Phoebe Williams. He repeated the name thoughtfully. She might prove a real challenge. Buttoned up tight, with her dark hair caught up in a bun, soft stray wisps framing her delicate features, she exuded an understated sensuality, so subtle that he wasn't sure she was aware of it.
   He closed his eyes and immediately visualised her sitting primly in front of his desk, tucking her skirt tidily around her long legs. She had been dressed for warmth; a soft wool skirt draped over her thighs, subtly revealing their contours, and a sensible sweater that had done nothing to disguise the beautiful taut outline of her small rounded breasts.
   And her eyes - he smiled to himself - eyes that betrayed a glitter of fear and curiosity. He knew he had unnerved her, it had been his intention. At the end of their tutorial he had held out a hand in invitation and made her look into the full-length mirror that hung from the wall in his study.
   'When you look at your reflection in the mirror, Miss Williams, what exactly do you see?' Standing behind her he could see that she was trembling.
   'I don't understand,' she had said unsteadily, staring at herself. 'What are you trying to do?'
   Gottlieb had smiled. 'Awaken you,' he'd said in an undertone. 'Awaken passion, make you truly understand yourself. Surely that is what real education is about, Miss Williams? Helping us to understand our strengths and weaknesses so that we can harness them.' He lingered over the word harness. Phoebe had turned away from the mirror, clutching at the back of the chair.
   He had seen a glittering flash of anxiety in her eyes. She sensed what he meant and it had nothing to do with her final paper. He had indicated that she should return to her seat. Without a word, she had followed his instruction and sat staring at the floor while he thumbed through the rest of her notes. Her silence excited him.
   Quietly he had closed her file. 'I think that will be all for today, Miss Williams. Perhaps we can meet early next week to discuss where we go from here.'
   Constrained by good manners, Phoebe had thanked him for his time and hurried out of the office with barely a backward glance.
   Phoebe's former tutor, Audrey Manley, had said Phoebe was a particularly gifted student - which had instantly aroused his curiosity. Her grades weren't that remarkable but he sensed Audrey had seen something in Phoebe that appealed to her.
   Ruefully Gottlieb took another sip of wine. Audrey Manley had a taste for compliant well-educated female flesh - it was an open secret on campus. Perhaps it was desire which had drawn Audrey to Phoebe Williams.
   He let the fantasy take shape behind his closed eyelids. Audrey Manley with her heavy thighs and bloated pendulous breasts astride the lovely Phoebe, who was strapped to a bed. The older woman's bristly quim rubbed roughly against the girl's pale skin as her fingers teased Phoebe's fleshed nipples into erection.
   He felt the familiar stirring in his groin as his imagination invited Audrey to place a long lingering kiss between Phoebe's open thighs, the older woman's tongue snaking into the fragrant folds of the girl's tight sex. Phoebe arched up instinctively, opening herself for Audrey's attentions, grinding her pubis into Audrey's face. The girl's mouth was slack, eyes closed as she submitted without question.
   Gottlieb didn't hear the door to the sitting room open, nor the approach of Maya, but was grateful beyond measure when he felt her smooth warm flesh brush against his as she climbed astride him. She moaned softly and guided his renewed throbbing erection into her quim. Her sex closed around him like a tight fist, drawing him deep inside her body.
   He had no trouble sustaining the image of Phoebe Williams in his mind. Her eyes were open now, revealing a stunning mixture of pleasure and revulsion while Audrey nipped and lapped at her clitoris which peeked between the lips of the girl's sex like a scarlet bead.
   Gottlieb shivered and pushed the imaginary Audrey aside as Phoebe writhed and bucked in a maelstrom of pleasure. He imagined guiding his cock into her wet welcoming quim, thrusting himself deeper and deeper until he was buried to the hilt.
   Above him, Maya ground her hips against him but in his mind's eye it was the delightful Phoebe Williams who brushed her sopping quim against Gottlieb's groin, moaning softly, impaling herself again and again as she rode him out towards release.

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