Change Partners

Change Partners
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ISBN:  9781780800189
Author:  Cathryn Cooper
Word Count:  72,677
Binding:  eBook



Act of ExposureAct of Exposure
Anything GoesAnything Goes
Green SilkGreen Silk

'I did exactly as he said. I bent over facing the mirror. My face was now flushed with the exertion of sucking him. My breasts hung like ripe fruit from a tree.
   'He came up behind me and I knew immediately what he was going to do. He had seen me at my most brazen, my most vulnerable. My hands had been holding my buttocks apart when he had appeared. My anus had been open to his gaze. He couldn't wait to have me.
   'I wanted to close my eyes, but I couldn't. I wanted to see, to know fully what he was going to do to me. If it was going to happen, then so be it.'

The changing room at the gym is a great place to show off for macho males like Michael, Jamie and Thomas. After working out, they relax by shooting the breeze. And what else is there to talk about but sex?

But do the men tell the truth? Do their exotic lovers from the past really exist? Did their sensual triumphs actually take place? For answers, it's necessary to listen to their current partners. Josie, Mariana and Crystal are strong women with their own sexual agendas - and their own erotic stories to tell...

Mariana bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes. She let out a long breath. Crystal and Josie were still and silent. Their eyes were fixed on her. She was safe. She could go on and tell her tale and they would hang onto every word she said as though it were certain truth.
   'Ahmed had a yacht. He invited us onto it regularly and one day, when my parents were stretched out sunning themselves on the deck, he took me swimming.
   'We got into a small motorboat and he drove us to a hidden cove where the water was very blue and clear. The cliffs enclosing it were a burning yellow and were dotted with clumps of green that reminded me of cabbages.
   'The water made a hushing sound against the shingle. I imagined it was telling me to be quiet; not to disturb the tranquillity of the place where only the waves and the seabirds made music.
   'I remember I wore a black bikini. You know how I love black. I loved it then as much as I do now. It's the best colour possible for blondes.'
   She tossed her head as if to emphasise the point, but not with any sign of vanity. Mariana was not a conceited woman.
  'What did he wear?' Crystal purred her question and her eyes were half closed. She was stroking her body and obviously enjoying it. 'Was he wearing anything at all, or was he showing you exactly what was on offer?'
   Mariana blinked a few times before she answered. 'No. He wasn't naked. He wore green trunks with a black slash across the front. The black slash sparkled slightly from the water and the sun. It was hard not to look at it. Harder still not to gaze intently at the bulge behind it.
   'We lay down on the beach. He asked me if I wanted to get my back brown without a strap mark. I said I did, so he undid my bikini top for me.
   'He had brought lotion and warned me against burning my shoulders. His eyes never left me as he said it. I felt them wandering over me in the same way his hands would. 'I knew what he was going to do even before he did it. I gasped slightly as the coldness of the cream was spread in slow, ever-increasing circles over my skin.
   'His hands were warm and his breath was quickening. It was very soothing - comforting. I felt his fingers leave my shoulders and run down my spine. Even though the sun was hot on my back, I shivered. But I was slightly afraid.
   'I was a child who had been brought up on romance, not sensuality. I was confused by what he was doing, but I was also helpless beneath his touch.
   'He asked me if I liked what he was doing to me. I told him I wasn't sure. He called me a silly goose and kissed my back. I remember the feel of his lips upon my skin, the roughness around his chin, the silky softness of his moustache. I remember his chest hairs tickling the middle of my back. I remember a tightness in my stomach and a curling ticklishness between my legs.
   'Because his shadow fell over me and his body pressed on mine, I felt trapped by him. I closed my eyes and pretended to feel tired.
   '''Rest awhile, little girl," he said to me. "Rest awhile and dream, and I will soothe all your fears away."
   'He lay next to me, one hand resting on my behind as if only carelessly placed there. Yet I knew it was not carelessness. It was a deliberate act. He was enjoying the feel of my buttocks. I was convinced he was hoping I would get used to his hand being upon me, the warmth of his fingers arousing my body just as the warmth of the sun was soothing it to sleep.
   'Warmth and the dreams of what might happen made me fall into a light doze. My mind entered that hazy area between full consciousness and deep sleep where all things happen and anything is possible. I was Alice wandering through my own Wonderland. Not the fairy-tale one with white rabbits and novelty playing cards, but one that burned brightly on the frontier between puberty and adulthood.
   'In my dreams the sun itself had sprouted hands and was trailing its warm fingers down my back. I murmured something wordless. So strong was the warmth of those fingers that they slid enticingly beneath the fabric of my bikini pants.
   'I liked the sun doing that. It made me wriggle my hips and moan in my sleep. It was only as I felt those fingers dividing one buttock from the other that I knew they belonged to my companion, Ahmed the banker, and-not to the sun.
    'Inexperience made me feel confused. What should I do in such a circumstance?
   'I decided to continue with my pretence of being asleep. Better that than show my ignorance. The vision of him in the garden pleasuring the woman was still in my mind. I recalled the whiteness of her limbs, the tension of the suspender that gripped both her flesh and her stocking. I also recalled the deep vee of golden fleece pointing between her thighs. It made my body burn with desire.
   'The subterfuge seemed to suit him well. Each time I jittered - as though I really were sleeping and still dreaming - his hand paused. And yet, I did not want it to pause.
   'I felt him ease my pants down over my bottom. The sun kissed my newly exposed flesh in the same friendly way as it would kiss twin melons growing from the same stalk. As I murmured some unintelligible utterings, my dark-eyed banker kissed one buttock then the other. He slid my pants down my legs. He did it very slowly, very gently. He left them loose around one ankle. My body was naked except for that forlorn piece of blackness around my ankle and the matching shred that divided my bare breasts from the gritty sand.
   'I did not move. I did not want him to know I was compliant with what he wanted of me. So, even as he eased my bra top downwards, I did not protest. I merely whimpered slightly as the sand reformed around my bosoms.
   "'You like that," he whispered. "I can see you like the roughness of the sand against your pretty pink nipples. I can see you like the feel of the sun on your bottom too."
   'He was right, but something inside me would not admit it - not even to myself.
   'His hand ran down my back in a soft, gentle sweep. It was the sort of touch you would use to soothe a young horse that is about to take a rider for the first time. It made me hot, but it also made me tremble.
   'Because there was a large hump of sand beneath my hips, my buttocks were raised slightly.
   'I heard him moan as he pushed my legs apart. Ignorant as I was, I did not know whether he was doing this because he liked what he was seeing or because he was experiencing pain. I only knew I liked the touch of his fingers skimming lightly across my flesh and dividing the lips of my sex.
   'I felt his tongue, warm as the sun, wet as the sea, run down the crease of my behind. Where his fingers had been, it too went. Soon I was cooing as he probed the lips of my sex. His fingers became wet with my juices.
   "'That's it, little girl," he said. "Enjoy what I am doing to you. Many other men will do this to you in the future. Some you will remember, most you will forget. But not me. You will never forget me because I was the first and took what no one else will ever take.
   'I didn't know what he meant. As I said, my ideas of sexuality were based upon syrupy novels and films that were all chosen by my father. Right up until that moment, my father had treated me as a child and my mother, being pretty disinterested anyway, had gone along with him.
   'The sun was hot upon my body. At first I was grateful that Ahmed lay over me, his arms rigid, his shadow cool upon me. The coolness did not last. I squeezed my eyes tightly shut and gritted my teeth so that I would not cry out. Something very hard and very hot was pushing its way into my body.
   'I surprised myself and him. Had my hips acquired a mind of their own?
   'Without any real effort I bent my knees, raised my buttocks, but still I did not open my eyes or make a sound. 'Ahmed sighed with happiness. "That's it, little girl. Push yourself onto me and I will open the gate to your perfumed garden."
   'At first I felt the hot tip of his member prod at my moist, aching lips. They opened and let him in. Hard and alien as he was, the muscles of my vagina welcomed him, gripped him as if encouraging him onwards.
   'What tension I felt left me. He did not ram himself into me as he had the woman in the garden. Bit by bit, little by little, he eased himself gently and smoothly into my body. And I welcomed him, willed him to go further.
   'But I still had a hymen and he had not reached that yet. When he did, I felt a hot, searing pain. I cried out and took a deep breath which quickly became no more than a whimper.
   'His breath was hot and rapid against my fear. The consideration he had shown me gradually went. Now his thrusts were more urgent.
   '''All of your life," he said, "I will be the one man you will always - always - remember. I am the man who took your virginity." And he was right.'

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