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ISBN:  9781780804484
Author:  Cathryn Cooper
Word Count:  50,077
Format:  eBook



Act of ExposureAct of Exposure
Anything GoesAnything Goes
Change PartnersChange Partners

'I was lying there in bed after drinking too much champagne. He told me I should be ashamed of myself and needed punishing. I just laughed.
   'I thought that meant he was going to take me across his knee and spank me. He liked doing that and I liked him doing it. But this night was different.
   'I was lying naked, face down and I laughed and pretended to struggle as he spread my legs and bound my ankles and wrists to the bed.
   'He gagged me, and that was alright by me too. Then he smacked my bottom and called me a naughty girl. This was going to be a fun night, I thought. But suddenly I was aware that we were not alone.
   'There was a big dark figure in the room. His shadow fell over me before I actually saw him. We'd played these sort of games before, but never with anyone else, and on this occasion, Jack had not told me that anyone else was coming...'

The Prohibition era has put power in the hands of men like Blue Bonecci, a smooth operator prepared to take any damn thing he fancies. And what he fancies most of all is a willing girl. But when he's finished with one woman he's on to the next without a backward glance, which, in the case of sensual, dark-haired Una, is a big mistake.

Una's desires run deep, and hot nights of passion in Blue's arms are what she desires most. But if she can't have them, then it's time for her own brand of intoxicating and erotic revenge...

Ice shook his head as he came to. The room he was in appeared to be made of rubber because the walls, floor and ceiling kept wobbling and reshaping themselves. Gradually, his vision cleared, and when it did, he wished he was unconscious again.
   Whoever had fashioned this room was into torture in a big way. There were iron cages, cat o' nine tails hanging from the walls, various harnesses and bridles that looked more suited to humans than horses.
   Ice had heard of this sort of thing, though perversion of that kind had never interested him personally.
   Because he knew there were people who did like that sort of thing, and because his mind was still a little groggy and therefore not entirely logical, fear did not overwhelm him - until he saw Una.
   Her sleek, beautiful body was stretched out from ceiling to floor before his eyes. She was naked and her hands were tied high above her head. Thick manacles chained her ankles to the floor.
   Two big guys, one of whom he recognised from the motel reception, stood next to her. Both seemed to be slobbering like huge rabid dogs as their eyes ran over her lean, smooth flesh.
   In other circumstances Ice might have been turned on by it. But fear overwhelmed any sexual response he might have had.
   The called name was nothing but a muffled mumble against the piece of rough cloth that gagged his mouth. It tasted of linseed oil and stale coffee and made him retch, a small discomfort compared to what Una was experiencing.
   He clenched his fists and flexed his muscles in an effort to test the strength of his bonds. He just had to escape. He had to save Una!
   'So you've got me naked and tied up. What next?'
   Ice couldn't believe what he was hearing. Some women would have been crying or hysterical by now. Una was as cool as ice. At first it surprised him, then he realised it shouldn't. After all, hadn't they defied Blue Bonecci, the most powerful hood in Chicago?
   Clever girl, he thought. Keep alert. Keep your wits about you.
   'We're going to let you hang around here for a while. Me and my brother like to take our time.'
   Both the big, black-bearded fellows laughed as one rubbed his round, clothed belly against her naked one, and the other rubbed his against her back.
   'Nice tits, Abe,' said the first brother, the one who they'd met in reception.
   Ice saw Una grit her teeth as a huge hand squeezed one pretty breast, pulling on it as though there were no human being attached to the other end.
   'Nice ass,' the other guy commented.
   Ice was stunned by the way Una remained silent and as still as she could as two huge thumbs divided her buttocks and pressed against the tight knot between them.
   'Never mind, honey, you won't have long to wait,' said the guy who had squeezed her breasts, laughing. 'Be patient, honey. You'll have more than you can manage. We'll start with one of us going in frontwards, and one behind. Then we'll both have your mouth, and then we'll take it from there. And all the time, your boyfriend there will be watching.'
   'Oh really?' Una's expression was as pert as her voice. 'So you two are the sort of guys who need to tie a woman up before they can get a hard-on.'
   Una sounded real sassy. Ice wondered at just how brave a girl she was, or just how headstrong. Either way, she certainly wasn't acting as if sexual bullies could intimidate her.
   The bigger guy grabbed hold of her jaw in his big hand and brought his ugly mug close to her face.
   'Me and my brother Zeke will fuck you as you've never been fucked before, and each time Zeke finishes, I'll fuck you. And each time I finish, Zeke will be ready again. In time you'll be so full of our spunk, it'll be coming out of your mouth and running down your nose. So be patient, honey, and once we're back from taking our Mom shopping, we'll be here to give you our full attention!'
   They laughed as they went, both of them slapping her bottom before leaving and throwing a lecherous, evil look in the direction of Ice, their bound and gagged captive.
   A cloud of dust blew up from the floor as the door slammed behind them.
   Una turned her eyes in Ice's direction.
   'Can you move?'
   Ice wriggled furiously, the rope cutting into his wrists, the gag straining against his mouth.
   Una's sigh was not short of a heart-broken sob. She had been brave enough face to face with her captors. Now she had full knowledge of their intentions, she was terrified and close to breaking point.
   'Please, Ice. You have to do something. You have to!'
   Seeing and hearing her like that gave greater impetus to his efforts.
   Although he felt blood trickle warmly down his wrists, he persevered, gritting his teeth behind the coarse cloth that gagged his mouth as he concentrated all his strength into getting away.
   Whoever had tied him up was no sailor. The knots he used were slack, the sort intended for a horse so it doesn't strangle him if he jerks his head away.
   Once his hands were free, Ice tore the gag from his mouth and gasped for air.
   'Ice!' Una sounded ecstatic.
   Ice tore at the rope that bound his feet. Then he was up and across the room in six long strides.
   She shivered as he pulled her tightly against him.
   'Ice,' Una murmured, her face buried against his neck as his lips kissed her hair.
   'It's OK, baby. It's OK.'
   But he wasn't entirely sure that they were.
   Quickly, he searched in his pockets just to make sure that they had discovered and purloined his weapon. They had.
   As he cuddled Una, he unlocked the manacles. Their captors had been arrogant enough to leave the keys in the locks.
   All the time, he listened intently, his eyes searching the room for a possible weapon, but also in case a shadow fell through the cracked glass of the door.
   'Delicious,' he heard Una murmur. 'Don't untie me just yet. Do it to me. Like this. Just as we are.'
   Ice frowned as he looked into her face and was amazed to see her eyes were glittering and her plum red lips were parted and her tongue was darting in and out like a cobra about to strike.
   Still with her arms fastened above her head, her body undulated against his, her breasts pressing against his chest, the nakedness of her belly against his groin.
   To his own amazement, he felt his penis rising in his pants like a hound that has just got scent of the prey.
   He smelt her scent, the odour of her sexuality filling his head and making him forget that they were in danger, that their captors could come back at any moment.
   'Fuck me,' she said, her voice long, low and saturated with sexuality.
   Despite his fears and his deep-rooted instinct to flee, he ran his hands down her back, feeling the tight nodules of her spine, the rise of her buttocks, the way they curved to the top of her legs.
   Once he had felt her, there was no turning back. He had to follow the sweep of her hips, the swell of her belly. He had to run his fingers through the silky strength of her pubic hairs and delve into the succulent juiciness between.
   What he found there amazed him further. Una was soaking wet and that hard nub usually so well hidden by her sexual lips, was hard, thrusting and jerking slightly against his fingertip.
   'Now,' she pleaded as her hips gyrated against him.
   Ice desired Una more than any woman he had ever known, and being no different than any other man, he could not ignore her demands no matter what danger they were in.
   Besides that, the fact that she was helpless in his hands fired up his own libido. Now he was not only a victim of her demands, but a victim of his own passion.
   His cock was swollen and ready to come out of his trousers. Before inserting it in her vagina, he ran it along the soaking lips of her sex, feeling the waves of flesh divide as he surged towards his goal.
   Una was almost swinging on her chains as the thickness of his erection slid into her.
   There were no words in the sounds she made. She closed her eyes and let her head loll away from him. Like him she had become the slave of her own sex drive.
   'Delicious,' she murmured, her voice sounding small and far away. 'So delicious.'
   His hands worked with serious precision either side of her spine and slid slowly to cover the rising mounds of Una's behind.
   He saw her lashes flicker, her nostrils flare slightly and knew that Una's time was coming. Her orgasm was near, and so was his.
   He detected a delicious shiver running down her spine. His fingers followed it, his hands gripping her behind as she purred against his ear and wriggled her pelvis against his.
   As the most powerful shiver of all ran over her flesh, Ice held himself still until he was sure she was entirely spent. With one long, deep thrust, he let himself go. He had the odd sensation that his penis was covered in a velvet glove that caressed without fingers and spread its feelings of ecstasy all over his body.
   They stayed tightly together, her naked and manacled, him fully clothed, his thoughts turning to the problems of getting away from here.
   'We have to go.'
   His movements quickened.
   Once she was free, Una searched for her clothes. All she found were a pair of janitors overalls and a checked shirt. Both looked clean, as if someone's mother had lovingly washed and pressed them ready for her darling boy to put on.
   'They'll have to do,' she said, chuckling when she saw the look on his face. She rolled up the legs and fixed the straps as high as she could so that the bib rubbed against her neck. The crotch came somewhere near her own, but not near enough.
   Barefoot, and with Ice holding her hand, they made for the door. Ice peered out across the gravel yard, past the sign saying Hot and Cold Running Water, and a more down-at-heel one saying Mom's Yummy Burgers. Yuk!
   Just as Ice was about to open the door, a cloud of dust preceded the arrival of a pick-up truck whose paintwork might have been green, but could just as easily have been blue. Patches of rust connected the two colours.
   'Get back.'
   Ice pushed her behind him as he edged back into the room. Then he spun away from her, his eyes searching again for some weapon that would at least keep the two brothers at bay - even if it meant him holding them off while Una got away.
   The cat was pulled from the wall. A long spear with a slightly African look about it, also looked pretty useful.
   Once fully armed, Ice stood behind the door. Una leaned against the wall directly opposite it.
   The two brothers laughed as they slammed the pick up's doors and sauntered across the gravel...

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