Rebel Girl

Rebel Girl
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ISBN:  9781907753220
Author:  Roxane Beaufort
Word Count:  62,662
Format:  eBook



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Judith stood in the centre of the cell, looking around her. The only light was from a window high up in the stone wall, and this was protected by iron bars. There was no bed, no chair, nothing, and if Steven intended to force himself on her, then it would have to be against the wall or on the bare brick floor. Did he want to starve her into submission, seeing her grovel? His behaviour suggested he would. She had hurt his pride, and this was all important to him.

Repressed Lady Judith, unhappily married to Parliamentarian supporter Lord Steven Ashley, is surprised when he brings an enemy prisoner to their manor house. The handsome Cavalier is addressed as Captain, but is in fact a woman, Countess Antonia Durward, and she heads a troop of soldiers, male and female.

Eighteen year old Judith hates her middle-aged husband, who thinks it his right to chastise her for the smallest misdemeanour. She and the Countess escape and Judith joins Durward’s she-soldiers, their lives fraught with danger as the war progresses and the Royalists face defeat. They head for France where she helps Isobel Thorley, a wickedly attractive bisexual courtesan, open a high-class brothel. At last Judith is enjoying a freedom never before experienced, and swears never to return to her husband and the Puritan way of life...

Judith was permitted to wear her own clothes, taken from the armoire and the tallboy drawers. She had expected to be returned to the dungeons, but it seemed that Steven had other plans, wanting to impress Colonel Bennet. Loathsome though it was to share a bed with him she did not protest, knowing it would have been useless, and aware that she might have become seriously ill down there in the cold.
   Mrs Moffat was in complete charge of the household now, never referring to Judith. She was in her element, worse than even before, bullying the maidservants, using her cane on them mercilessly and ignoring Judith when she remonstrated. The men came under the jurisdiction of Mr Barnes and he was strict enough, but nothing like the tyrannical Mrs Moffat.
   In the old days Judith had hardly ever argued with her, but had been given a certain status now removed. She was a puppet mistress with no power, always conscious of the woman spying and reporting her every movement or utterance to Steven.
   The first few days were exceedingly difficult. Steven lost no opportunity to humiliate her in front of everyone. She was not permitted to set foot outside, confined to the bedroom unless escorted to the solar, where she was allowed to work at her embroidery frame. Newly accustomed to a life of activity and travel, boredom reduced her to almost screaming pitch. Her thoughts ran to Antonia and Frankie and, above all, Mark. Where were they? Did they know of her plight? She spent hours fretting over plans of escape, but guessed that she'd been first time lucky and that it was unlikely to happen again.
   The days were better than the nights, for Steven seemed to be insatiable, his lust for punishment as great as that for copulation, and this was all she could call it, for there was no love or tenderness involved. She simply closed her eyes and thought of Mark, although by now he seemed a distant, beautiful dream.
   One morning, after being awake for some time listening to the sounds of the servants going about their duties, and Steven's snores, she could stand it no more, risking a beating by shaking him and snapping, 'How much longer am I to endure this treatment?'
   He started up, an unpleasant sight with his stubbly jaw and sparse hair. 'What ails you, woman? How dare you give me such a rude awakening?'
   She leapt from the bed, a naked termagant, hands on her hips. Let him do his worst! 'I'm sick and tired of being treated with scorn by everyone. You have no right to do this. If you can't give me back my rights as mistress here then let me go. I'll trouble you no more.'
   He was up in a flash, ridiculous in his crumpled nightshirt. He seized her, shook her, and marched her to the bed. There he ripped off the curtain cords and lashed her wrists to the post. She kicked out but he soon had her ankles tethered. Then he stood back, smiling grimly.
   'You have no right to demand anything. I shall do with you as I wish. Colonel Bennet and his entourage will be arriving today, so you need something to remind you that I demand impeccable behaviour.' He strode to the door and shouted, 'Mrs Moffat!'
   This was the last straw. Judith swore like a fishwife, shouting and cursing. Mrs Moffat appeared, cast one glance at her and said, 'What can I do for you, my lord?'
   'Her ladyship is demanding more freedom,' he answered coldly, flicking his whip over Judith's thighs.
   'But this is against your wishes, isn't it, my lord?' Mrs Moffat was watching the path of that vicious strip of leather with interest.    'I thought you had given orders that she was not to be obeyed or allowed out of the house.'
   'That is correct.' Almost caressingly he trailed the whip over Judith's bare breasts and across her belly, ending where the thatch of fair hair covered her pubis. 'You have played your part, I presume, issuing orders to members of the household?'
   'I have, sir. They dare not disobey me.'
   'I'm glad to hear it. As you know we are expecting company. I must prepare to meet them but Lady Judith needs reprimanding, so can I leave the task to you? Six stokes, I think.' He went to hand the whip to Mrs Moffat.
   'It will be a pleasure, your lordship.' She hesitated, then said, 'Might I use my cane, sir? It proves mighty effective with the maids.'
   'Certainly, and when I am ready I shall return and perform my husbandly duty. It is necessary that we have an heir. Do you understand?'
   'Perfectly, sir.' There was a panting eagerness about Mrs Moffat that Judith found most offensive.
   'You can't really be ordering this menial to cane me?' she gasped indignantly.
   'You deserve no better.' He thrust his face close to hers. 'I'll have no more of your defiance, madam. Is that understood? If it happens again I'll have you flogged in front of all the staff, no matter how lowly their station.'
   He stalked into the dressing-room, after summoning his manservant, who passed Judith with a smirk. Mrs Moffat approached her, grinning as she raised the cane. It landed across Judith's stomach and she could not restrain a cry. Another followed, but she would not let Mrs Moffat see how much she was suffering. Looking at her, trying to shame her into stopping, it was obvious that she was excited by her task. There was sweat beading her upper lip and the smell of arousal wafting from her. Memories of Isobel's orgy flashed through Judith's brain. There she had learned that some like using the whip while others found satisfaction in being the victim. Mrs Moffat was one of the former, despite her Puritan ways.
   The pain was becoming unendurable and Judith writhed in her bonds, but there was no relief until her tormenter counted six. Then the cords were untied and Judith, still retaining her pride, sat on the edge of the bed. She would not give Mrs Moffat the enjoyment of seeing her examine the red stripes that marred her skin.
   The woman laid down the cane, still sweating and panting, her voice almost reverent as she said, 'His lordship will be back shortly.'
   Judith glared at her, hissing, 'Why don't you bed him? It's plain that is what you want. Have him. Take him. He is no use to me.'
   'That is a wicked thing to say!' Mrs Moffat was so indignant that Judith thought she was about to seize the cane and strike her again.
   'Well, surely you should know by now that I am very, very wicked,' Judith scoffed. 'I've met the Devil Prince himself, and his dog Boye, until some bastard Roundhead shot the harmless animal.'
   Mrs Moffat shuddered and Judith smiled wryly. 'If you had been a Catholic you would have crossed yourself at the mention of his name.'
   'The master is right when he says you are dangerous.' Mrs Moffat raised her voice in indignation. 'Those evil Royalists have corrupted you. It is only through his mercy that you are still alive.'
   Judith was recovering, though her body still throbbed. She chose to ignore the housekeeper's last taunt. 'Fetch my clothes,' she ordered, as if the incident had never happened. 'And have hot water brought up. Prepare the wash basin and I need soap.'
   'Don't obey her, Mrs Moffat.' Steven came in at that moment, fully attired. 'Leave us now. I will take care of madam.' She scuttled out with a backward sneering glance at Judith. He walked over to where she sat. 'Still defiant, wife? I see that you haven't yet learnt your lesson. My guests will be here this afternoon, so there is still time for further taming.'
   She wished so much that she possessed the muscles of a man as he held her and forced his mouth down on hers, his tongue parting her lips. She twisted away but he dragged her to the side-table and pushed her over it brutally, face down, arms spread out and her nakedness on display. A blow across the head stunned her and he pushed a hand between her buttocks, opening her to his gaze. Regaining her senses she continued to struggle, but could feel his naked cock against her vagina.
   Expecting him to thrust she braced herself, but he raised his hand and she yelped as he spanked her vulnerable buttocks. The imprint of his palm was like a brand burning into her. Her cry roused him to a frenzy and he spanked her again and again. She sagged across the table's surface and he could hold back no longer, pushing his organ into her dry channel and taking his fill of her.

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