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ISBN:  9781780800943
Author:  Cathryn Cooper
Word Count:  61,849
Format:  eBook



Act of ExposureAct of Exposure
Anything GoesAnything Goes
Change PartnersChange Partners
Green SilkGreen Silk

Overwhelmed by the moment, Raymonde revelled in the heat and softness of Virginia's body. His hands stroked her breasts as she writhed against him, her cries of delight lost on his tongue. He was prepared to be her slave...

Virginia Vernon has a way with men. Though not born to silks and satins now she wears them every day, her exquisite form an inspiration to every lustful male who falls into her orbit. Her charms have won her a life of luxury - and she intends to maintain it.

This is why she is embarking on the legendary Orient Express, the most stylish means of travel that 1927 can offer. Her fellow passengers are elegant, beautiful - and very wealthy. They are also expert in a sphere that is just as important to Virginia's well-being: sex. On this trip she intends to hook a rich and virile husband even if she has to seduce every man in her path!

Her eyes searched the square, centred on the other alleys that ran between sleepy houses where yellow, green and brown stucco peeled off in blistering patches.
   Which way, she asked herself? Which way?
   A sharp, loud crack suddenly sounded. Pigeons, disturbed from their midday snooze, shot up into the air, a mass of feathers and fluttering wings.
   Panic was overcome but Virginia felt confused. Did she recognise that sound? She had a feeling she did.
   Suddenly, before the pigeons barely had time to resettle in their favourite roosts, a second crack sounded.
   'My God!' exclaimed Virginia. 'It's a gun.'
   She stared in the direction from where she thought the shot had come. Self-preservation overcame curiosity.
   Wary and now fully alert to the fact that she was in a foreign country that had experienced some political upheavals of late, she ran across to the north side of the square and backed into a doorway that was half hidden by shadows.
   It was not a moment too soon. Running footsteps in one of the adjacent alleys became louder. They were coming her way. She pressed herself more tightly against the door behind her.
   There was darkness all around. Sunlight bathed the square before her eyes. Then suddenly, it was blanked out from her vision.
   A man with wild eyes appeared in front of her. He looked surprised to see her there. She started, wanted to scream. Fear replaced surprise on the young man's face.
   From where she stood, Virginia smelt his body and his fear. His hair and face were wet with sweat and blood.
   She cried a small cry and raised her hand before her face. The smell of sweat still assaulted her senses.
   He seemed to hang there, his hands bracing him in the stone surround of the doorway. Like his face, his hands were also wet with sweat and blood. She noticed something else too.
   She looked again and stared at the gun that hung from his left hand.
   A gun! He was going to kill her.
   'Oh no,' she muttered. 'Don't kill me. Not now. Not dressed like this.'
   He cocked his head and frowned. 'English?'
   The young man was speaking to her, yet what he said seemed to take a long time to sink into her brain.
   'English?' he repeated again. His bruised jaw hung open. His breath came in short, sharp gasps as though his chest were hurting him.
   'Yes.' She nodded. Stupid to think amusing thoughts at such a time, but she wondered whether he was out hunting for tourists! 'Don't be an idiot,' she warned herself.
   With obvious agitation, the young man looked behind him towards the direction he had come.
   He looked back at her and, as he did so, a lopsided grin appeared. He winced. Obviously grinning hurt him. She wondered how many of his teeth were broken and, as she wondered, a mix of saliva and blood ran from the corner of his mouth.
   'Do not be afraid. I am not going to hurt you.' His voice was coarse, though surprisingly gentle.
   Virginia took a thankful breath. 'Good. I'm glad about that.'
   A puzzled frown appeared again on his face. He cocked his head to one side.
   'I do not think I will shoot you. You are too pretty a woman for me to want to kill you. But if you are rich then I will take you with me.' He made a grab for her arm. 'How much ransom would I get for you?'
   He tried to drag her from the doorway. She braced her legs, refused to move. She had to gain time for his pursuers to catch up with him.
   It was a wild thought and a wild gesture, but to Virginia it seemed her only hope.
   With a swiftness born of self-preservation, she undid the buttons of her coat and swept it away from her body.
   The young man gasped. His eyes stared and all the fear in them was suddenly replaced with sheer lust.
   Still with the gun in his hand, he reached out. As he trailed his fingers over her naked flesh, she felt also the touch of the cold steel weapon. She shivered.
   Her breasts rose and fell more quickly. Her breathing began to match his as both his hand and the gun were pressed against her breast.
   'Have you any money?' he suddenly asked.
   She sighed, disappointed that he really was no more than a mere robber. But perhaps he was also a liar and might shoot her yet. Handsome as he was, she couldn't help welcoming the sound of more running footsteps. They were accompanied by a male voice shouting, orders being barked out in quick succession.
   Police, she thought, or military.
   She saw the fear in his eyes.
   As he tugged her handbag from her grasp, he kissed her cheek.
   'I'll get your bag back to you,' he cried, then was gone. Virginia wrapped her coat back around her. There was barely time to rebutton it before the silent square was a mass of moving men and shouting people.
   Those living behind the crumbling edifices that surrounded the square now woke from their slumbers and reveries to throw open blinds and shout opinions of what was going on to their neighbours.
   Before she had time to make herself completely presentable, three soldiers were standing before her, their bayonets pointing in her direction.
   One of them barked an order.
   Virginia took a deep breath and raised her head high. 'I'm sorry,' she exclaimed in a high and mighty fashion. 'I'm English. I don't understand what you're saying.'
   'You sound like a memsahib,' she told herself. Never mind. At times like these it paid to be overbearing. Anything was better than showing fear.
   One of the soldiers shouted something over his shoulder. Like the parting of the Red Sea, the whole bunch of them edged aside as another man with a more flamboyant uniform and feathers in his hat filled her eyes and blocked the view of the square.
   Virginia shrank back.
   She didn't like the hardness in this man's eyes, the squareness of his unrelenting features, the thin mouth, the black moustache.
   A gold filling glinted as he smiled. His eyes swept her body, the clenched fists and the coat she gripped in her hands. She immediately read all the signs of what he intended to do. He turned to his men and ordered them away.
   Virginia shivered. There was only him between her and freedom. Dare she make an attempt to escape?
   She assessed her chances. Granted she might be able to aim a kick at his crotch and duck under his arm. But what about when she got into the square? One word of command to his soldiers and she could be lying dead.
   The officer turned back to her. He seemed familiar, though she couldn't say why.
   In a sudden show of courtesy, he took off his hat and bowed in an abrupt manner.
   'Lieutenant Andreas Corellia, Miss Vernon. At your service.' Once his hat was back on his head, he saluted her.
   Virginia looked at him in surprise. 'How did you know...?'
   'I saw you at the station, Miss Vernon. Perhaps you could tell me why you are so far from your train.'
   Virginia heaved a sigh of relief before speaking. 'You know me?' she asked querulously.
   He came a little closer. His gold filling seemed to be reflected by a glint in his eyes.
   'You would not have noticed, Miss Vernon. You swept past me with barely a glance in my direction. But I spoke to the lady who was with you. I like to find out about people that interest me. Finding you here at the same time as an escaped felon is of even more interest to me. Now. Tell me what you know about Alphonse Ameretti.'
   Virginia looked bemused. 'If you mean the man who just ran off with my handbag, I know nothing at all about him.'
   She winced as the back of the officer's hand landed with enough force on her cheek to jerk her head to one side.
   'You had better be telling the truth, Miss Vernon.'
   Whilst rubbing her scalding cheek, she blinked and concentrated her gaze on the officer.
   'I am telling the truth. I got lost. The man you want demanded money, then he heard you coming so he snatched my handbag and ran away.'
   The officer raised his hand again.
   'It's the truth,' Virginia blurted, and before she remembered that her coat was still half undone, she had raised her hands before her face.
   A pale pink nipple broke through the opening. Its appearance did not go unnoticed.
   Virginia sucked in her breath and tried not to show the fear she was feeling inside.
   The officer was no longer looking at her face. His eyes were on her naked breast. His hand slid beneath her coat and covered it.
   'Bellissima!' the officer exclaimed, his eyes bright, his tongue slippery and wet as it slid over his lips.
   She shivered at his touch, but instinctively knew she must not show any repugnance. She must submit.
   As he squeezed her breast, she wondered if this same hand had also been responsible for the blood that ran over Alphonse Ameretti's face and hands. Somewhere, she guessed, there was a place where the police and military committed acts of torture. That was where the fugitive must have escaped from. It was a place that she must seek to avoid.
   Her thoughts gave wings to her fear. She could not allow either morals or shyness to impair her chance of escape.
   Slowly, as the officer concentrated on squeezing her bosom, she undid those buttons she had managed to do up.
   Suddenly her coat was open.
   She took hold of its front edges and spread them wide. All the officer's hardness lessened - at least it did on his face and in his frame.
   Virginia noticed movement in his loins. But then, how could he not become erect at the sight of her?
   There she was, coat spread wide, clad only in a white turban, matching shoes and silk stockings held up with a pair of pretty garters.
   'Do you believe me now, lieutenant?' she purred. 'As you can see, I have nothing to hide.' She opened her legs slightly. His eyes went to the patch of glossy hair that nestled like silk between her legs. She saw him sniff, knew he was smelling her sex.
   She could see he was wondering what to do next. Was she to go to some hidden torture chamber, or was he to settle the matter here and now?
   He made a low, murmuring kind of sound before he answered. 'I will tell you in a moment when I have finished with you.'
   She had won, though he could not possibly know that. Before her eyes, he quickly loosened his belt then undid the buttons of his flies.
   Her eyes followed the progress of his hand as he pulled his member away from his body and out into the air.
   He looked at her proudly and waved his weapon as though he were going to beat her with it. It was certainly big enough.
   Virginia took a deep breath. Could she manage such a large penis? It was no less than ten inches long and of a generous circumference.
   She looked up into his face, saw the cruelty behind the lust, and decided she had no choice.
   He entered her first from the front, his hands playing with her breasts as he thrust into her.
   She groaned and at one stage she couldn't help but cry out. He was such a well-endowed man, too big even for someone of her experience. Her cries would have got much louder if he hadn't muffled them with his hand. He covered her mouth until every last inch of him was tightly embedded in her vagina.

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