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Afghan Bound

Afghan Bound£3.99

Properly trained, submissive women can find immense pleasure too...

All for her Master

All for her Master£3.99

Constance was looking for the perfect master... and the perfect master demanded the perfect slave!

Annie - Meadhonach

Annie - Meadhonach£2.99

A lewd tale of flagellation, bondage, domination and submission that will turn up your toes.

Bound for the Top

Bound for the Top£3.99

Jane is led into the clutches of a secret brotherhood devoted to corrective practices.

Debbie's Dilemma

Debbie's Dilemma£1.00

Debbie discovers her supposed sanctuary is run by someone who loves tormenting sweet flesh...

Deceived and Enslaved

Deceived and Enslaved£3.99

Lillian's pride is stripped away, forcing her into submission. The trap is truly sprung!

Devil's Paradise

Devil's Paradise£3.99

Armand Tertius, scourge of the Caribbean, introduces Lady Romilly to pain and pleasure...

Hard Strokes

Hard Strokes£3.99

With a houseful of maids in need of discipline, cane strap and paddle have never been busier.

Learning to Crawl

Learning to Crawl£3.99

Tormented by men and women alike, Gwen loses herself to the seduction of total slavery.

Mastering Deirdre

Mastering Deirdre£3.99

Deirdre explores her hidden submissive nature, helplessly enduring daily spankings.

Miami Bound

Miami Bound£3.99

Miami Bound follows David across America, and witnesses one man's excess in search of pleasure.

Nordic Bound

Nordic Bound£3.99

David uses the skills learned overseas for training in Camelot, his school for submissive women.

Obliged to Bend

Obliged to Bend£3.99

James has plans for his three new young wards, involving his collection of canes, straps, paddles and whips.

Perfect Slave

Perfect Slave£3.99

Andrea dreams of being a slave, bound and whipped and made to obey her master.

Perfect Slave Abroad

Perfect Slave Abroad£3.99

Pedro is infatuated with Andrea, kidnaps her, and proves that domination is a family trait.

Sins of the Sect

Sins of the Sect£3.99

Are Kate and her young sister, Debbie, doomed to a life of humiliation and submission...?

The Chaste Legacy

The Chaste Legacy£3.99

Without realising it, Corinda finds herself the prisoner of a Greek sex trafficker.

The Chastening of Samantha

The Chastening of Samantha£2.99

Samantha is offered a choice: jail or corporal punishment and sexual servitude to her masters.

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