Miami Bound

Miami Bound
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ISBN:  9781907753923
Author:  Henry Morgan
Word Count:  62,693
Format:  eBook



Afghan BoundAfghan Bound
Nordic BoundNordic Bound

'Big bad Ralph is a naughty man,' she added breathlessly. 'He ties me up and pushes things into me - all sorts of things. I'm a bad girl... you should spank me.'
   Without any further tempting required, he smacked her bottom so hard it sent searing bolts of sensation surging through her delicate frame. She cried out as if unable to believe how much it hurt, and he spanked her again, and again, remembering how it felt to have his palm stinging as it made contact with hot flesh.

After fleeing his pursuers across the icy wastes of northern Russia, David Harper has finally arrived in the USA. His enemy is dead, his friend is reconciled and he has two Lapp females to sell before he starts the adventure of his lifetime.

He's had enough of the stark beauty of the tundra. He's convened with his Gods and developed his spiritual side long enough. It's time he learned how to party. On the road to Miami he meets an old acquaintance, develops some new ones, and learns that the land of the free is also filled with crazy oddballs; motorbike gangs, native Americans, black supremacists, white supremacists, rich bitches and even richer sugar daddies. It only happens in America and it takes only money to get what he wants and do what he wants - and he wants plenty.

Miami Bound follows David from the most northern state in America to the white sandy beaches of the sunshine state, and it witnesses one man's excess in search of pleasure. Can he get to Miami before Uncle Sam gets to him?

She sat down again. 'Sooner or later, something will come up. I'll get a job. I might do some modelling, like you were saying in the restaurant. You must think I could do it or you wouldn't have made that joke.'
   'Well then, maybe the street's the best place for you right now.' He resumed his place beside her on the cushions. 'If you can learn to look after yourself there, you should be able to handle all the men who'll promise you anything in return for a few favours.'
   'I know all about them already, that's why I sleep on boats.'
   'Oh?' The tone in her voice suggested to him that she was not quite as naive as he had believed her to be. 'What do you mean?'
   'I learned fast.' She took a long swig of vodka. 'My first night in the harbour, I slept on a boat because I thought I'd be safe. I thought people who owned boats were rich and decent and wouldn't kick me off. I was so tired that when I found an unlocked cabin, I just sneaked in and went straight to sleep. I didn't even use one of the beds because I didn't want to make a mess.'
   'And what happened then?'
   'The owner came back. I broke down and told him everything, and he said I could stay on the boat if I kept it tidy and did a few things for him.'
  'What sort of things?' David asked sharply, and when she didn't answer, he began questioning his earlier appraisal of her. He was spot-on about so much, yet he obviously had a lot more to learn. 'How did you reply to his offer?'
   'I let him do what he wanted,' she answered quietly. 'I was desperate.'
   David shifted his position and sat facing her, his back to Elliot Bay. 'So, he let you sleep on his boat if you had sex with him?'
   'It was like a business deal,' she said defensively. 'He'd come around in the morning and fuck me before he went to work.'
  His jaw dropped at the casual way she said the word 'fuck'. This lovely young woman, who obviously knew so little about anything, admitted to being fucked as if she were merely talking about mowing the lawn.
  'But then he got sort of kinky,' she went on, 'and said I had to put it in my mouth. I didn't really want to, but I could tell he loved it. He was a lot older than me, in his late forties, maybe even his early fifties.'
   'Was it his boat you were going back to tonight?'
   'No, I left that behind me. Now I just sleep on the boats in secret. I left him after he brought his work buddies over one night.'
   'Did he share you with them?'
   'Yeah, he did,' she answered coolly, 'but I did it just that once; pulled a train for them, I mean.'
   David was having trouble controlling his swelling penis. His intentions had been good from the beginning, but the way she was talking was inevitably affecting him. The problem was he could not be sure she knew what she was doing; her casual attitude might only be a brave act. 'So...' he cleared his throat in a vain effort to alleviate some of his growing physical tension, 'you didn't stay on the boat?'
   'No. Bob made it perfectly clear that while I was on his boat, I had to obey his rules. If his friends were coming over to catch a train, I had to be at the station. So the morning after the gangbang, I was out of there.' She pulled a pack of cigarettes from her shirt pocket, and offered him one.
   He had given up smoking when he couldn't get any Loki in Wales, but he sensed now was the moment to start up again. He accepted the cigarette, and then the lighter she handed him. They exhaled their first drags simultaneously, their breaths mingling in the air between them as he remarked, 'Bit of a shock for a country girl. I'm surprised you never caught the next bus home.'
   'I'm surprised myself,' she confessed. 'But once you've crossed that line, it all gets easier. I even sort of liked it when Bob and his friends were encouraging me by telling me how beautiful I was.' With her free hand she began undoing the buttons of her shirt. 'I was always embarrassed because I thought I had small breasts, but Bob loved them, and so did his friends. They kept saying they were perfect, like little apples in their hands.' She pulled open her shirt and revealed a white bra that almost seemed to glow in the moonlight. 'What do you think?'
   'They look fine to me.'
   She tugged her bra down and exposed both her breasts, which suited her petite frame perfectly. They were round and firm, and the dark stems of her nipples did indeed evoke snow-covered apples. She took a drag of her cigarette, and blew the smoke down over her bosom.
   David's penis grew even thicker inside his trousers, demanding to be released and allowed to do its work. He fought to control his desire, but failed miserably when she shrugged off her shirt and pulled her bra off completely. Then she stood up and held the cigarette between her lips to unbuckle her jeans. She began pushing them down, and her white panties followed the tight denim so her curly dark pubic hair sneaked into view.
   'Oops,' she giggled, tossing her cigarette carelessly over the balcony, 'I showed you too much.'
   David was silent as she held her panties up with one hand and shoved her tight jeans down with the other. 'I just wanted to see if you liked my ass.' She turned around, placed her hands flat against the hotel wall, and pushed her bottom out towards him. The moonlight reflected off her white cotton underwear. 'Well?' she asked, a note of uncertainty creeping into her flirtatious tone as he remained silent.
  Her buttocks were young and firm and curved out nicely in all the right places. 'Lovely,' he said, and drawing deeply on his cigarette slowly exhaled the word, 'Beautiful...'
   'Of course, it might look even better if I was naked,' she suggested softly.
   He swallowed hard; his throat was dry, and it was not from the cigarette smoke. 'It might,' he agreed quietly. 'I think you should let me see it.'
   'Without my panties?'
   'Yes.' He adjusted his trousers to accommodate the hard-on pressing against his zipper.
   'Well... okay.' Still facing the wall, she slipped her panties all the way down to her ankles. Then she pulled off her sneakers and stepped out of both her jeans and her undergarment, kicking them both aside carelessly.
   'Why don't you bend over,' he suggested as casually as he could.
   She pushed herself away from the wall, spread her legs, and reached down for her ankles. 'Like this?' she asked coyly.
   In the moonlight the rich folds of her pussy glistened with a wet pink sheen, and a small dark space revealed the entrance to her body's innermost shrine. This girl had been stretched, and recently. David carefully put out his cigarette, inched himself forward, and inhaled her fragrance. She smelled strong and musky; she had obviously been fucked within the last day or two. He moved closer... the scent of sex mingled with perspiration and perfume was stronger now. His tongue reached out, and touched the tangy lips of her labia - the smooth, firm and deliciously soft satin curtains protecting the dark portal leading into the mysteries of her flesh. And above them beckoned the puckered starfish of her anus. He licked her again, tasting the slick and salty juices of her young pussy.
   She moaned and pushed her vulva back into his face.
   He grabbed hold of her hips, and penetrated her sphincter with the tip of his nose as his tongue lashed deep and hard into her cleft.
   She let go of her ankles and braced herself against the wall, keeping her legs perfectly straight and her pussy directly in line with his penetrating tongue. She panted and whimpered as he ate her, and it wasn't long before her whole body tensed in the grip of an orgasm that seemed to wrench itself out of her flesh like a possessing spirit wailing across the Seattle skyline. She sank down onto her hands and knees, and David lost no time. He barely noticed freeing his rigid penis from its confinement as it swiftly found its way home to the centre of its universe - a warm pussy. He slipped his arms around her and fondled her breasts as he rode her lovely body. She parted for him easily, allowing him smooth passage as she moved in rhythm with him.
   'You're a little loose,' he scolded her. 'Someone's been here before me.'
   'Ralph,' she murmured contentedly. 'Big bad Ralph.'
   David picked up the pace, pushing firmly into her, relishing the feel of his prick cushioned by her wet feminine luxury.
   'Big bad Ralph is a naughty man,' she added breathlessly. 'He ties me up and pushes things into me - all sorts of things. I'm a bad girl... you should spank me.'
   Without any further tempting required, he smacked her bottom so hard it sent searing bolts of sensation surging through her delicate frame. She cried out as if unable to believe how much it hurt, and he spanked her again, and again, remembering how it felt to have his palm stinging as it made contact with hot flesh.
   'Oh, God,' she moaned, 'harder... please...'
   Her prayer was answered with a vengeance as he grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulled her head back, and delivered an almighty smack across her taut young buttocks...
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This book is just a 2.6 or 2.7
Thursday, 9 October 2014  | 

Unlike the previous two books, Afghan Bound and Nordic Bound, Miami Bound loss its steam when the plot headed to Miami.

Though the story was an OK read, the adventure I got reading the other two books was lacking in this one. The sex was still hot as hell, but it sort of lacked substance. I guess I was hoping for a more resolved ending, but it is still worth reading. I wasn't overly disappointed.

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