Nordic Bound

Nordic Bound
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ISBN:  9781907753916
Author:  Henry Morgan
Word Count:  73,197
Format:  eBook



Afghan BoundAfghan Bound
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He spoke no English, but he made himself quite clear with a grunt and a nod of his head to his groin, so Sabrina, too hungry and weary to protest, rose to her knees and pulled at his zip. It was difficult because the trousers were so old and there were several teeth missing from the zipper, but when she did eventually manage it she revealed a pair of underpants that matched the brute's vest in that they were torn and soiled too. His semi-turgid cock poked rudely from the front, and he thrust his hips towards her as a sign of his impatience.
Training women was a skill David Harper learned in Afghanistan. He continued using those skills back in Camelot, his school for submissive women in England. He would be using them still had a chance meeting with Justin, an old school friend, not taken place.

Now betrayed, by Justin and Sabrina, David is on the run. Across thousands of miles of Arctic tundra they pursue him.

Sabrina is willing to undergo any humiliation to recapture David, and Justin is made to pay the price when things go wrong. But he is growing tired of playing second fiddle to a girl who once begged him to make love but now scorns him.

As the journey comes to a close in Alaska, doubts creep into Justin's mind about chasing his one time friend and he must ask himself which side he is on.

Is it to be David and a return to male supremacy, or Sabrina and a lifetime of servitude?

The crack of the sealskin whip was quite distinctive over the spit of pine bark burning on the fire. Orange flames danced and the scent of pine spiralled towards the gap in the log cabin roof. Outside, in the reflected light of fresh snow, the perfumed smoke billowed upwards and in the distance a lone wolf howled at the full moon; a huge shining sixpence that seemed to take up every inch of the velvet sky.
   David Harper ran his fingers through the soft fur of a caribou pelt, reclined in its luxury and used the body of an elephant seal for a pillow. Apart from her chubby red face, sown inside the animal skin was Teena, a young, clear skinned Lapp. She had been put naked into the seal while David administered a corporal lesson to her sister, Mishka. The girls had not prepared the cabin for David's return as he had instructed, and now he found himself once more defining the roles of the two who shared his home.
   In the light from the fire Mishka's bottom radiated an iridescent glow as evidence of the soft whip that had striped her taut flesh.    She remained on her knees until the marks hardened into lifted weals. Seeing this, David left the comfort of the fur-strewn floor and guided the naked girl outside. The strip of warm light from the cabin doorway cut into the blackness forming a shaft of light upon the pure unsullied snow. Mishka was marched to the edge of darkness, each footstep in the deep snow releasing a loud crack to break the silence of the night. David forced the girl down into a squatting position. She resisted, her hot freshly striped bottom remaining an inch or so above the icy rasp of snow.
  'Plish,' she begged, using the few English words she had managed to learn from him. 'Plish. Not sit in snow.' Her breath gathered into clouds and was broken up by the cold wind, along with her plea for mercy.
  David noticed Mishka's erect nipples, smiled and pushed her down until her bottom touched the freezing crystals and she released a partly stemmed cry of anguish. Away on a rocky outcrop the wolf stopped his howling in sympathy for her, seemingly recognising that Mishka's chilled discomfort masked even his desolate feelings of loneliness.
   Satisfied that she had learned her lesson, David took the girl inside. He returned to his place among the dozens of furs on the floor while the naked Mishka placed more wood on the fire. As the flames grew in intensity, the black-haired ebony-eyed girl took her place by his feet. Her lesson was over; Teena's would soon be starting.
  David stabbed a toe into Mishka's leg and gestured toward a small trap door in the floor. The girl got up, grimaced at the throbbing of her still smarting bottom and went across. The wooden door covered a hole dug deep into the ground. It was used as a natural refrigerator and contained several cuts of meat and the hind legs of a caribou. There was also a steel container that held David's supply of vodka. Mishka poured him his measure into a cup made from horn, and he motioned for her to sit at his feet again. She did so, her legs tucked underneath her bottom, her back straight, breasts pushed out proudly. David sipped the alcohol, noticing how the liquid moved thick and sluggishly when it was kept in freezing temperatures. A small pool of vodka gathered in a dip he formed in his tongue and he breathed in deeply. The alcohol fumes went straight into his lungs and he felt its effect immediately; his head became light and his eyes failed to focus on the naked girl. He reclined lazily, his head propped against the encased Teena, and he drifted into a light sleep.
   On the surface David should have been a happy man. He owned two beautiful Lapp girls, a ski sled, rifles and furs. His cabin was very comfortable and being deep in the forests of Finland's far north, it provided extreme privacy. But he knew it wouldn't last. Sooner or later Justin and Sabrina would seek him out and try to take him back to Britain, and once again put him to stud.
   He grew agitated. Mishka leaned forward and took the horn from his hand. She placed it on a low, heavy wooden table and then sat back as David had earlier instructed. As his face distorted, betraying his anguish, Mishka noticed his cock begin to twitch. She knew the dreams that often tormented him had returned. The helmet of his swelling cock pushed against the two small silver balls that were connected to each other by an impaling barbell through his glans. They were a piercing reminder of his past, which was why David refused to remove them. Sometimes, when he watched the girls make love in front of the fire while he smoked loki, a root with similar properties to cannabis, it was easy to forget what they had done to him. It would be simple to forget without the ampallang barbell. He needed that, and he needed the guiche ring, a silver hoop Sabrina had put through his scrotum between his anus and balls.
   When Sabrina was putting him to stud she would dress herself up in a short, tight, black dress. Towering on black stiletto shoes, immaculate in her make-up, she would lead David, naked, by a steel lead attached to his guiche piercing. They would enter the room and, after Sabrina had discussed terms with the other woman, he would be forced to mount and pleasure her until she was satisfied. Then he would be tethered, sometimes with other males, while the women smoked and drank late into the night. The humiliation hurt David. He was not to be trained. He was a trainer who had learned his art in Afghanistan and Pakistan and he had brought that art to Britain, where he set up his own training school. A training school for women, where women were re-educated, where they were taught to succumb to the requirements, to the desires, to the needs of their men. How some of them had squealed and begged and pleaded not to feel the tawse again. And how, by the time they finished their education, they willingly lapped his sperm, eagerly sought his praise by offering their oiled vaginas for his stiff cock.
   Life was good then; it was ordered, it was right. It had been right, until his one time friend, Justin, had betrayed him with Sabrina, his last pupil. They turned the tables on him, made him the slave and them his master. His anger subsided quicker than usual when pictures of Emily, his first pupil, flooded his mind. How she had taken those men on the snooker table at the newly founded Clifftop Club, without complaint, without hesitation but with total and utter obedience.
   His cock grew until it became uncomfortable. In its bid to obtain satisfaction it had woken him like a persistent ache. David opened his eyes and was greeted by Mishka, still naked and waiting by his feet. He nodded at the table and she returned his drink to his hand. The clear liquid provided a stimulating kick to his system and he glanced towards his turgid prick. Recognising the signal, Mishka dipped her head and welcomed the metal-clad member into her mouth. The sensation of her tongue over the silver spheres of the barbell set his cock as hard as iron and it demanded release. Mishka's head bobbed continually, her eyes closed, her bottom pointed beautifully upwards. The girls were such a comfort in winter when the night lasted for almost twenty-four hours. Now that he had trained them they were perfect companions for a man alone in the wilds.
   He allowed Mishka several more minutes before he motioned for her to stop. Despite feeling very tired and relaxed he realised that Teena had not undergone her lesson. David was aware that one lapse, one concession, would show a weakness that could be exploited. He couldn't allow that to happen. If the girls lost faith in his dominance they would lose confidence in his ability to control them and their surroundings. David stood up alongside the kneeling Lapp girl. His naked body was well muscled and defined, the consequence of hard living on the run from Justin and Sabrina. It looked good and healthy and David felt that way too. He was covered in a fine sheen of sweat that, he had learned, the girls loved to lick from his body. His solid cock stood up like a pole, the turgid bell-end an inch or so from Mishka's face. He allowed the girl to take some sweat from his thighs then he turned, and she was delighted to lick the sweat from his taut buttocks. He refused her permission to take salt from his balls though, and pointed towards the bed. Mishka flopped onto the raised pelts of various animals, burrowing her legs and arms beneath several of the skins. Comfortable now that her lesson was over she relaxed and prepared for her sister's beating. As she lowered her head a cool breeze wafted over the parts of her body that remained exposed.
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I'm rating this book a strong 3.8 or 3.9
Tuesday, 7 October 2014  | 

This is the follow-up to Afghan Bound. Let me just say that Henry Morgan has just been added to my list of favorite authors. I really hope to read more work from this author.

Now, on to my review. The table has definitely turned on David, and Sabrina, the woman he was last training, is the one who turned it, with the help of Justin, David's good friend. Following David's trail with Sabrina, now a "femdom" in her own right, is one hell of an adventure...a suspenseful adventure I must say. I love the way Mr. Morgan kept me guessing and on edge.

Though on the run from Sabrina and Justin, David finds himself the head of household to two Lapp girls (Mr. Morgan loves writing taboo), who are very obedient and attentive to his needs.

Sabrina and Justin on the other hand, finds themselves in Russia, being mischievous, mingling and sexting with the locals. Justin, at some point, finally grows a set of balls and sort of tells Sabrina off.

Nordic Bound will bound you to the story line and take you on the journey of David, Sabrina, and Justin. It's full of adventure, surprises, and hot, steamy sex.

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