The Roman Slavegirl

The Roman Slavegirl
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ISBN:  9781780804507
Author:  Syra Bond
Word Count:  61,798
Format:  eBook



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Magnus spanked her hard, each time bringing his hand down more firmly. The loud smacks caused Bec to tense her body until it was rigid, but she did not cry out, nor did she squirm or try to avoid the blows. Caristia looked at Bec's taut body and listened to the regular rhythm of Magnus's spanking hand. She leant back against the wall - almost hidden by the shadows - and allowed her fingers to drift...

A beautiful, flaxen-haired Saxon girl, captured and enslaved, is bound to cause a stir in Pompeii. And once she arrives at the house of Rufo the slave dealer and comes under the discipline of Magnus, his trainer, Caristia has no choice but to experience every aspect of their brutal world - a world that demands from her complete sexual submission.

'You have found me another one then, my dear Magnus,' shouted a finely dressed man as he entered the cellar. All the women except Bec dropped away in deference, bowing their heads and backing against the rough stone walls. They looked frightened and pitiful; some with their breasts exposed, others with barely a rag pulled around their waists and several completely naked. 'Let me see her,' the man ordered, standing above Magnus. 'You have not allowed me a full view yet.' He stood above Bec as she opened her mouth and showed her teeth to Caristia. 'Magnus! Move this one. Is she out of control? Surely you have not lost your touch. I think she needs some discipline.'
   'Yes master. No master Rufo.' stuttered Magnus, getting to his feet and bowing his head.
   'Magnus, there is no need to call me master. You are a free man. No matter. I expect you to keep my little savages under control. Remind me of your talents. Let me see you bring this one who bares her teeth to heel.'
   Magnus grabbed Bec by the arm and tried to force her onto her knees. She resisted and, as she was twisted sideways she sank her teeth into his forearm. He looked more astonished than in pain as he watched the blood flowing down onto the back of his hand then, suddenly, his expression changed and a fire of redness lit up in his dark eyes as he realised that this was a challenge to his authority.
   'On your knees!' he shouted.
   'Magnus!' taunted Rufo. 'Beware! She has the teeth of a wolf and is ready to pounce at you again.'
   Caristia edged away, pulling herself backwards with her stinging bottom against the cold floor. She glanced at Bec who, as soon as she caught her eye, lurched at Caristia, desperate to break free from Magnus so she could attack her real enemy - not the controlling Magnus but her rival, Caristia.
   'What is wrong with the woman, Magnus?' shouted Rufo gleefully. 'She is more like a gladiator than a servant. Perhaps we should be training her for the ring instead of the bed chamber.'
   'I will discipline her, master. She will not get the better of me I assure you.'
   'Then discipline her. Let me see her brought to heel. Let me see her keeping her bare white teeth behind those full and luscious lips. Let me see her prepared to service the needs of a man and not the needs of her own wolf-like appetite.' He held his hand beneath her chin, squeezing her cheeks slightly and glaring into her wild eyes, then as he saw her making ready to spit, he released her and turned away. 'Discipline her!'
   Magnus grabbed Bec by the arm and twisted her round. She fought him but he was so powerful that, in one movement, he wrapped both her wrists behind her back and held them there in one of his huge hands.
   'Now slave,' he said looking into her eyes, 'I will show my master how you can be subdued.'
   Still holding her hands behind her back with one hand, and with his elbow pressing between her shoulder blades, he bent her down over his crooked knee. Her breasts, for all their tautness, dropped forward with the shock of the forward thrust and Caristia stared at Bec's proud nipples, reddened by her frustration and throbbing with her passion to fight. Bec kicked her legs frantically but, as she bared her teeth and spat at the staring Caristia, Magnus brought his right leg together with his left and secured her, as if in a vice, between his muscular thighs. He brought his free hand down on her tense bottom with a loud smack. She tensed, tightening herself against the trap that held her, but she did not alter the expression on her face, all the time staring hard at Caristia as if trying to burn her with her gaze.
   Magnus spanked her hard, each time bringing his hand down more firmly. The loud smacks caused Bec to tense until she was rigid, but she did not cry out, nor did she squirm or try to avoid the blows. Caristia looked at Bec's taut body and listened to the regular rhythm of Magnus's smacking hand. She leant back against the wall, almost hidden by the shadows, and allowed her fingers to drift between her legs. She felt the soft insides of her thighs then, slowly working them upwards, she met the crack of her cunt. It was wet and still dripping with semen, but now a fresh moisture was glistening on her swollen pink flesh. As she exposed herself in the half light of the lamps her cunt glistened with the dampness of excitement brought on by the sight of Bec: rigid, clasped between Magnus's massive thighs, staring fixedly ahead at her adversary, bearing the pain and showing how she could stand it and any amount more.
   Caristia worked her fingers into the soft folds of her outer labia, teasing them apart, finding the silky wetness on their inside edges and seeking out her clitoris - uncovered already - exposed to the glancing touch of her fingertips, growing with expectation, making her pant. She dropped her legs wider and saw Bec staring between them. She wanted her trapped enemy to look at her cunt as she opened it, revealing its inner leaves, showing the darkness of her throbbing clitoris, letting Bec delve into it with her eyes. Each smack that landed on Bec's buttocks, each extra tensing it brought about in her unyielding body, led Caristia to delve her fingers further. Her eyes widened as she squirmed onto the full stretch of her fingers, all the time staring at the object of her desire; the prone, dribbling Bec. She pulled her fingers up and down, caressing the inside of her vagina then, as she sensed the beating coming to an end, she held them stiffly, thrust them up to the knuckles and dropped herself onto them, finishing in a silent, heavy, throbbing orgasm.
   Magnus released Bec, dropping her to the floor, her buttocks reddened and angry. He reached down as she fell and he pinched her nipples between his thumbs and fingers, but still she stared unswervingly at Caristia.
   'She needs the cane, master; she will not be subdued by a simple hand,' said Magnus.
   'Then you must leave her punishment until later. For the moment I wish to see this little one who is, by the looks of it, already excited by what she sees. Or has her passion been released by my presence, Magnus?'
   Caristia pulled her hands from between her legs as Rufo turned towards her.
   'Yes master,' said Magnus, stepping over Bec and growling at her in annoyance. 'It is surely your presence.'
   'Magnus, I remind you again that you are a free man now,' said Rufo with some irritation. 'You do not need to call me master. You should call me Olconio Rufo. Say it now: "Olconio Rufo".'
   'Yes,' Magnus hesitated, embarrassed. 'Yes, Olconio Rufo,' he stuttered slowly and with much discomfort.
   'Now, stand aside, clear this indolent one out of the way and tell me about this pretty little maid you have selected - and already tried out for me. Who is she, Magnus?'
   Magnus kicked out and Bec reluctantly dropped back, still glowering at Caristia but no longer baring her teeth and no longer struggling to attack her. She put her hands against her bottom but not to rub them, to assuage the pain, but to show that she was untroubled by the beating, that she held it in contempt. Magnus was angered by her scorn but had to ignore her.
   'Master,' Magnus faltered as Rufo smiled at him tolerantly. 'She is one of the youngest here and from Northern France. You purchased her three weeks ago from the market. '
   'Yes? Yes?'
   'She likes the feel of a man's hand across her buttocks, sir. She likes the cane as well, but especially she likes a hand.'
   'How does she feel? Is she well fleshed? Is she moist?'
   'Yes sir, she is, as moist as silk, and she rises onto a man's member like a tide, like a rushing sea eager to come into the shore.'
   Rufo laughed at Magnus's poetry.
   'You are a romantic, Magnus. You should take up philosophy. Now, could she be trained?'
   'Yes sir, without doubt.'
   'Sit up girl,' ordered Rufo. 'Let me see you properly. Tell me your name.'
   Caristia got up onto her knees and bowed her head. Her torn smock was still bundled up around her waist and she saw Magnus's glistening semen, mixed with her own moisture, still running stickily down the insides of her thighs. She still felt his heat inside her cunt and she took a deep breath in an effort to calm herself.
   'Caristia, master.'
   'You are indeed a pretty one. I wonder if you are as interesting as Magnus says.'
   He turned her slowly by the shoulders. She clasped her hands together submissively and laid them gently against her pubic hair, covering her wet cunt as she folded her fingers between her legs and into its crack. Her eyes rolled slightly as she felt the warmth of her fingertips slipping inside the silky folds of her flesh and, even as he continued to turn her, she let her fingers delve a little deeper.
   Rufo looked into her bright blue eyes.
   'She is very young, Magnus. How has she picked up the skills you say she has?'
   'It is the breed, sir. The northern tribes are born to it.'
   Rufo pushed her shoulders forward, bending her at the waist so he could see her bottom fully. She did not resist, but dropped forward, keeping her hands where they were and allowing her head to almost touch her knees. Rufo smoothed his hand across her taut bottom and she opened her buttocks at his touch, revealing her delving fingers between the flesh of her moist crack. He rubbed her buttocks more and she responded with a sigh, an expectant moan drawn only from desire, and she drove her fingers deeper.
   'You are right my friend,' said Rufo, pleased. 'She is indeed special.' He pressed his fingertip against her anus and it opened for him, dilating in a neat dark circle as she lifted higher as an offering. She wanted his finger inside, penetrating her as deeply as it would go, and she sighed again as she thought of being filled. She bent as far forward as she could, showing him the moist crack of her cunt, glistening and pink and opened by her own fingers and exposing her anus, a dark recess of delight. He pressed his finger in and she rode up on it, moaning loudly as he pushed, in one thrust, up to the knuckle. She squirmed on his hand, feeling her clitoris with wet frantic fingers, moaning, dribbling, needing more. He brought his other hand down on her tight bottom in a loud smack and the shock and sharpness made her squeeze her buttocks together, clamping his finger deeply inside her anus and causing shivers of bliss to penetrate deeply into her shaking body. Another loud smack and she squeezed onto his finger even tighter. Then another and she shouted out, not in pain but in eagerness, hanging onto his finger in her anus, feeling it so deep, feeling so full, but still wanting more. She craved to finish yet was desperate to hold herself in that enchanting moment of anticipation, inhabiting that heavenly state of delicious frustration.
   Magnus stood in front of her and she smelled his body as he lifted his hard cock towards her mouth. She let him force it right to the back of her throat before closing her mouth around it. When she did encircle it with her lips she felt its pulsating veins sending shockwaves around her face. Rufo kept up the beating, smacking her as hard as he could, each time knocking her forward onto Magnus's cock. She gulped between each heavy smack then, as she felt her face reddening with the fire of her own orgasm, Magnus's throbbing cock expanded in her mouth and filled her with a flood of semen. Even though there was barely enough room for it to squeeze past the massive cock that forced her mouth as wide as it would go, it ran from the sides of her mouth. It dribbled and ran onto her chin and, as the pace of the smacking increased, she rose up on Rufo's stiff finger for a last time and submitted to the joy of a jerking, convulsive orgasm.
   Rufo took his finger out of Caristia's anus and she hung before him, bent and dissipated, gasping for breath with semen running from her trembling mouth. Rufo moved back and smiled.
   'Magnus, she is indeed special. From now on keep little Caristia at her tasks but set aside a time each day for special training. I will supervise it myself. I am meeting some clients this afternoon and have some interesting ideas to put to them. And Magnus, make sure that she feels the flat of your hand every day; we do not want her to lose her keenness from lack of use. No, do not let her go without. She may have to miss her food but do not hold back on her spanking.' Magnus bowed his head, unable to do otherwise, and Rufo, smiling at his old slave's continued unconquerable subservience, turned to go. 'Oh, and the other one, the one who got the better of you, our little spitting wolf. Such spirit, so unlike the delectable little Caristia and yet so complementary. Make sure she is caned and then bring her to me. Like her little opponent, her future is already decided.'

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