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True Confessions

True Confessions£3.99

Syra's sexual odyssey of extraordinary power and honesty.

The Submission Factory

The Submission Factory£3.99

At the Submission Factory Barbara's introduced to bondage, discipline and submission.

Taming Maria

Taming Maria£3.99   £3.59

Maria tries to fight back against her guardian's sexual discipline and domination.

The Chaste Legacy

The Chaste Legacy£3.99

Without realising it, Corinda finds herself the prisoner of a Greek sex trafficker.

Trojan Slaves

Trojan Slaves£3.99

Sappho and Chryseis, two beautiful Trojan girls, are captured by the enemy...

Trojan Whores

Trojan Whores£3.99

Beautiful Trojan captives, Sappho and Chryseis, struggle to survive in the hostile camp of the Greeks.

The Roman Slavegirl

The Roman Slavegirl£3.99

Beautiful Saxon girl Caristia is captured and enslaved in a world of sexual submission...



If Una cannot have Blue Bonecci, then it's time for her own brand of intoxicating revenge...

Sold into Service

Sold into Service£3.99

Betty's taken into service to satisfy the Squire's demand for yet another virgin bride...

Lessons in Art

Lessons in Art£3.99

Nicola yearns for a man to spank and cane her, as her late guardian had done...

Debbie's Dilemma

Debbie's Dilemma£1.00

Debbie discovers her supposed sanctuary is run by someone who loves tormenting sweet flesh...

Sins of the Sect

Sins of the Sect£3.99

Are Kate and her young sister, Debbie, doomed to a life of humiliation and submission...?

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