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Gorgeous young Helen Hunter embarks on an incredible sexual journey to satisfy her cravings.



Jackie is enticed to a basement den where her repressed sexual desires are dramatically set free...

Carnal Craving

Carnal Craving£3.99

Sent to a convent by her stepfather, Mary is forced to endure the hardest of regimes.

Dangerous Desires

Dangerous Desires£3.99

With her desires out of control is Annabelle possessed by a sex hungry entity...?

Dark Desires

Dark Desires£3.99

Journalist Samantha finds herself in all manner of sexy situations, experiencing a feast of sexual delights.



Reverend Entercock enjoys distinctly worldly relationships with a range of the parish's young ladies.

Depravicus - The Sequel

Depravicus - The Sequel£3.99

Father Entercock resumes preaching, drinking, and sleeping with every young lady he can.

Doctor Sex

Doctor Sex£3.99

Professor Snide has been working in his laboratory to find ways of increasing the female libido...



Marianne finds herself in dangerous areas of sensuality she'd never dreamed of...

Girl School

Girl School£3.99

Bellend Independent Boarding School for Girls is a hotbed of sexual excess and erotic activity.

Haunting Lust

Haunting Lust£3.99   £1.99

Tina moves into an old house and becomes aware of a haunting sexuality flooding her being.

Hot Sheets

Hot Sheets£3.99

Trouble awaits when Mike's sex enterprise is infiltrated by an attractive undercover policewoman...

House of Lust

House of Lust£3.99

'Breaking in' Lady Hadleigh's two teenage daughters is just a part of Tom's rapacious sexual prowess...

Illicit Passion

Illicit Passion£3.99

Sarah's steamy affair with her gardener escalates into a full-blown addiction for depravity.

Instilling Obedience

Instilling Obedience£3.99

'Uncle' Arthur instils obedience into Emily with stringent discipline and his leather belt.

Instilling Obedience & Maid to Serve

Instilling Obedience & Maid to Serve£7.99

Originally published individually, here are two Ray Gordon BDSM stories in one volume.

Legacy of Sin

Legacy of Sin£3.99   £0.99

Sally always ridiculed the idea of ghosts - until she visits a derelict house with her best friend.

Lust Quest

Lust Quest£3.99

Jade must set out to explore the limits of human sexual behaviour - and experience them for herself...

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