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ISBN:  9781907976407
Author:  Ray Gordon
Word Count:  99,623
Format:  eBook



The DegeneratesThe Degenerates
The SplitsThe Splits
Undying LustUndying Lust

My feet wide apart on the deep pile carpet, tightly bound with leather straps, my naked body bent like a rag doll over the sofa back, my wrists handcuffed, I rested my head on a cushion, praying that my degrading and humiliating ordeal would soon be over...

So begins Addicted, no-holds-barred erotic fiction by acclaimed author Ray Gordon.

Gorgeous young housewife, Helen Hunter, has it all. An attractive, successful husband, money, looks... However, things start to go wrong when he goes away on business. She becomes tired, nervy, anxious, panicky.

Then strangely, on his return her symptoms clear up, and it quickly becomes obvious that something bizarre is going on. She is addicted to sperm... and without it she will suffer.

But the supply from her husband soon becomes insufficient and she embarks on an incredible sexual journey to satisfy her craving. Enjoying one weird encounter after another, it becomes apparent that too much is never enough...

As the front doorbell rang out, tears rolled down my cheeks. Again and again I wondered what I was doing, what I'd become, as Gary left the room, my prison cell, and walked down the hall. I heard an unfamiliar male voice as the front door opened. There was laughter, chuckling, sniggering. The cucumber sticking out of my bottom-hole, my naked body tethered, I waited in trepidation and immense humiliation as the male voices grew louder.
   "There she is," Gary laughed. I turned my head and gazed at the young man standing in the doorway.
   "Very nice!" he grinned. "I like the cucumber!"
   "Gary!" I screamed, desperately tugging on the handcuffs. "Gary, what..."
   "This is Phil," Gary interrupted me. "He's come to fuck your arsehole, Helen."
   "No, please! Gary, you can't..."
   "Helen, I can do what the hell I like!" he returned angrily. "After all, you came here of your own accord, you knew what I wanted, you knew what to expect. You do want sperm, don't you?"
   I wanted sperm, yes, but not this! I sensed fingers between my thighs, parting my vaginal lips, driving deep into my tightening cunt. As the lewd sensations permeated my pelvis, someone pulled on the dog chain, tugging my head back.
   "Let's walk her around the house like a dog before we fuck her," Phil said in his evilness, slipping his fingers out of my violated cunt. Releasing the handcuffs, Gary forced me to kneel on all fours, the cucumber still deep inside my aching anal duct.
   "Pass me those chains," Gary ordered his perverted accomplice as he sat on my back.
   A leather belt buckled around my waist, handcuffs secured to my ankles, I wondered what they were going to do. The two chains clanking as they were attached to each cuffed ankle, I thought my jailers were going to secure my feet together. Running the short chains from my ankles to metal rings in the sides of the leather belt, they secured the ends. I couldn't stand up as Gary slipped off my back. The chains were short; they wouldn't allow me to straighten my legs.
   Taking the chain fixed to the dog collar, Phil led me round the room. The cucumber sticking out of my bottom-hole, the chains rattling, this was the height of female degradation, the epitome of humiliation. Treating me worse than an animal, Gary took a leather strap from a hook on the wall and lashed my buttocks as the cucumber shot out of my inflamed arse.
  The stinging pain tensing my burning buttocks, I squeezed my tearful eyes shut as the belt struck home again, jolting my abused body, stripping me of my once so delicate femininity. Femininity? A lady, refined, dainty, graceful in the gentle curves of her femininity. I was no longer a lady; I could no longer claim femininity.
   Running the end of the dog chain through a steel ring in the floor, Phil slowly pulled, my head lowering as the collar neared the steel ring until my flushed face pressed against the carpet. My buttocks projected, my sex holes exposed, it was impossible to move. Gary had planned well for my visit; his perverted mind had come up with the most degrading ideas imaginable. Was this what all men were like beneath their exteriors, behind their facades? Probably. Tony?
   Gary gave my buttocks another two lashes with the leather strap, both men chuckling at my humiliating position as I trembled and whimpered. Dropping the strap, he took something from the corner of the room. Through my lashes, I gazed at the long wooden pole with U-shaped pieces of metal at either end. What was the horrendous-looking device for? I wondered as he settled behind me. What inhumane act was he about to commit?
   Placing the pole between my legs, he forced my knees further apart, the U-shaped pieces just above my knees, holding my thighs wide apart. What more could he do to me? How else could he humiliate and degrade me in his decadence? Taking two metal clips from the small table, he fixed them to my nipples. Gasping as the clips bit into my sensitive milk teats, I vowed never to return to the pervert's house, the Devil's house. No matter how bad my craving, I'd never return. But I'd made the same vow before - and broken it.
   "Her cunt lips look nice," Phil said in his crudity, massaging my swollen outer labia. "There's nothing I like more than a shaved cunt. I think I'll give her a good fuck."
   "That's what she's here for!" Gary laughed. "You fuck her cunt, and then I'll have a go."
   I said nothing as Phil slipped his trousers off and knelt behind me, behind my rudely exposed sex holes. There were no words; there was nothing to be said. All I could do was hang on in silent submissiveness. This was what I'd lowered myself to, a common slut who'd do anything for sperm. The devil's daughter?
   "Beg Phil to fuck your cunt," Gary ordered me. "Come on, Helen; beg him to fuck your wet cunt."
   "Fuck me," I sobbed as my pussy lips were crudely forced apart.
   "Do it properly, Helen! Beg him to fuck your cunt!"
   "Please, fuck my cunt."
   My tears soaking into the carpet, I gasped as Phil forced the entire length of his solid penis deep into my spasming vagina. The chains clanking as he repeatedly withdrew and thrust his organ into me, I prayed that my horrendous ordeal would soon be over, that I'd have my fix and be allowed to go home. The marital home?
  Ramming his huge sex-rod into my aching vagina, Phil gasped his expletives as Gary adjusted the nipple clamps, painfully squeezing and pinching my sensitive breast buds. I wondered when I'd be allowed to swallow sperm, when I'd be allowed the calm and tranquillity I yearned. I prayed for release from the cold grip of my addiction. All I could think about was sperm, swallowing the opaque liquid and then going home to a long, hot bath.
   "I'm going to spunk!" Phil gasped, grabbing the chains fixed to the leather belt and using them as reins to pull my buttocks, my cunt, towards him, meeting his vigorous penile thrusts. His swollen knob battering my cervix, I sensed his sperm jetting, bathing and lubricating the enforced union. His heavy balls slapping my sex mound, his lower belly smacking against my burning buttocks, he crudely fucked me until he'd pumped out the last of his spunk.
   At last, he withdrew his huge cock, allowing my vagina to shrink, my inner lips to close, sealing the entrance to my aching sex sheath. Now what? I wondered as fingers ran over my stinging buttocks. Was it Gary's turn to cunt-fuck me? Or would he mouth-fuck me, allow me my drug?
   My eyes closed, my head held to the floor by the dog chain, I sensed movement behind me, behind my indecently exposed holes. A tongue licked my anus, my arsehole, waking sleeping nerve endings, sending electrifying sensations of crude sex through my tethered body. Fingers wiping the sperm from my dripping cunt, running up the crease between my buttocks and lubricating my anal entrance, I grimaced. It was Gary; it had to be - Gary, the anal pervert.
   His knob pressing against the tightly closed entrance to my inner core, trying to gain entry to my bowels, I was sinking ever-deeper into the bottomless well of sexual debauchery. I had never wanted this again, anal sex, anal abuse. But I had no choice; I was to be crudely arse-fucked in return for sperm.
   His cock suddenly penetrated me, opened me and drove deep into my tight rectal duct. His heavy balls caressing my swollen vaginal lips, my anal ring stretched tautly around the base of his huge penis, I wondered at the laws of morality. Man made laws, or the laws of God?
   Deep inside my bowels, I sensed his glans swell and throb. He began his thrusting, his arse-fucking, jolting my chained young body, bringing me lewd sensations of debased sex. It felt as if his cock was driving into the very centre of my body, almost into my stomach. Belly slapping buttocks, balls smacking cunt lips, knob gliding in and out of my arsehole... debased, vile, perverted sex.
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A masterpiece of erotic fiction
Thursday, 28 April 2011  | 

What an amazing tale. Incredibe and yet totally believable. A young lady addicted to a certain sexual product... And why not? Ray Gordon goes as far as enzymes and the like, making the story not only credible but almost worrying. I loved the characters, the plot and, of course, the brilliant sex scenes. Yet another classic from the world master, Ray Gordon.

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