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ISBN:  9781780802992
Author:  Ray Gordon
Word Count:  75,790
Format:  eBook



The SplitsThe Splits
Undying LustUndying Lust

Had she slept? She didn't know. She had no idea of the time, whether it was night or day. Her fear returned quickly when she raised her head and called out for David, her pleas met with silence. Flopping back onto the soft pillow she tried to relax. Her limbs ached, stretched by the leather straps. She was hungry, frightened and her body still lay mercilessly open and vulnerable...

Jackie is young and attractive, but her life is routine. So urged on by a colleague with a more highly developed lust for life, she decides to make some changes.

Meeting David in the local pub, she is enticed to his basement den where her repressed sexual desires are dramatically and forcibly set free...

Jackie turned to see David wandering towards her. Casually resting his elbow on the bar, he displayed an enchanting smile.
   'I haven't seen you in here before. Is this your local?' he asked, finishing his drink.
  Jackie noticed he'd combed his black hair and straightened his tie. His charisma seemed somehow stronger now, his smile and dark eyes more captivating than before. The intrigue was deepening. She looked at his long fingers and imagined them holding a brush - painting every explicit detail of the naked female form.
   'No, I've never been here before,' she eventually replied.
   'So where do you go in the evenings?'
   'Nowhere, really. I stay in.'
   'In where?'
   'I've a small flat just round the corner.'
   She wished she hadn't used the word small to describe her flat - Meg would probably have described it as a palace. But then Meg had a way with words, and a vivid imagination.
   'I live opposite,' David announced. 'Opposite the pub. That's why I'm always in here - no willpower!'
   Jackie felt herself surrendering to his powerful magnetism. Thoughts of his work filled her mind. The barriers she'd built up to the male species over the years began to crumble. She'd not experienced sexual arousal for a long time and had thought she never would again. But her neglected young body was sending out pleading messages for attention, for love - for sex.
   'Can I see some of your work?' she asked, wishing she hadn't. David glanced at his gold wristwatch and shrugged.
   'If you're really that interested, you can come over the road with me now,' he replied. Jackie detected a certain surprise in his tone as if she were the first person ever to take an interest in his work, let alone ask to see it.
   The thought suddenly struck her that David must be single. He'd hardly take me home if he had a wife waiting for him, she surmised hopefully. Pushing thoughts of his work to the back of her mind, her stomach somersaulted at the prospect of romance. But she wasn't going to let go of her memories, her experiences with men - the lies and deceit. David had charm, yes. And she couldn't deny that he would make a fine catch. But she was determined to keep her feet firmly on the ground.
   Slipping off the bar stool, her jacket fell open showing her ever-hardening nipples straining against her blouse. Noticing David's eyes feasting she buttoned her jacket, wondering if she should go alone to the home of a man who painted naked women.
   As she followed David through the arched doorway Tim flashed her a warm smile and told her to take care. She didn't need Tim's advice. She would take care - too much to let herself go and enjoy life. She would take care not to fall into the same trap for the third time. But, she knew, if she were to change her life she would have to relent - just a little. But certainly not to the extent of becoming one of David's models.
   The street was cold and uninviting. Snow fell heavily, bringing an uncanny silence to the night. Only a few cars were out, moving cautiously along the white, slippery roads.
   As David took Jackie's hand to lead her across the road, instinct told her that she should get to know him a little better before going to his house. Perhaps meet him for a drink again or have a meal together. But, it seemed, it was too late. Her hand still in his, she had already climbed the stone steps to his front door.
   David showed her into the large hallway where the welcoming warmth hit her. The house was quiet, apart from a grandfather clock ticking loudly in the corner. David obviously lived alone, she concluded, wishing she'd worn jeans instead of a skirt.
   The lounge abounded with fine antiques, furnishing the peaceful atmosphere with a comfort that only money could buy. Perfectly appropriate for an artist's home, Jackie decided, gazing at the dozens of paintings lining the walls.
   Making herself comfortable on the leather Chesterfield, she began to feel at ease in David's presence. Her fears were quickly subsiding, giving way to fairytale dreams of becoming his wife and living in his beautiful house instead of her tiny flat. Discarding her fantasy, she swore to keep her head. Although the scene was set for love, she wasn't ready. She'd never be ready, she knew.
   'Are these all your own work?' she enquired, scanning the paintings of naked women as David passed her a glass of wine.
   'Yes, most of them. Bring your drink, we'll go into my private studio,' he suggested, his dark eyes sparkling in the light. She hesitated, but his reassuring smile quelled her doubts. David was a gentleman - she was safe.
   Jackie gazed in amazement as he slid an entire section of book-shelving to one side, revealing a stairway to the basement. 'A secret passage,' she breathed, rising to her feet.
  'To my secret world,' David whispered dramatically as she followed him down the old wooden stairs. The book-shelving had closed automatically by the time they reached the bottom step. The lock clicked loudly, causing Jackie to jump.
   'Security,' David offered. 'If I'm burgled, at least my best work will be safe.'
   Jackie found herself in a small den. Soft lighting picked out several oil paintings of naked women in erotic poses set in the Victorian era. His real work, she supposed, admiring a painting of two young women entwined provocatively, tasting the delights between each other's milk-white thighs.
   An easel covered with a white sheet stood in the corner of the room. Brushes, rags and paints littered a huge knee-hole desk. A large Chinese tapestry draped on the wall behind the desk caught her eyes.
   'This is nice,' she commented, running her hand across the heavy material. David didn't answer. He seemed somehow nervous, as if he were hiding something. Although now instinctively suspicious of his motives, Jackie continued her self-guided tour of the den. An old but expensive couch was set at an angle in the centre of the room giving the appearance of disorder. But, she noticed, it was strategically placed under several spotlights, no doubt to illuminate his naked models. Perhaps he's imagining me on the couch, naked, she thought fearfully as she gazed at David hovering.
   Looking past him, Jackie noticed a small pine door, almost obscured by shadows, hiding ominously in the far corner. She turned her wide eyes back to David.
   'I keep my best work in here,' he said nervously, turning a key that seemed far too large for the door.
   Cautiously, Jackie followed him into a larger room, the obvious centrepiece a huge four-poster bed. More erotic paintings adorned the walls. Background music sounded as if from nowhere as he sat on the bed and beckoned Jackie to join him.
   'Well?' he asked as the door clicked shut by itself.
   'Well what?' she replied fearfully, turning to look at the door and wondering if it was locked.
   'Aren't you going to join me?' he asked, patting the quilt.
   Jackie's heart raced as she glanced first at David and then at the paintings. The young naked women seemed to return her gaze, inviting her to join them in their provocative games. 'Look, I like you, David. But we've only just met,' she spluttered, tentatively moving towards the bed. Her trust failing, she hesitated, waiting for reassurance.
   'It's all right, I don't bite,' he laughed, patting the quilt again.
   Sitting some distance from David, Jackie pulled her jacket securely over her breasts. He moved in closer and smiled. Taking her glass and placing it on the bedside table, he opened her jacket and gently slipped it over her shoulders. Aware of her erect nipples she felt her face flush and, smiling nervously, she folded her arms to cover her obvious arousal.
   'Your work, David. You said you'd show me your work,' she said firmly.
   'You've seen my work. There, on the walls,' he replied, glancing in the direction of the erotic oil paintings.
   A strange desire ran over Jackie's trembling flesh as he opened her arms and kissed her full lips. She tried to pull away but she was becoming weak - and he was strong.
   Gently pushing her down onto the bed, he kissed her neck and nibbled her ear. She was enjoying his attention but felt he was going too fast. Thoughts of her previous relationships surfaced and she pushed against his chest. She knew she was nearing the entrance to the trap - the trap that men set to break the hearts of lonely women who sought love. She thought of Meg and how she would have made passionate love to David and then delighted in telling her story in all its sordid glory.
   'I'd better be going now,' she stammered as he began to unbutton her blouse. Silently, he continued his task. 'I really must go, David!' she asserted as he released the last button and parted the soft silk, exposing her lace bra to his appreciative gaze.
   'Are you going to take your clothes off?' he almost ordered, abruptly lifting her bra clear of her firm breasts. 'Where's your charm gone?' Jackie asked, trying to ease herself back into her bra and escape his grip. 'Or do you only use that to lure women here?'
   'I didn't lure you, Jackie,' he countered, taking her hands. 'You came here by choice, remember?'
   'I came here to see your work!' she retorted. 'I'm not one of your models!'
   Gently but firmly, David pinned her to the bed. His deep eyes sparkled again, giving her an unfamiliar feeling of excitement in her stomach. Again he kissed her neck and slowly worked his way down to her pointed breasts.
   Fear and sexual arousal combined to blur Jackie's thinking. As he took her nipple between his lips and gently sucked, her mind ran wild with emotion. Her breathing deepened as he milked her throbbing nipple until it ached - until she ached for sexual relief. Never before had she known such arousal. She fought it, but her long-dormant sexual drive was up and rising at an alarming rate.
   David moved down and began to kiss her smooth, flat stomach. Jackie quivered as his tongue found its way into her navel. Her muscles spasmed. But still she fought her innermost desire - the stranger within.
   Taking David's head in her hands Jackie tried to wrench him away but he moved further down to the top of her skirt. Easing the elastic waistband down he teased the white flesh just above her mound with his warm mouth. His hands working with the subtle skill of a magician's, he removed her shoes as he held her attention on her trembling abdomen. Moving back to her breasts, he spread her arms, holding her wrists above her head as he kissed and gently sucked each nipple in turn.
   Jackie had almost given in to the waves of desire coursing through her body when she suddenly realised that something was very wrong.
   'What's this?' she screamed. Raising herself on her elbows, she gazed in terror at the leather straps binding her wrists. She tried to climb from the bed only to find that her ankles were also shackled. David had worked quickly and unnoticed while expertly distracting her.
   Standing up, he moved to the end of the bed and grinned wickedly. Struggling to free herself as she cursed him, Jackie found her hands and feet were moving mysteriously apart. Horrified, she looked down to see David heaving on a rope controlling the straps. He continued to pull until her limbs stretched out to the four corners of the bed, leaving her body open and completely defenceless...
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This isn't just another erotic fiction title, it's the best!
Thursday, 4 July 2013  | 

This book is one of Ray Gordon's first, and probably one of my favorites too! I've had this one for a few years now, and I pulled it out of the bookshelf only last week for another read. Well worth it, if you can find it!

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