Dangerous Desires

Dangerous Desires
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ISBN:  9781907976469
Author:  Ray Gordon
Word Count:  85,446
Format:  eBook



Carnal CravingCarnal Craving
Undying LustUndying Lust

Slipping out of her clothes, Annabelle drew the curtains and lit the candles. Although she'd vowed not to dabble with the occult again, she couldn't help herself. Whether it was her need to be rid of Brian that was driving her on or her increasing desire to enjoy crude sex with Dave, she couldn't be sure. Perhaps it was a combination of both, she concluded, standing on the black cloth.

When Annabelle finally gets her divorce from Brian she is ecstatic. Now her new life can begin. But Brian has other ideas and embarks upon a hate campaign against her.

Annabelle endures weeks of allegations, abuse and threats until a friend tells her about a psychic ritual that could solve all her problems, so one night she decides to try out the ritual and stands naked in her lounge surrounded by burning candles and chanting the words that could put an end to Brian’s campaign.

The following day she hears that Brian has lost his job, his car, and his house is subsiding. Has the ritual worked? She decides to try it again, this time hoping to snare an attractive young man who has caught her eye. Once again the outcome is favourable and Annabelle embarks on a string of affairs aided by an unseen force, but something strange is beginning to happen. Annabelle no longer feels alone when she carries out her ritual. Has she awakened something far more dangerous than she could ever have imagined? With her desires out of control is Annabelle possessed by a sex hungry entity, one that has no intention of ever leaving?

Knocking back his coffee as Jane called out from his garden, Ian flashed Annabelle a worried grin and headed across the lawn. Watching him clamber over the fence, she wondered when he'd call with his threats. The next time he phoned, she decided to have some fun, play games with him. He'd have no recollection of Sabrina now, but he was sure to phone and demand something or other. Walking into the house as the front doorbell rang, Annabelle was surprised to find Tom standing on the step.
   "Are you all right?" she asked as he stepped into the hall.
   "No, not really," he sighed.
   "Come into the kitchen and I'll make you a coffee. I was expecting Carole to call in for a chat..."
   "I think she's coming to see you later this morning. We've... we've had a bit of a row, I'm afraid."
   "Yes, she did mention it to me."
   "You must think me awful, what with the panties and..."
   "Not at all, Tom. Men have fantasies. There's nothing wrong with that. Where do you get these panties from?"
   "Er... I send away for them," he lied, eyeing her naked thighs. "You do think badly of me, I can tell."
  "I never judge people, Tom. If you collect dirty knickers, then that's your business. Mind you, to leave them lying around for Carole to find..."
   "They were hidden in the shed. She said that she was looking for a trowel and happened to find them."
   "What's done is done. So, what happens now?"
  "She reckons that she's going to leave me. I can understand how she feels, but... oh, I don't know. We never have sex, Annabelle. I might as well be single. In fact, I'd have more sex if I was single. She never comes anywhere near me. She just doesn't want to know."
   "Let's take our coffee onto the patio," she said, passing him a cup. "Seeing as you collect dirty knickers, I can understand why Carole isn't eager to have sex. She's always been a prude. Mind you, I don't suppose I'd be too pleased to discover that my husband collected women's dirty knickers."
   "No, I suppose not."
  Sitting on a patio chair opposite Tom, Annabelle parted her thighs and displayed the hairless lips of her vulva. He noticed immediately, his wide eyes transfixed on her creamy sex crack as he fidgeted on his chair and almost spilled his coffee. Annabelle was loving every minute of the game. The excitement and danger of showing off her hairless pussy sent a quiver through her young womb, a tingle through her stiffening clitoris.
   "It's really hot again today," she said, smiling as he stared at her wetting sex crack.
   "Mmm, it is," he replied pensively, obviously forgetting his troubles.
   "Are you all right?" she asked. "You seem to be rather distant."
   "What? Oh, er... sorry, I was deep in thought. What were we talking about? Oh, yes. Carole, that was it. So, I don't know what's going to happen. I wish... never mind."
   "Tell me, Tom. What do you wish?"
   "I wish Carole was more like you. You're different, Annabelle. You're fun to be with, good for a laugh and... anyway, Carole is Carole, and no one's going to change that."
   "Why do you collect dirty underwear, Tom? I mean, what do you do with it?"
   "Well, I... I don't do anything with it. It's just this thing I have about panties. I don't know why, but I like panties."
   "Dirty panties?"
   "Well... I'd rather not talk about it, Annabelle. It's something that I've done for many years. It was my secret, but now..."
   "Now Carole knows and I know... where are the panties now?"
   "Carole got rid of them. Well, I've taken up enough of your time. I'll just nip up to the bathroom and then I'd better be going."
   Concealing a grin as Tom entered the house, Annabelle knew he was going to check her laundry basket for dirty panties. He'd have to start from scratch, she mused. At least he'd find a couple of pairs of panties in the basket to begin his new collection. Deciding to help him by leaving her soiled panties in the basket rather than washing them, she slipped her fingers between the swollen hillocks of her love lips and scooped out her vaginal cream. Realizing how wet she was, she wondered whether to have Tom lick her to orgasm before he left.
   "Right, I'll be going," Tom said, appearing in the kitchen doorway. "I'd love to stay but I have things to do. Besides, Carole will be here soon. I really don't want to bump into her."
   "OK, Tom. Call round again."
   "Yes, I'll do that. Thanks for the coffee, and the chat."
   "You're welcome."
   He had her dirty panties in his pocket, Annabelle was sure as she heard the front door close. She would have had him attend her insatiable clitoris but, as he'd said, Carole was going to arrive before long. What with her discovering the evidence of his peculiar fetish, it probably wasn't a good idea to have her run in to her husband at Annabelle's house. The phone ringing, Annabelle instinctively knew that this was going to be a busy say. First Ian and then Tom, Carole was due to arrive...
   "Hello," she said, pressing the receiver to her ear.
   "You haven't used the hole in the fence recently," a man said, unaware that Annabelle now knew his identity.
   "Who is this?" she asked, deciding to play along with him.
   "I like watching you sucking your neighbour's cock. And now I want you to suck my cock. Go to the end of the garden and I'll be ready and waiting behind the fence."
   "If you think that I'm going to..."
   "The people next door have just gone out so you'll be safe enough. Go there now, Annabelle. If you don't, then..."
   "All right, all right," she snapped, her pretty face grinning as she banged the phone down.
   Ian had a thing about sticking his erect cock through holes and having girls suck him off, she reflected, making her way down the garden. The thought that Ian believed that he was using blackmail to force her to suck his cock excited her. For a change, she was being used for crude sex rather than her using others. But she still wondered how on earth he knew about the so-called magical spell. At least she'd erased all memories of Sabrina from his perverted mind, she reflected as she stood by the new fence panel.
   A solid penis emerging through the hole, Annabelle grinned and stifled a giggle. Ian was a fool, she ruminated, gazing at the folds of the fully-retracted foreskin, the glistening purple knob. Dropping to her knees, she ran her fingertip up and down his fleshy shaft, teasing the rim of his helmet, stroking his sperm-slit. His cock-shaft twitching expectantly, she licked his purple crown, savouring the salty taste of his sex globe as he gasped behind the fence. Wishing that he could ease his full balls through the fence, she decided to use her power and order him to make the hole larger. Imagining licking the sac of his scrotum, nibbling the fleshy bag as she wanked the solid rod of his penis, she took his purple crown deep into her hot mouth and sucked hard.
   His gasps growing louder as she swept her tongue over the silky-smooth surface of his swollen glans, she moaned softly though her nose as her own arousal heightened. Again, she realized that all she was doing by cock-sucking Ian through the fence was sending her libido rocketing. Once she'd swallowed his creamy spunk, she'd be left in a dangerously high state of arousal with no one to appease her insatiable clitoris. Pondering on inviting Louise round, she fervently gobbled and sucked on Ian's purple knob.
   "This will be a regular occurrence," he whispered through the fence as she slurped on his bulbous glans. "Even if the people were at home, they couldn't see me from the house. Whenever I get the opportunity, I'll ring you and you'll come down here and suck me off. Do you understand?"
   "Yes," she replied, slipping his well-salivated cock-head out of her hot mouth.
   "You'll do as you're told when you're told. If you don't, I'll speak to the man's wife and reveal your sordid secret. Now, suck out my spunk and swallow it."
   Ian was pretty good at disguising his voice, she mused, gobbling fervently on his solid knob. There again, she'd not known him for long and probably wouldn't have recognized his voice anyway. Realizing that Carole might arrive at any minute, she wanked Ian's and sucked and mouthed his swollen glans. Desperate for his creamy sperm to fill her thirsty mouth, she increased her wanking rhythm, licking and sucking his twitching sex crown as his gasps drifted in the summer air.
   Her pretty mouth suddenly filling with his orgasmic cream, she repeatedly swallowed hard. Again wishing that she could get to his scrotum, knead his full sperm-eggs through the fleshy bag, she moved her head back and forth, mouth-fucking herself on his orgasmic cock. His sperm flow finally ceasing, his balls drained, she ran her hand up his shaft and squeezed out the last of his sperm. Sucking on his purple globe, she swallowed the last of his cream before slipping his saliva-dripping knob out of her wet mouth.
   "I'll phone when I next need your mouth," he said, his cock disappearing through the hole. Grinning, Annabelle walked back towards her house. The taste of sperm lingering on her tongue, her vaginal juiced decanting from her hot sex hole, she knew that she was going to have to masturbate to appease her solid clitoris. Wishing that Carole wasn't coming round for a coffee and a chat, she gazed wide-eyed at the back of Ian's house as the patio door slid open. Stopping dead in her tracks by the fence, she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Her heart racing, she frowned as Ian stepped out onto the patio and waved at her.
   "Hi," he said, walking towards her. I've just been to the bloody bank and they reckon that..."
   "You've been out?" she asked.
   "I've just got back. Why?"
   "Oh, er... nothing."
   "The bank's charged me for..."
   "Sorry, Ian," she broke in. "My sister's due at any minute. I'll probably see you later."
   "Are you all right?" he asked.
   "Yes, yes I'm fine. I'll see you later."
   Dashing into the kitchen, Annabelle wondered what the hell was going on as she licked her sperm-glossed lips. If it wasn't Ian, then...

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