Dark Desires

Dark Desires
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ISBN:  9781780801445
Author:  Ray Gordon
Word Count:  87,810
Format:  eBook



Carnal CravingCarnal Craving
Dangerous DesiresDangerous Desires

'You're a very pretty girl, Samantha,' the vicar said, his deep voice echoing around the church as he grinned at her. 'I asked you to stay behind because I wanted to talk to you. You enjoy coming to church on Sundays, don't you?'
   'Yes,' Samantha replied, sitting on a pew.
   'You've grown up, Samantha. Grown to be a fine young lady. As you know, I take photographs for the church magazine. I'm looking for a model, Samantha. Not for the magazine, but for my own private collection of photographs.'
   'A model?' she echoed, cocking her head to one side.
   'How would you like to be my model?'

Samantha Anderson is a national newspaper journalist reporting on the supposed haunting of a mansion owned by charlatan Gerry Andrews. When she sets about exposing his deceit she finds herself locked in the basement of the huge house. As her mind begins to wander Samantha finds herself transported to the various places that her thoughts take her to. Is there something supernatural lurking in the house after all?

When she finally escapes her prison the power to jump through time stays with her and it's not long before her thoughts turn to lust. With her new-found gift, Samantha finds herself in all manner of sexy situations experiencing a feast of sexual delights. But for every erotic dream there's a nightmare and she's beginning to lose her grip on the places where she goes. With one thought she's there, but it's not always easy to avoid those old memories, and as her mind begins to wander yet again, Samantha finds herself on the verge of reliving an incident she'd rather not.

Ray Gordon is the first name in erotic fiction. Only he can break the conventions of sex and lay bare the fantasies within.

Again wondering why she couldn't be seen or heard, Samantha watched the middle-aged man enter the room and smile at the girl. The dancing school was a brilliant idea, and the doctor scam was sheer genius, she thought. The man even had a stethoscope around his neck and a file in his hand, Samantha observed as he asked the girl to remove her leotard. There was no way that he'd think this was a set-up, that the girl was in on the scam. As far as he was concerned, Kitty had gone to great lengths to have the girls believe that this was a real surgery and that the visiting doctors were genuine.
   'You're taking the exam next week?' he asked as the girl stood before him in her bra and panties.
   'Yes, that's right,' she replied softly.
   'Hop onto the examination couch and I'll take a look at you,' he said, looking through the file. 'It says in your notes that you had an ankle strain last month. Is that giving you any trouble?'
   'No, it's fine now,' the girl replied, lying on her back on the couch.
   Samantha hovered in the corner of the room, watching the so-called doctor stand by the couch and press his fingertips into the girl's lower stomach. The surgery, the fake notes... This really was a brilliant scam, Samantha mused. Moving his hands down to her legs, he kneaded the firm flesh of her thighs, his fingers dangerously close to the tight crotch of her pink panties. He obviously realized that he had to come across as a genuine doctor, so how was he going to get his fingers into the girl's tight pussy? Samantha pondered on the problem as he mumbled something about muscular development.
   'Slip your panties and bra off, please,' he said, moving to the trolley. Lifting her rounded buttocks clear of the couch, the girl pulled her panties down her slender legs and unhooked her bra. Lying naked on the couch, her thighs deliberately parted, she gazed at the ceiling in her feigned innocence.
   Kitty was a very clever woman, Samantha thought again. She'd set up the perfect scam. The so-called doctor probably believed that if the girl told anyone she'd been examined, they'd think nothing of it. As far as he knew, this was a genuine dancing school and Kitty was open about the fitness examinations.
   'Have you had any pain in your lower stomach?' he asked, pressing his fingertips again into the soft flesh just above the gentle rise of her naked mons.
   'Yes, a little,' she replied softly. 'I sometimes get pains lower down.'
   'There?' he murmured, his fingertips pressing into the swell of her vulval lips.
   'Yes, inside.'
   'I thought as much,' he murmured, parting her thighs wider. 'It's probably nothing to worry about, but I'll check down there just to be on the safe side.'
   Samantha watched as the fake doctor's trembling finger slipped between the fleshy pads of the girl's outer lips and sank deep into the tight sheath of her vagina. So far, so good, she thought. But how was he going to explain that he was going to force his cock into her cunt and fuck her? Kneading her breasts with his free hand, he was obviously becoming desperate to have his wicked way with her. Noticing the crotch of his trousers bulging with his erection, Samantha moved closer as he slipped his finger out of the girl's pussy and smiled at her.
   'Everything seems to be in order,' he said. 'Are you on any medication?'
   'No,' she replied. 'Miss Kitty did give me a sedative earlier because I had a headache. But I'm not taking any pills or anything.'
   'Are you feeling sleepy?' he asked.
   'Yes, I am.'
   'I would imagine that's the sedative. Just close your eyes and relax while I check your ankle.'
   Grinning, Samantha realized what the ploy was. Kitty would have told the impostor that she'd given the girl a sedative to knock her out. The scam got better and better, she thought, watching the girl's head loll to one side as she feigned sleep. Wasting no time, the man grabbed her feet and pulled her down the couch until the firm cheeks of her bottom were over the padded edge. Grabbing a chair, he sat between her splayed thighs, her naked vaginal lips only inches from his face as he stared longingly at her most private place.
   Moving in, he parted her swollen vulval lips with his fingers and licked the intricate folds nestling within her yawning vaginal slit. Lapping at her open love hole like a dog, he forced her outer lips further apart and exposed the full length of her erect clitoris. Standing by the couch, Samantha watched the man fervently lapping up his patient's vaginal cream, his tongue darting in and out of her tight sex hole as he stretched the hairless cushions of her outer lips apart to the extreme.
   Although this was prostitution, Samantha felt a little jealous of Kitty. The woman was running an amazing business and obviously earning a fortune. Apart from supplying individuals such as Jane and Geoff with girls and running the dancing school, Samantha wondered what other pies she had her fingers in. Recalling Kitty mentioning an office, Samantha left the room and wandered along the passageway. Spying through a partially open door, she noticed a desk and slipped into the room.
   This was the office all right, she mused, sifting through a pile of papers on the desk. Finding a phone bill and a letter concerning the rent for the dancing school, Samantha knew that Kitty wouldn't be stupid enough to leave any incriminating evidence lying around. Opening the top drawer of a filing cabinet, she discovered a file containing information about the girls. Shaking her head, she again had to admire Kitty for her cleverness as she read through the notes. Dance routines, comments on each girl's progress, fitness, diet... To all intents and purposes, this was a genuine dancing school.
   Closing the filing cabinet, she turned as Kitty wandered into the room and sat at the desk. This might be interesting, she thought as the woman lifted the phone and punched the buttons.
   'Hi, Gerry,' she said. 'How's it going?'
   Gerry? Samantha mused. This wasn't Gerry Andrews, surely?
   'That's great. As you know, I've only got a few days here. Yes, OK, I'll be over this evening.'
   Watching the woman hang up and leave the office, Samantha couldn't believe that Gerry Andrews was involved in the scam. There were lots of people with that first name, she mused, leaving the office and walking back to the surgery. Gerry Andrews had his ghost scam to be getting on with. He wouldn't involve himself in prostitution, would he? Whoever Kitty had been talking to, Samantha reckoned that she was about to move the dancing school. The haunted mansion would be an ideal place, she thought, entering the surgery. But she just couldn't imagine Gerry Andrews becoming involved in such a scam.
   The 'doctor' was running the swollen globe of his erect penis up and down the girl's vaginal valley, obviously lubricating his weapon-head in readiness to impale her on his huge shaft. Samantha moved closer, watching the man open the girl's vaginal entrance with his fingers and slip his ballooning knob into the tight duct of her wet vagina. His shaft gliding along her sex duct, he breathed heavily as he drove his knob fully home. His huge balls pressing against the rounded cheeks of her naked bottom, her lower stomach bloated, he massaged the erect nub of her exposed clitoris. The girl played her part well, her breathing slow and deep, her body completely limp as the man withdrew his cock-shaft partially and rammed his glans back deep into her cunt.
   'Dirty little bitch,' the man breathed, slipping his cunny-slimed cock out of the girl's vaginal sheath. Lifting her feet high in the air, exposing the tight entrance to her rectum, he pressed his glistening knob hard against the delicate tissue of her anus. Watching as his bulbous glans slipped past her defeated anal sphincter muscles, Samantha felt her own clitoris swell as her arousal soared. Focusing on the girl's sensitive anal tissue stretched tautly around the man's solid shaft, the creamy liquid oozing from her gaping vaginal entrance, Samantha found herself seriously wondering whether to set up her own illicit business.
   'Yes,' the man breathed, the slurping sound of his squelching sperm resounding around the surgery as he repeatedly rammed his orgasming knob deep into the girl's tight rectal duct. Holding her legs high and wide, he fucked the girl's tight arse with a vengeance as Samantha watched the crude act in awe. A very good actress, the victim didn't bat an eyelid as the man drained his swinging balls and filled her bowels with his creamy spunk, her naked body rocking with the crude fucking.
   Her thoughts turning to Gerry Andrews, Samantha closed her eyes and concentrated on his haunted mansion. Although she was sure he wasn't involved with Kitty, she wanted to check out the mansion thoroughly. Perhaps there was a hell of a lot more to Gerry Andrews than met the eye, she reflected, recalling the leaflet about female masturbation and candles. The mansion would certainly be an ideal home for Kitty's dancing school. Her mind drifting as she listened to the impersonator grunting in his forbidden pleasure as he arse-fucked the girl, Samantha felt herself leaving the 'surgery'.

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