Depravicus - The Sequel

Depravicus - The Sequel
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ISBN:  9781780802961
Author:  Ray Gordon
Word Count:  82,012
Format:  eBook



Carnal CravingCarnal Craving
Dangerous DesiresDangerous Desires
Dark DesiresDark Desires

Ignoring her pleas for mercy, Will spanked the toned cheeks of her naked buttocks until her pale flesh crimsoned. She shook violently as he again swept his hand down across the burning flesh of her pert bottom, continuing the beautifully gruelling spanking…

Father Will Entercock has been defrocked and Father Kosher has taken over, but the villagers of Cumsdale want Will back behind the pulpit and the seedy bar. There's no way the bishop will allow him to return to the fold, but Will has an idea. There's nothing to stop him setting up his own church, complete with basement bar selling duty free cigarettes and alcohol, dodgy MOT certificates and tax discs.

So it's not long before he resumes his life of preaching, heavy drinking, debauching, cavorting and sleeping with just about every young lady that comes his way, and what's more there's nothing the bishop or the mother superior of the local convent can do about it. As Will's congregation grows Father Kosher's declines and everything seems to be going just right, and then the last remaining member of Father Kosher's flock decides to make a stand. Miss Noble is a formidable character who is determined to see Father Entercock behind bars, and Will soon concludes that Miss Noble needs to be silenced, for good.

Walking along the lane to the convent, Will couldn't believe that a nun had phoned him and invited him to a private party in her room. Sister Uterinus? He'd never heard of her. There again, there must have been several new nuns who'd taken up residence at the convent in the six months since his grossly unfair defrocking. This was some kind of trick, he was sure. Young nuns don't ring priests out of the blue and invite them to their rooms for private parties. Well, some do. Reckoning that the Reverend Mother was behind a wicked and evil scam, he decided to ere on the side of caution. Invited to a private party shortly after the hag-bag's threats? There was coincidence, and a setup. At least the bar was being erected in his dining room by two burly fuckers.
   Creeping through the grounds of the convent, he slipped into the building through the side door. The nun had asked him to meet her in the chapel, and would take him to her room from there. Apparently, she'd heard of his Casanova-like reputation and was dying to meet him. That was fair enough. He wasn't at all surprised that a teenage girl was desperate for his magnificent cock. But she'd never met him. And where did she get his phone number from?
   Things were too quiet in the convent for Will's liking. During his visits in the good old days, the place had been bustling with nuns and heaving with fresh pussy. In fact, the air had been heavy with the aphrodisiacal perfume of panties. It was a rat he was smelling now, not fresh cunny juice. Where were the shrieks of female laughter? Where were the distant cries of rampant masturbation and orgasm? Where was the soft buzzing of vibrators? Wandering into the chapel, half expecting to be confronted by the mother of all hag-bags, he walked down the aisle to the altar.
   "Over here," a girl whispered, emerging from the shadows.
   "Sister Uterinus, I presume," Will smiled, eyeing her pretty face.
   "That's right. I'm glad you came."
   "And I'm sure I will be," he grinned, focusing on the hugging material of her habit rising over her breasts. "So, what's all this about?"
   "I'm having a party. A private party, just you and me."
   "Alice went to a private party and almost got laid by a dormouse."
   "Did she?"
   "So rumour has it."
   "That must have been nice for her. I'll take you to my room."
   "Before you do that, would you mind showing me the laundry room?" Will asked, a wicked and most deviously cunning plan coming to mind.
   "The laundry room?" she echoed, her eyelids fluttering alluringly. "Why do you want to go to the laundry room?"
   "My mother worked there in the mid-eighteen hundreds," he enlightened the pretty cumslut. "She's gone now, God rest her. Passed away last month beneath a cloud of accusations of indecent behaviour in the public toilets."
   "Oh, I am sorry."
   "So was the judge. I'd like to see where she worked, where she toiled relentlessly to feed her sixteen illegitimate children."
   "Yes, of course. Follow me."
   So far so good, Will mused, following the girl out of the chapel and up a winding staircase. He knew his way around the convent well, and this was a short cut avoiding the main stairs. If this was a setup, the Reverend Mother would be hovering close to the girl's room, which was on the far side of the building. He'd be safe enough here, he knew as he crossed a corridor and followed the girl into the laundry room.
   The all too familiar aroma of stained knickers filling his nostrils, he almost creamed his cassock. Closing the door and sliding the bolt across, he eyed the pretty girl's succulent lips. Wondering whether she was a virgin, he imagined slipping his knob between her pretty lips and fucking her wet mouth.
   "Well, this is it," she said.
   "Indeed, it is," Will smiled, his penis stiffening, his balls spasming in anticipation.
   "So, your poor mother worked in this very room around one-hundred and fifty years ago?"
   "Sadly, this is the very place where she toiled and toiled to feed her bastard fledglings."
   "It must have been hard."
   "Shall we go to my room now?"
   "No, not yet," he replied, taking a pair of convent knickers from a laundry basket and sniffing the crotch. "I'm wondering whether or not you're bait."
   "Bait?" she frowned.
   "Mmm," he breathed. "Bait for a trap, a trap set by the Reverend Mother."
   "I... I don't know what you mean," she returned shakily.
   "Take your habit off."
   "No," she gasped, her eyes widening as she stared at him in apparent amazement.
   "I suggest you do as you're told, my child."
   "We... we have to go to my room."
   "The door's locked, so we're safe enough here. Take your habit off."
   "Or would you rather I took it off?"
   Removing her wimple, her long auburn hair tumbling over her shoulders, she tugged her habit over her head. She was slender, the violin curves of her body beautifully formed. Will eyed the small indent of her navel adorning the gentle rise of her stomach.
   Will wondered why she hardly protested when he'd ordered her to remove her habit. He knew from experience that girls didn't immediately strip off at the request of a pervy priest. Not without a little coaxing, anyway. Or blackmail. He reckoned it was as if she'd been expecting him to ask her to strip. Part of a plan? He eyed her pink panties hugging the contours of her love lips. What was the Pope's involvement in this? Sure that the Reverend Fucker was hovering close to the girl's room, Will reckoned the plan was for the girl to scream accusations.
   Standing before Entercock in her bra and tight panties, her dark eyes mirroring fear, her hands trembling, she waited for his next inevitable instruction. But she knew damned well what his next inevitable instruction was. Didn't she?
   "Take your bra off," he inevitably ordered her.
   "We must go to my room," she sighed.
   "And get caught by the Reverend Mother?"
   "She told me to..."
   "She told you to what?" Will grinned.
   "Er... Nothing."
   "Did you receive your orders directly from the Pope, or from the top? From the CIA?"
   "Orders?" she murmured. "I..."
   "I'm afraid that I'm going to have to punish you most severely, my child. God has given me the authority to punish girls who act as bait to hook priests."
   "But I'm not bait."
   "I'm sorry, but I have no choice in the matter. God has spoken, and ordered me to give you a damned good spanking. I suggest you remove your bra and panties before you further rouse the wrath of God."
   "And Satan."
   Unhooking her bra, the girl peeled the silk cups away from her breasts. Her nipples standing proud she slipped her thumbs between the tight elastic of her panties and her shapely hips. Will watched with bated breath, his cock rock-hard, his full balls heaving. The pink material slipping down over the mound of her mons, she hesitated. Was her hesitancy part of the act? A perfunctory move to add credence to her feigned plight?
   Eager to focus on her pussy, Will eyed the black fleece of her pubes, licking his lips as he imagined tonguing her there. Further she pulled her panties down, exposing the creamy slit of her vulva, the pink wings of her suckable lips protruding invitingly from her valley of desire.
   "Go on," he urged, his penis twitching beneath his cassock. Lowering her panties, she allowed them to fall down her thighs and tumble around her ankles. Her pubic hair doing little to veil her pussy, she slipped her shoes and panties off her feet and clasped her hands to veil the most intimate part of her curvaceous body. Ordering her to stand with her feet wide apart and bend over the laundry basket, Will could hardly believe his luck. Josie had only left that morning, and already he'd been sucked to orgasm by a sexy beauty and now had another standing naked before him. If this was a taste of what the next two months held, then he wasn't going to complain.
   Eyeing the rounded globes of her naked buttocks as she turned, he watched her bend over the laundry basket. The cushions of her fleshy pussy lips bulging between her parted thighs, her pubic curls dripping with the milky fluid of lust, she jumped as Will ran his fingertips over the firm moons of her bottom. Wondering whether she finger-fucked her rectum as she massaged her ripe clitoris to orgasm, he cast his eyes over the deep ravine of her anal valley. He'd have liked to have changed her nappy, he mused, imagining her wetting herself. He'd have liked to have sprinkled talcum powder over her genitals, licked her bottom clean and taken her out in a pram. Memories, he thought, recalling the time he'd been arrested for changing a girl's nappy in the park. It was a fair cop, he chuckled inwardly. She was eighteen.
   "You have a nice body," he praised her.
   "What are you going to do to me?" she asked softly.
   "Spank you."
   "Please, not too hard," she whimpered.
   "I have no choice," Will said solemnly, raising his arm and bringing the palm of his hand down across the taut flesh of her bottom.
   "Oh! Please..." she cried, her knuckles whitening as she gripped the sides of the laundry basket.
   Ignoring her pleas for mercy, Will spanked the toned cheeks until her pale flesh crimsoned. She shook as he again swept his hand down across the burning flesh of her pert bottom, continuing the beautifully gruelling spanking. Once she was warmed up he'd part the eatable cheeks of her bum and examine the entrance to her anal sheath. For her sins, he might even have to ease the globe of his cock deep into her tight rear passage...

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