Doctor Sex

Doctor Sex
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ISBN:  9781780802596
Author:  Ray Gordon
Word Count:  94,337
Format:  eBook



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Dragging the girl down the steps into the lab, Snide sat her on the chair and bound her naked body with rope. Hollie's transformation was nigh! he thought gleefully, placing the helmet on his struggling prisoner's head. Moving to the control panel, he flicked the switch and then slipped into the rack chamber to prepare...

Girl-obsessed and slightly eccentric, professor Sexton Snide has been working in his laboratory for years trying to find the perfect method of increasing the female libido. However, when he finally succeeds in turning his prudish assistant into a rampant maniac, things start to get out of hand, because she's not the only one getting a bit frisky...

"Hallo, I'm a mobile hairdresser," a young woman smiled. "I was just passing and I wondered whether you'd like a haircut."
   "A haircut? Of course I don't want a bloody haircut. What do you mean by coming here and asking me whether I'd like a fucking haircut? Good grief, a haircut, indeed. If I needed a bloody haircut I'd go to the fucking village and... Ah, you're the mobile hairdresser! Er... Yes, I'd love a haircut. Please, come in."
   Helping her carry her photographic equipment into the banqueting hall, Snide scrutinized the young woman. Around six feet tall with long jet-black hair, she was model material. Her breasts perfectly outlined by her tight white blouse, her long shapely thighs revealed by her red microskirt, she was also extremely fuckable. She'd be an ideal candidate for the rack, he mused, picturing her curly black pubes. A vulval shaving wouldn't go amiss either!
   "So, you just happened to be passing?" he asked.
   "Yes, quite a coincidence, isn't it?"
   "Is it? Oh, er... Yes, yes it is. I was only saying to my butler last year that I really must get my hair cut. How much do you charge?"
   "Nothing, I do it because I love cutting hair."
   "Oh, so do I!"
   "You're a hairdresser?"
   "I'm a shaving artist, a piss artist... Er, what I mean is... Where do you want to do it?"
   "Well, preferably on your head."
   "I thought as much. Shall we go down to the dungeon?"
   "What for?"
   "To cut my hair."
   "Oh, yes. You haven't mentioned my photographic equipment."
   "No, I thought it best not to."
   "Don't you find it odd?"
   "There's nothing odd about cameras. Right, let's get the equipment down to the dungeon and we'll begin. I'm Professor Snide, Sexton Snide."
   "And I'm Gigi."
   "What a lovely name. I once fucked a horse... I mean, I once rode a horse named Gigi."
   "How nice for you."
   "The horse rather enjoyed it, too."
   Forewarned was forearmed, he mused, wondering what to do with his forearm as he lugged the equipment down to the dungeon. It was best to play along with her for a while, and then pounce and chain her to the wall in the torture chamber. Play it by ear before playing with her pussy.
   "Where would you like me?" he asked, dumping the equipment on the floor.
   "I'll set up here and then we'll get started. What do you do down here? It looks like a laboratory."
   "No, the lavatory's upstairs, on the left by the..."
   "A laboratory."
   "Ah, yes it is. I'm working to cure the clinically insane."
   "How uninteresting. What's in that room?"
   A naked government agent. "That's the rack chamber."
   "And that one?"
   "That's the torture chamber. Would you like me to show you?"
   "Do you have the time?"
   "No, my watch has stopped. I really must call a plumber in to repair it. Before I do that, I'll show you the torture chamber."
   Opening the door, he led the young woman into the chamber, pondering on her vaginal lips, her hot, wet cunny. Wondering whether she masturbated with a cucumber as she gazed at the chains and ran her fingers over the leather whips, he decided not to waste any time and get straight down to the job of abduction and severe sexual abuse.
   "Allow me to show you what these steel rings are for," he smiled, turning her round and lifting her hands above her head.
   "What are you doing?" she asked as he cuffed her wrists to the rings.
   "I'm capturing an MI5 agent."
   "A what?"
   "Capturing you, an MI5 agent."
   "But I'm a mobile hairdresser!"
   "You're no more a mobile hairdresser than I'm a Swiss watchmaker."
   "Whatever you are, you're now immobile. To take stock, I have an agent posing as a mobile hairdresser. All agents must be severely fucked and spermed, it's in the rule book. Right, I'm going to rip your knickers off and take a look at your cunt."
   "You can't do that!"
   "Why not?"
   "Well, it's not the done thing."
   "Of course it is, Gigi. It's perfectly normal to rip women's knickers off and look at their cunts."
   "No, you can't do it - it's obscene."
   "You'd be surprised by what I can do, obscene or otherwise!" he smiled, kneeling down and parting her feet as wide as he could.
   Cuffing her ankles to the steel rings set in the bottom of the wall, he stood up and was about to rip her blouse open and expose her mammary spheres when he heard movements in the lab. Leaving the girl cursing and complaining, the Professor went into the lab to discover the Baron standing next to a naked girl. Eyeing her firm breasts, the triangle of dark curls below her smooth stomach, Snide reckoned she was ripe for a severe anal fucking. Her dark hair in a ponytail, her hands tied behind her back, her body vulnerable, he was pleased with the Baron's work.
   "Baron, you've done well," he grinned. "She's a rare beauty."
   "Her beauty's pretty rare, too. I happened to discover her walking out of the village police station. It's the ideal place to nab a girl because no one in their right mind would do such a thing under the eyes of the law."
   "Fiendish, I must say."
   "Had a police officer seen me, he'd have thought nothing of it."
   "Ingenious. So, my horny little angel, what's your name?"
   "I'm not telling you," she returned.
   "What's in a name, anyway? You've done extremely well, Baron. She's stripped and ready for..."
   "I didn't strip her, my friend. She was naked with her hands tied behind her back when she left the police station, but she won't tell me why."
   "Misplaced her clothes and got her hands caught up in a length of rope, I would imagine - it's easily done. Tell me, my horny little angel, do you enjoy parting your cunt lips and frigging your clitty off?"
   "Don't be disgusting!"
   "Sorry, I can't help it. Right, down to business. We've an agent in the rack chamber and a mobile hairdresser agent in the torture chamber. I really don't know what we're going to do with this little sexpot."
   "A mobile hairdresser?"
   "Yes, she cuts hair. Actually, she doesn't."
   "Might I suggest that we force this little beauty into lesbian sex, my friend?"
   "Better still, we'll force her to lick the mobile hairdresser's cunt. I'll give you a shout when I've prepared the girl."
   Slipping into the torture chamber and kneeling before the squirming hairdresser, Snide tugged her tight, red microskirt down her long legs and ripped the garment in two. Although she protested wildly as he tore her knickers off, revealing her thick pubic bush, there was nothing she could do to halt the violation of her curvaceous body...

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Words can't describe how good this book is...
Friday, 11 January 2013  | 

I found this book very amusing. The humour is origional, and the sex scenes really give you the picture! All I can say is buy it. You won't regret it!

Escapism, great sex and outrageous humour in one book
Sunday, 20 May 2012  | 

The best book I have ever read. Dr Sex is a curious, mysterious and sexually deviant character who, possibly, reflects another side of many of us males. With characters such as Goldie Locks and Little Red Riding Hood entering the book, I found it truly amazing. More of this please, Ray Gordon. I love it!

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