Girl School

Girl School
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ISBN:  9781780802558
Author:  Ray Gordon
Word Count:  96,687
Format:  eBook



Depravicus - The SequelDepravicus - The Sequel
Doctor SexDoctor Sex

Grimacing as her tensed buttocks received the first hard slap, Hilda had never been so humiliated in her life. The stinging pain causing her to whimper, she swore to get even with Maxine, no matter what it took. Candida's sobs filling the wood as her virginal orbs received their thrashing, the naked girls' faces flushed with shame.

Bellend Independent Boarding School for Girls is a hotbed of - well, hot beds. The Bellend Rebels are devoted to the cause of sexual excess and general havoc: anything that will bring the school into disrepute.

As the school's reputation plunges into ruin, the authorities send an inspector to investigate, and he discovers just how extensive the erotic activity has become...

Gazing in amazement as Maxine tore the front of her blouse open, the gardener frowned. "What you doin', Miss?" he asked as she ripped her gymslip off, tearing the garment in two before tossing it onto the sofa. Yanking her torn blouse off and kicking it across the floor, she unclipped her bra and stood naked before the stunned man.
   "You'd like to finger my cunt, wouldn't you?" she asked, running her hands up her inner thighs.
   "Well, I..."
   "Of course you'd like to. Go on; shove your fingers up my cunt."
   "Me 'ands are covered in mud, Miss."
   "Yes, so I'd noticed. Now, kneel down and finger my cunt."
   Dropping to his knees as Ginger released his crotch, the old man parted Maxine's swollen pussy lips. "You're a pretty little thing," he chuckled as he slipped his muddy fingers into her tight vagina. "Do you know, I ain't done nothin' like this in years?"
   "Shut up and finger me," Maxine ordered, winking at Ginger.
   "I'm makin' you all muddy, Miss. You sure you don't mind?"
   "I don't mind at all. That's it, that's good; shove your fingers right up my cunt." Maxine ordered crudely as Ginger slipped out of the shed.
   Cunny juice flowing down his muddy fingers, the gardener kissed Maxine's pussy slit, lapping at her clitoris as she stretched her crack wide open. "I ain't tasted fanny juice in years," he murmured, licking her inner folds. "You don't arf taste good."
   "I'll sit on the sofa and you can give my cunt a good licking out," the dark temptress grinned, squeezing the old man's fingers in place as she sat on the cushion and reclined. "There, now really give me a good seeing to."
   Relaxing as the gardener green-fingered her irrigating vulva and tongue-tended her flowering cherry, Maxine fondled her firm breasts. Twisting her chocolate-brown buds, she opened her legs wider, moving her hips forward and grinding her open secret garden into the old man's face.
   "That's good!" the girl gasped. "Keep licking... keep licking my cunt and I'll come in your mouth. Afterwards, you can fuck me."
   "I'll fuck you now, Miss," the old man chuckled, slipping his erect penis out and stabbing between the girl's drenched vaginal lips with his purple tool. "Ah, you ain't arf tight."
   "Christ, and you ain't arf big!" Maxine reciprocated as his massive shaft drove into her, stretching her vagina to capacity.
   Grabbing the girl's hips, the gardener made his fucking motions, driving his swollen tool deep into her fertile cunt and withdrawing again. On and on the gasping man thrust into the girl as she massaged her orgasm from her burgeoning cherry. Her face flushed, her body quivering uncontrollably, she threw her head back, her eyes rolling as her climax lifted her from her perspiring body.
   "Coming!" the gardener eventually spluttered, whipping his distended tool out. Wanking his prize courgette, he splattered his seed over the girl's glistening sex-bed, the plateau of her smooth stomach. Hearing movements outside the shed, Maxine began screaming and struggling as the old man brought out the last of his gushing sperm, splattering her soft mound.
   "Jesus wept! What the hell's going on in here?" Miss Blob boomed as she grabbed the wilted gardener, dragging him away from Maxine's trembling body.
   "He... he..." Maxine sobbed, gazing at the pool of fertiliser running over her stomach.
   "I can see what he was doing! Are you all right, child?" Miss Blob rasped as Ginger entered the shed.
   "Yes, Miss Blob, I'll be all right. He forced me to... Look, there's the mud and sperm all over my... That proves it, doesn't it?"
   "Yes, it does! Ginger, take Maxine to her dormitory and look after her, will you? She's somewhat distressed after her terrible ordeal."
   "May I be excused lessons today please, Miss Blob?" Maxine asked pitifully.
   "Yes, of course. I'll clear it with the Head. But first, I'll deal with this disgusting creature," she growled, dragging the cowering old man to his feet.
   Slipping the gardener's coat over Maxine's naked body, Ginger led the sobbing girl out of the shed. Closing the door, Miss Blob turned to face the old man. "So, that's the sort of thing you get up to, is it?" she boomed. "Well, now we're equal."
   "Oh no, we ain't. You can't prove nothin'," the old man returned, zipping his trousers.
   "I'll call the police unless you..."
   "All right, all right! I'll keep quiet if you do."
   "Good. You swear never to threaten me again, and I'll say nothing about this."
   "At last I've got something on you, you dirty old bugger! For years you've been calling me a sad pervert and threatening to tell the Head that I'm a man. But now I've got one over on you."
   "The girl won't say nothin', will she?"
   "No, I'll see to it that this is covered up."
   "They set me up, I'll 'ave you know."
   "That doesn't surprise me. What were they hoping to gain, do you know?"
   "They wanted me out of this place, I reckon. They wanted it for themselves."
   "I wonder why?"
   "I got a bloody good idea, but I ain't tellin' you. Now bugger off out of 'ere and leave me in peace."
   "I will, don't you worry! I'm late enough for... for something, as it is. Don't you forget our deal," Miss Blob growled as she left the shed and slammed the door shut.
   Dashing into her rooms, Miss Blob cast off her clothes and grabbed a suit from the wardrobe. Donning a shirt and tie, the transvestite slipped the suit on and stood before the wardrobe mirror. "Perfect," he breathed. "Doctor Uterine Pouch, I presume?" Grabbing his camera, he adjusted his tie and hurriedly left his rooms.
   Racing down the corridor, he smiled at the queue of fresh-faced sixth-form girls waiting outside Sick Bay. "The first girl, please," he called, concealing the camera as he slipped into his consulting room. "Go behind the curtain there and remove your clothes, Melinda," he instructed the pretty brunette as she closed the door behind her.
   "How do you know my name?" the girl asked, surprised.
   "Er... You were pointed out to me earlier. I have a lot of girls to examine, so remove your clothes, please."
   "What, all of them?" she asked, slipping through the curtain concealing the examination couch.
   "Yes, all of them - and then lie on the couch, please. Call me when you're ready."
   Pacing the floor as he checked his camera, Dr Pouch felt his penis stiffen as he imagined examining one naked girl after another. A dream come true! he mused, wondering whether he could slip his knob between the girl's pussy lips without her realizing what he was up to. God, I daren't!
  "I'm ready, Doctor," the girl called. Stumbling through the curtain in his eagerness to get his hands on her naked body, he almost tripped over.
   "Oh, er, sorry," he grinned, gazing at her pert breasts as he fell against the couch. "Now then, have you had any problems with your... Down there, have you had any problems?"
   "No, I haven't," the girl replied, crossing her long legs and covering her breasts with her folded arms.
   "Good, good. Now, I'll start with your breasts - check for abnormalities," he smiled as he placed her arms by her sides. "Relax completely and uncross your legs, there's nothing to worry about."
   Gazing at her shapely body, her smooth, flat stomach, the gentle rise of her mound, her raven pubes, the doctor could scarcely restrain himself from slipping his penis out and begging her to suck his knob. She's only the first of many! he chuckled inwardly as his trembling hands neared her firm breasts. Squeezing her rounded spheres, he tweaked her nipples, twisting and pulling the brown protrusions. If only she'd allow me to suck them, he mused, running his fingertips around her darkening areolae.
   Her nipples hardening, the girl closed her eyes and turned her head away. Was she enjoying the sensations? he wondered as he pinched her milk buds again. Eyeing her vaginal cleft, he imagined licking her there, swallowing her flowing pussy cream as he massaged her clitoris to orgasm. My best sham in years! he mused, moving his attention to the girl's tightly closed crack.
   Tentatively parting her fleshy cunny lips, he gazed longingly at her pinken sex folds, the wet, inviting mouth of her tight love-tunnel. His trembling fingers opening her fissure further, he gasped as her erect clitoris appeared. "Just relax," he murmured, slipping a finger into her tight duct. Twisting and bending his finger, massaging the wet walls of her vagina, he noticed her stomach rising and falling, her firm breasts heaving. The time is ripe! he decided, gently caressing her sex-cherry with his free hand.
   Concealing her gasps as best she could, the girl began to tremble. Her clitoris now solid beneath the doctor's vibrating fingertip, her vagina drenched, she was close to her climax, he knew. What she would think of his unethical examination, he had no idea. Lost in his rising arousal, he didn't care as she began to gasp. Praying that he'd be able to masturbate each girl, bring them all to rousing orgasms, he quickened his rhythm.
   "Oh, oh! Do you normally..." the girl whimpered as her climax welled.
   "Just relax, my dear," Dr Pouch replied, thrusting his fingers in and out of her spasming cuntal sheath and rubbing her clitoris faster. "Just relax and let it come."
   "Oh, oh! You shouldn't be... Oh!"
  Her body trembling uncontrollably as her orgasm erupted, the girl arched her back, crying out as her vagina rhythmically tightened and relaxed. Her firm breasts heaving, her areolae darkening like the sky before a storm, she tossed her head from side to side as the tumultuous orgasmic waves rolled through her naked body. As she finally relaxed, the doctor slipped his digits from her steaming volcano and licked them clean. Sweet nectar! he mused, sucking on his sticky fingers and grabbing his camera.
   "Turn your head away and close your eyes, please. I'm just going to check you for vaginal tilt, and then you may dress," he said, focussing his camera on the girl's engorged crater. Taking several shots of her cuntal crack, he hid the camera behind his back and ordered her to dress as he slipped through the curtain.
   Fully clothed, the girl finally emerged. Her face flushed, her hands still trembling, she stood before the doctor. "Do you do that to all the girls you examine?" she asked.
   "I have to check for clitoral response and vaginal reaction," he explained. "Will you send the next girl in, please?"
   "Yes, doctor. So I'm all right then, am I?"
   "You're beautiful! I mean, from a gynaecological point of view, you have a beautiful pelvic floor."
   "Oh, do I?"
   "Indeed you do. Now, please ask the next beaut... girl, to come in."
   "Yes, doctor," she smiled as she left the room.

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