House of Lust

House of Lust
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ISBN:  9781780803678
Author:  Ray Gordon
Word Count:  78,707
Format:  eBook



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I turned to leave. But Lady Hadleigh had closed the door and stood with her back pressed against it. Her lips curled into a slight grin and her blue eyes danced with a strange delight.
   'Have you taken my daughters yet?' she asked.
   'No, my lady.' I replied.
   'Before you take my daughters, as no doubt you will, it would be as well for you to take me,' she said. 'But you will have to be quick for they are due back soon.'
   With that, she locked the door, raised her skirts and lay across the bed. She was naked beneath her petticoats, obviously having planned the moment of seduction well in advance. I could not believe my eyes, nor my ears. Was this really Lady Sarah Hadleigh lying before me, with stockinged legs wide and high in the air? Was it a dream?
   'Hurry!' she ordered. 'I need you, now!'
   Indeed, it was no dream...

Lady Hadleigh likes to think she can abuse anyone on her estate at will. But when she seduces Tom, her ambitious stable boy, she discovers an adversary determined to rise by mercilessly exploiting his tremendous sexual prowess at every opportunity.

'Breaking in' Lady Hadleigh's two teenage daughters is just a step in Tom's rapacious progress. There's a lot more to come as he thrusts his rampant way to the top.

'Hurry!' she ordered, parting the soft pink flesh of her vagina with her slender fingers. 'I need you inside me, now!' Indeed it was no dream. For I could feel my cock risen and straining against my breeches ready to dive into the golden fleece spread invitingly before me.
   'I am not accustomed to waiting,' she panted.
   'Then you shall wait not a moment longer, my lady,' I asserted, wondering if Lord Hadleigh was listening to our every word in the adjoining room.
   Quickly I slipped my breeches down, proudly displaying my erection to her appreciative gaze before thrusting it deep into her wetness.
   Oh, how she writhed and panted and gasped as I took her! How her hot cunt gripped and sucked on me!
   'Take me harder!' she pleaded. 'You must be gentle with my daughters for it will be their first time, but not so with me!'
   She cried out as I gave all I had. Harder, harder into her hot depths I rammed, until her cunt squeezed and sucked the sperm from my balls. Nearing the pinnacle of our union she arched her back, her entire body shaking violently as she moaned her pleasure. 'Talk to me - tell me what you are doing to me,' she gasped.
   'I am taking you, my lady.'
   'Call me Sarah and tell me of your cock inside my body!' Her face burned scarlet, her nostrils flared and the cords of her neck stood proud as she flung her head back and attained her goal.
   At my last thrust I drove my sperm into her womb, gasping all the while, 'I am fucking you!'
   My ladyship grinned her obvious delight at my obscenity as I collapsed over her stomach, well and truly done. As her breathing settled and the colour faded from her cheeks, she manoeuvred her hips to relinquish my cock from her hole. Then, as if we had been up to nothing more than taking afternoon tea, she pushed me aside, arose, adjusted her attire and opened the door.
   That was it. I had been used, yes. But oh, how I had used her! God, how I had used her too! And I knew, I prayed, that I would be required to service her again and again.
   I found my own way out of the manor house and back to the stables where Giant seemed to have more than a knowing look in his eye. Poor beast, feeling as he must the urge to copulate as men do. I would allow him time with a mare, I promised him, and he seemed to smile.
   By the end of that day I was truly hungry and made for the cottage with much haste. Harry seemed a little better, which pleased his wife. But they were concerned about the future. They knew, we knew, that the cottage would have to go. That is when I asked Harry to tell me the secret.
   'I know no secret,' he rasped from his bed.
   'But you do, Harry,' I insisted, to no avail. Although I found myself wondering whether he actually did know anything or not. After all, he had nothing to lose by telling me, for his wife had already informed him of the doctor's findings.
   Eventually laying my head on the hay, I slept badly. Anxious about Harry, Alice, the cottage, my job, and still not having heard from my mother, I admit to a feeling of great despair and loneliness that night.
   The following morning Lady Hadleigh came to the stables in search of Harry. My nightmare was about to come true.
   'I have not set eyes on Harry for two days,' she said. 'I will go to the cottage and speak with him.'
   'Best not now, my lady. Harry is ill - dying,' I confessed.
   'Then why was I not informed of this?'
   'Because we... Harry and his wife, that is, do not want to lose the cottage.'
   'But they have no choice in the matter. The cottage is tied to the job. If the job goes, then it follows that the cottage goes.'
   I could scarce believe my ears! How could this woman, this chambermaid masquerading as a lady, talk so of a dying man and his home?
   'I will make you head man and you shall live in the cottage,' she continued.
   'Then, my lady, I respectfully request that Harry and his wife live with me in the cottage.'
   'No, that is not possible. I have no time to waste on such matters so you can tell them they will be receiving notice to quit in writing in due course.'
   She left me no choice. I was shaking, I must admit, and my stomach churned, but I had no choice.
   'I know of your background, my lady. I did not wish to reveal this knowledge to you but, in the circumstances...'
   'My background?'
   'Yes, my lady.'
   'You know nothing! Absolutely nothing! What has possessed you to speak to me so?'
   'I cannot reveal the source of my information, but...'
   'You are dismissed! Collect your belongings and go - now!' she stormed and flounced from the stables.
   'But I know you were a chambermaid,' I called.
   She stopped dead in her tracks but did not turn to face me. I cared not for myself what the outcome would be as she finally turned and walked slowly towards me. For Harry and his wife were my only concern and if they were to go, then I would follow.
   Lady Hadleigh looked me hard in the eye. She was fuming but, at the same time, I detected that she was flummoxed.
   'Do you honestly think I care one hoot what you do or do not know about me?' she asked.
   'No, my lady. But I think you care what others might know.'
   'Others? Do not speak in riddles, be explicit.'
   'Friends, relatives, people in the village.'
   Blackmail had not crossed my mind when Harry told me of her ladyship's origin. But her attitude had riled me and I was not prepared to stand by and do nothing.
   'There is no room for all three of you in the cottage. But if that is your wish, then so be it. How you will all survive on your wage alone is your problem. And in future, mind your tongue or you will have no employment, and none of you a roof over your heads!'
   With that she lifted her skirts and turned to leave. But having won that round, I ventured a step further. God only knows where I found the courage, but find it I did.
   'May I be so bold as to ask that our agreement be put in writing, my lady?'
   'You may not be so bold! You will not dare to be bold when talking to me! But for my own protection I will have the papers drawn up this afternoon. Six months, mind. After which time you, Harry and his wife will leave this place. Now, have you no work to do?'
   To say I was elated would be an understatement. I was beside myself with joy! But I could not tell Harry and his wife of the good news until I had the papers in my hand. Bitch that she was, Lady Hadleigh may well have had cause to change her mind and that would have been too great a disappointment for Harry to bear.
   It occurred to me then that Lady Hadleigh had agreed for reasons other than my threats; for reasons that suited her. Firstly, to dismiss me while Harry was laid up would leave her in quite a predicament. Secondly, Lord Hadleigh was ill and, judging by his age and pallor, he might well soon pass on. And last but not least, she would not wish to be rid of me, her stud.
   I saw nothing of Clara and Elizabeth during that day and decided their mother was deliberately keeping them from me. She would retaliate, I knew. But surely her vengeance would be more venomous than merely denying me her daughters' company once in a while?
   As dusk fell, there being no sign of the papers, I began to fear the worst. Harry and Alice - the old woman had asked me to call her thus as we had talked beneath the apple tree - would be anxious as to my whereabouts.
   I had just about given up all hope and was preparing to go to the cottage when Lady Hadleigh walked across the yard bearing an envelope in her hand. She was clearly not a happy woman. I can only describe the look in her eye as she opened the envelope and thrust the documents into my hand as vehement.
   Taking her pen, I signed both copies of the agreement and handed one to her. No words passed between us, but I felt her eyes on my breeches. A bitch of the first order, yes. But also some woman of feeling beneath!
   Harry and Alice were overjoyed at my news. In fact, Harry sat up in his bed looking better than I had seen him for some time. Alice cooked a fine meal of roast lamb and potatoes and even broke out a flagon of wine by way of celebration. I ate and drank far too much before making a move to leave.
   'You will not be sleeping in the stables!' exclaimed Alice as I neared the door.
   'That I will,' I returned. 'This is your home and it is too small for three. Besides, I like the stables.'
   I did not explain my predilection for the stables, but the look in Harry's eye showed that he understood only too well. With three women to service I needed my own home - albeit a hayloft!
   Lady Hadleigh was waiting for me at the foot of the ladder when I returned to the stables. Judging by the smirk upon her pretty face her mood had calmed somewhat. Either that, or she had devised a plan of revenge.
   'You have told them of your good news?' she asked on my approach.
   'Yes, my lady.'
   'Then I shall tell you of mine.'
   The glint in her eye was almost evil. Her good news, no doubt, would be bad news to me.
   'Pray, what is your news?' I ventured.
   'My news, Tom, is that you are only to be here for six weeks more. As our agreement is legally binding, you will leave, along with Harry and Alice, exactly six weeks from today.'
   She was a shrewd woman, no less. I had not read the agreement properly, it seemed. My anger rising, I felt I had nothing to lose. Bold? I will swear I was never so bold in all my life. Grabbing her arm I threw her to the ground, tearing the finery from her. The velvet dress and silk underclothes parted shamefully from her trembling flesh as I ripped my way to her body. Scream from the depths of her lungs though she did, still there was no holding me.
   Taking a riding crop I turned her over and beat her neat buttocks until they positively glowed. Her threats rang out as I placed my knee in the small of her back and continued with the gruelling punishment.
   Coming to my senses I discarded the crop and rolled her onto her back. Ah, how sweet is revenge! She knew full well what was coming to her next. Fight she did, but nothing could stop my stiff cock from entering the wetness of her pussy. Her muscles gripped my throbbing rod, in fear or sexual arousal I could not say. But I cared naught for her feelings at that time. I only had it in mind to satisfy my lust.
   As I pumped her body with all the force I could muster she cried out and wrapped her legs around me. She was enjoying her punishment and that would not do. Withdrawing my cock I turned her once more and persisted with the beating. Ah, now she cried out with pain! After several stinging blows accompanied by her screams, it was time to relieve myself. Rolling her over like a rag doll I re-entered her and pumped her full of my sperm. Such a fuck, I will swear, I have never before experienced in my life!
   She was tight - far more so than earlier - crushing, in fact. Even my sweet, virginal cousin had been slack in comparison. For a woman who had borne two children, Lady Hadleigh's cunt was uncannily constricted. I put it down to her great sexual arousal - and a little pain, of course.
   Once I was done I withdrew my cock from her used body and stood over her. She whimpered and cried and hurled expletives at me as she rose to her feet and covered her breasts with her hands.
   'You'll pay for this!' she screamed, retrieving the remnants of her torn clothing.
   'I have no money with which to pay,' I laughed.
   'You will pay! As God is my witness, you will pay!'
   I ascended the ladder for a well-deserved rest only to find Clara and Elizabeth awaiting me. Alas, they had seen everything, watching as their mother was stripped, beaten and fucked as never before.
   'She deserved it,' I muttered by way of an excuse.
   'She did that,' returned Clara, to my utter amazement.
   'She will make you pay, though,' Elizabeth warned.
   'No, she cannot. There is nothing she can do. I have nothing she can take; no money, no property - nothing.'
   'She will still make you pay.'
   I was in no mood for games. After a long day, and night, I was tired. I would have taken the girls there and then if it were not for my exhaustion. For I believe that after witnessing their mother's ordeal, that is what they craved.
   Clara grabbed my cock through my breeches and began to knead the growing bulge, swaying my decision somewhat, I must confess. As she unbuttoned me and pulled it free, they both gasped with delight to see it yet wet from their mother's cunt. I, too, found some strange delight in the thought of taking first the mother and then her daughters.
   Just as I was about to make my move Lady Hadleigh screeched like a woman possessed. The girls quickly gathered their skirts and descended the ladder, leaving me with my cock standing stiff and proud with not a hand - other than my own - mouth or tight pussy in sight.
   'Clara! Elizabeth!' The cries filled the night air, sending the sleeping birds from the trees as would a gunshot. Again and again she screamed into the darkness until, I surmised, the girls showed their presence.
   Reclining in the hay I put my hand to good use as I thought of Lady Hadleigh and her delectable daughters who, as yet, I had not had the pleasure of taking. But I would, I promised myself, as my sperm came in a fountain. I would take them in turn and deflower them - good and proper!
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Great Erotica
Thursday, 6 February 2014  | 

This sustained story of a young man's adventures in a world above his social standing is a very good read and recommended.

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