Naked Lies

Naked Lies
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ISBN:  9781780802619
Author:  Ray Gordon
Word Count:  86,323
Format:  eBook



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Legacy of SinLegacy of Sin
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Maid to ServeMaid to Serve

I heard movements behind me, muffled movements. There were no words, only silence. My blindfold was checked, adjusted, the chink of light disappearing, leaving me again within my darkness...

Gorgeous young housewife Jane Daniels is in a bit of a bind. Her next-door neighbour seems to have found rather attractive photos of her as a teenager in one of his hardcore porn magazines, and he wants paying off.

But as he coerces her into performing a series of sordid sex acts for him, and she realises that she's been set up, she is planning her revenge in the most pleasurable way possible.

Like a restless animal, I roamed the house trying to work out what to do about my mother, what to say should she lay eyes on the incriminating evidence. There'd be nothing to say, no explanation. Our relationship would be ruined.
   As I paced the lounge floor, a thought suddenly rose from the rubble of my wrecked mind. Putting myself in Den's shoes, I realized that he wouldn't send her the video tape and photographs. It was pretty obvious that she'd go mad and not only confront me but tell Mat of my debauched ways. That would be that - marriage over.
   Neither Mat nor Den would have anything to gain by revealing the truth to my mother. I was sure that Mat's motive wasn't to end the marriage. He just wanted to get his kicks by watching me being sexually used, by fucking my bottom-hole while I was bound and blindfolded, by having me suck him to orgasm through the hole in the fence.
   At last I was in a position to put an end to it. But, in my continuing confusion, I didn't know what I wanted. On the one hand I could enjoy my body to the full, indulge in rampant sex sessions with both Den and Lisa... But what sort of marriage would I have if I allowed the games to continue? A marriage based on lies, deceit and adultery. On the other hand, I could leave Mat, set up home in a flat somewhere. Having lived in a nice house with a beautiful garden, I wasn't sure that I could survive in a flat. Besides, this was my house. Should I throw Mat out? No, he'd never leave.
   Was I a nymphomaniac? I wondered for the umpteenth time as I recalled Lisa in my bed, her glorious nakedness crowning mine. Whatever I was, the time was rapidly approaching for me to make my mind up. But, for now, I thought it best to play it by ear rather than come to any rash decision.
   The latch up, I didn't answer the door to Den. He rattled and shouted through the letterbox, hammered on the back door in his desperation to get to my naked body, but I ignored him. I desperately needed sex, orgasm, and I wondered what to do as my clitoris swelled and pulsated between my ballooning love lips. Cut off my nose to spite my face? I'd cut off the sex to spite Mat and Den and left myself out in the cold. I didn't like dilemmas.
   By lunchtime, I was aching to come. My panties drenched, my clitoris painfully swollen, I needed more than masturbation. I needed a partner. When Den phoned with his threats, demanding that I give him my body, I tried to resist. But I needed him, his cock, his sperm - there was no way I could deny it. Finally, I gave in.
   He came round clutching a Tesco's carrier bag, his face beaming triumphantly as he closed the front door and followed me into the lounge. Knowledge was power, I reflected - but my insatiable clitoris was more powerful than anything. It wasn't Den who ruled my life now but my incessant yearning for debased sex.
   "This is going to be good," he murmured, rummaging in the bag as I slipped my blouse off. "The fuck of all fucks." Releasing my bra, my nipples stiffening as the silk cups fell away from my swollen breasts, I felt that the battle was over. I knew that I was going to give myself completely. There was no point in resisting, in fighting any more.
   "Right," Den smirked as I tugged my skirt and panties down, revealing my dripping sex crack. "First, we'll stiffen your nipples." Standing before me, he clipped clothes pegs onto my milk teats, the pain permeating my firm breasts as he stood back and grinned. Biting my lip as I looked down at my abused teats, the pain intense as the pegs bit into my sensitive brown protrusions, I knew that this was only the beginning of a session of sex that would remain etched in my memory forever.
   At least Mat was at work, I reflected thankfully as Den forced me to get on the floor on all fours. "Your cunt looks good from behind," he leered as he delved into the innocuous looking bag again. My cunt. That one special part of my body that men desired, fought for, paid for - killed for.
   "OK, bitch, walkies time." Strapping a leather dog collar around my neck, he pulled on the chain, yanking my head up. More than a sex slave now, he was treating me like an animal. My naked body was purely an object to be used and abused, my cunt nothing more than a hot, wet hole to be fucked. My nipples pinched agonizingly by the clothes pegs, my head pilloried by the chain, I'd been plunged into the darkest depths of degradation, humiliation. I had entered my domain.
  "Walkies!" he chuckled, pulling on the chain. I crawled across the carpet, my pinched nipples aching, my naked buttocks projecting, my cunny lips crudely displayed. What did he intend to do with me? I wondered fearfully as he grabbed his bag of tricks and led me through the hall into the kitchen. Opening the back door, he made me crawl down the garden like an animal.
   The sun warmed my naked body as he led me to the old apple tree. Soft beneath my hands, my knees, the grass comforted me. I noticed the daisies, looking at me. Chains. Daisy chains. My childhood a sepia photograph, my only chains now were my bonds. The garden hoe lay nearby.
   I felt different now that I knew who was involved in the wicked plan. Although a slave to Den, and effectively to Mat, I had grown to enjoy the sex, the games. I was an angel of sex. My naked body my temple, sought after by men and women, I was a sex goddess.
   "Right, now the fun starts!" Den laughed, yanking my head up and securing the end of the chain to a branch. The sun filtered through the leaves above me, flickering like stars. I liked sunbathing naked, feeling the warmth permeating my firm breasts, my nipples, my secret places. I felt the sun bathing the fullness of my buttocks. Was I to be thrashed?
   Taking two metal stakes and a hammer from the bag, my master drove them into the ground. Tying my ankles to the stakes with lengths of rope, my feet wide apart, a bolt of arousal coursed through my vulnerable frame. The cane or the leather belt? I speculated. Was he going to drive his organ deep into my bottom-hole and sperm in my bowels?
   My head held high by the chain, my feet tethered, I couldn't escape the demeaning, the evocative position. As my master blindfolded me, I speculated on what fate might be in store. Was I to be licked to orgasm, my clitoris caressed by his sweeping tongue as he fingered my cunt? Mat was at work, I reasoned in my darkness. So why blindfold me?
   Hearing male voices, a cold chill ran up my spine as I realized that I was to be crudely taken by more than one man. How many were there? Would they take turns to fuck me, to spunk me? One after the other using my cunt to satisfy their lust, their perverse desires? Arousal gripped me.
   "Right on cue!" Den laughed, slapping my naked buttocks with the palm of his hand. "OK, who's going up her cunt?"
   "I'll take her fanny," a man replied eagerly. His voice was smooth, dark. Was his cock big?
   "And I'll have her arsehole," another rejoined.
   "That just leaves her mouth," Den chortled.
   Someone slid beneath my naked body, his solid penis stabbing between my gaping vaginal lips as he lay on his back. Fingers yanked my fleshy folds apart, opening my vaginal mouth, exposing my most intimate sex flesh. Suddenly, the anonymous stud penetrated me, his huge shaft stretching me open, filling me to capacity. My buttocks yanked apart, a tongue licked my once secret valley, wetting my anal portal. I shuddered as the man beneath me slid his penis out of my cunt and then drove into me again, battering my cervix. The goddess of sex.
   The tongue left my anal rose and a solid knob pressed against my delicate brown ring, trying to enter me there. "No!" I screamed as the glans pushed past my defeated sphincter muscles and drove into the dank heat of my rectal duct. My screams were futile, I knew, as the thick shaft glided deep into my bowels. My holes dilated by two erect organs, I thought I'd split open as the crude double fucking began. Never had I endured such a corrupt act, and I wondered at my femininity. I had no claim to femininity now, I was nothing more than a wanton whore, an obscene tart. I trembled in my pleasure.
  "Open your mouth, bitch!" Den ordered me as he knelt before my sweating face. I complied, taking the third penis into my quivering body, imagining my plunderers all coming at once, filling my abused orifices with their gushing jism. There were new sensations as the penises within my bloated holes massaged each other through the thin membrane separating my ducts.
   I wanted to cry, but there were no tears. I tried to deny the pleasure the three phalluses were bringing me, but the beautiful sensations wouldn't grant me denial. In the dark of my blindfold I felt pubic hairs tickling my nose as Den drove his weapon to the back of my throat. I breathed in his sex-scent. It was stronger in the dark.
   My naked body rocking with the triple fucking, my clitoris forced from its pink bonnet, erect in arousal, I knew I was going to come as never before. I couldn't hold back, the sensations building in my trembling womb invading my bloated pelvis, reaching out to every nerve ending. My holes sore and inflamed as the plundering organs seemed to swell to an incredible size, I knew my triple sperming was imminent. I'd dreamed of three cocks fucking me, and now, in all its perverse, its beautiful reality, my dream was seeing the light of day.
   Let go, let go! My thoughts whispered as a tide of milk surged from the estuary of my bursting vagina. I felt as if I was floating on the outrushing of breath from my abusers' gasping mouths, drifting in my darkness. I wanted Lisa, her smooth, hairless cunt pressed against my mouth, my tongue deep within her creamy love hole. I didn't want Lisa.
   "God!" Den cried, towering above me, his knob swelling within the wet heat of my mouth. The brown tissue of my bottom-hole gripping the intruding shaft, my cunt burning, inflamed, my clitoris exploded in orgasm as the men gasped in their coming. My tongue drowning in sperm, my holes brimming with male ejaculate, I shuddered in my own massive climax.
   Swinging balls smacking between my open thighs, my vaginal throat gulping spunk, my anal tube fervently sucking in male milk, I swallowed the cream shooting from Den's orgasming knob. I was alive with crude sex, revelling in my debauchery, wallowing in the baseness of the obscene act. The man riding my bottom slapped my buttocks, the stinging pain only enhancing my immense pleasure. Responding to the surges of orgasm coursing through my chained body, my pinched nipples sent electrifying tingles of sex through my swelling breasts.
   I thought I'd die from pleasure as my climax peaked, gripping me in its luxurious glove, shaking me to the very core of my being. I was flying, flying like a bird on the wing high above the clouds of consciousness to a heaven of pure sexual bliss. Was this the real me? I wondered in the delirium of my sexual haze. Was I really a confirmed nymphomaniac? I could come to no other conclusion. I was wicked.
   "Ah, ah! Spunking up her arse!" the man behind me gasped as his sperm continued to jet into my bowels.
   "And her cunt!" the one beneath my tethered body rejoined as he thrust his cock into my sopping cavern.
   Impaled on three apoplectic penises, my naked body rocking back and forth, my own orgasm peaked again, sending shockwaves of crude pleasure through my quivering flesh. How much more could I take? I wondered, the cocks within my lust holes finding their rhythm, thrusting in unison. My three orifices fucked, spunked, my climax gripping me, I imagined Lisa licking my clitoris, her long black hair tickling my inner thighs, my stomach. I wanted her.
   At last, my orgasm began to subside and the spent cocks withdrew, leaving their sated orifices. I swallowed Den's sperm, savouring the residue from my lips as my body shuddered in the waning of my climax. What now? I wondered apprehensively, excitedly, as the men moved about. I wanted another triple fucking.
   A chink of daylight appeared before my dazed eyes. My blindfold had slipped during the debauchery. Turning my head to one side, through my peephole I encountered four pairs of shoes. Four? Instantly recognizing Mat's black brogues, my stomach somersaulted as I realized that he'd been watching the crude fucking. What were his thoughts as he'd watched two penises fucking the intimate holes between my thighs? What sort of man would watch his wife being crudely abused by three other men? An evil bastard.
   Like a thief in the night, the thought of Mat witnessing my enforced debauchery sent a bolt of arousal through my tethered body. Chained like an animal, fucked and spunked by strangers while my husband watched, I quivered as my arousal soared. Sperm oozing from my lust ducts, running in rivulets down my trembling thighs, I had never known such stimulation. I wanted to come again, to have three men fuck me again while my husband watched. Mat's feet moved behind me. The other men moved and my buttocks were parted, crudely yanked open to expose my sperm-wet anal inlet. It was Mat, I knew, as a bulbous glans pressed against my anal rose, my anal mouth. He was going to fuck me there while his accomplices watched...
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naked lies
Friday, 22 May 2015  | 

I enjoyed this very mucsh thank you.

Blackmail, submission, raw sex - and sweet revenge!
Wednesday, 3 April 2013  | 

It was the psychology of the heroine that intrugued me. I thought the way Ray Gordon slowly built the story was very good. For me, the story was in many parts. From blackmail to frustration to submission to the discovery of the protaganist, the story unfolded beautifully. And the end ... Revenge so sweet! Nice one, Ray Gordon.

An incredible story of uninhibited lust, lies and deceit.
Thursday, 15 November 2012  | 

This has got to be one of my favourites by Ray Gordon. The heroine, Jane, is an amazing character whose psycholigical games reveal a dark plot against her. Discovering the shocking truth, she doesn't break under the strain but ... Read it for yourself. I wonder how many situations there are like this is real life. Probably far more than I imagine. A good read, brilliant and varied sex and a story line which leaves me wondering about my next door neighbours - and my husband!

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